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Readers sound off on Captain America screwing with traffic

On: "Captain America Divides Cleveland"

This is a good analysis of the situation and I find it a good counterpoint to Mark Naymik's "Stop Complaining" (a.k.a. CLE publicity at any cost) column in the PD yesterday. Cleveland as a backdrop for movies is not quite what is happening here. We're hosting film crews that can't afford to film in their scenes in DC, NYC, etc. What's more, a Cleveland-based movie, "Kill The Irishman," didn't even get filmed here!

— Stacy Higgins

I hope, in the future, City Officials have learned a lesson from shutting down the West Shoreway. I have traveled the West Shoreway every morning for 20+ years. My commute to and from work has taken me 60 minutes. I live 8 miles from downtown. There is no reason why commuters could not have access to travel the West Shoreway during rush hour. Shut it down at 9:00 a.m and reopen for the commute home between4:00pm—6:00pm.You cannot tell me that they are filming before 9:00 AM. Also I do not think that the Columbus Road bridge would have made the commute any easier. This area is congested every day without filming (St. Clair Hill to W. 25th and Scranton area). I am all for revenue into the City, but the Powers that Be need to use common sense when shutting major roads down and deciding to do construction on all of the cross streets making downtown street impassable and creating gridlock. You would like that we are having a major snow storm the way the streets are right now.

— Sheila Stanley Pecek

I think that Mark Naymik is missing the point. People who live close to downtown and use the Shoreway have the easiest commute? You don't say??!! I chose to live in the close in west side for this exact reason. I don't want to live my life commuting in the car. I want to be able to pick up my sick kid from school within 15 minutes from the call. I don't want to live out in Avon or Strongsville. They seem like very nice places, but they are not for me. I want to live in a more vibrant inner ring suburb where I don't have to fill up my car every week just to commute downtown. I do not reserve my pity for the 'drivers coming up from the south.' Really? I'm actually more pissed that my taxes go up and some of those dollars goes to widening the interstates for the poor put upon commuters 'coming from the south' because they have chosen to live farther out from their jobs and clog up the lanes we do have. We all make life choices here of things that are important to us, and that is what those people have chosen. It's all about trade off.

Valerie Molinski

Come on, really? Seems that your anger doesn't fit the short term mild inconvenience. We just love to complain and then brag about how tough we are. I fully support this and future projects even while being dismissed as an anonymous online commenter.

Ken Janssen

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