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Letters published April 13, 2005

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We Give Good Read
No need for rebuttal:
Bravo! I am a student in the dental hygiene class at Tri-C. I was aware of an upcoming article ["Pass Me, or I'll Sue," April 6] and was prepared to write a letter in response to any of Ms. Cummings' ridiculous accusations. However, nobody could have done a better job than you.

I am so glad the truth is out. Ms. Cummings has attempted to ruin the lives of many people. Her sense of entitlement is unparalleled. Thank you for your article. It was the best read I have ever had!

Coleen Dippel

On Being a Scab
Worse than lawyers:
How terrible that some lowlife piece of scum that steals a worker's job would be dehumanized by being referred to as a scab ["Language Police," Letters, March 30]. What about the striking workers who are standing up for what they believe in and trying to protect their families' standard of living?

In most countries it is not even legal to bring in scabs during a strike. There is nothing brave about being a scab. In fact, people who scab are cowards who cannot hold real jobs, so they prostitute themselves for the hollow promises of a desperate employer. No matter how you try to sugarcoat it, a scab is a scab is a scab.

Author Jack London wrote that "no man has a right to scab as long there is a length of rope to hang himself with." I could not agree more.

Lou Maholic

Grasping Concept Albums
Zappa set the standard:
I know that in 15 minutes of research, one could come up with Peter Frampton, the Beatles, and Brian Wilson via Googling as the original concept album ["High Concept Hip-Hop," April 6]. However, Frank Zappa's concept album Freak Out predates any of those other releases.

I'm just trying to get you and your readership on the correct page here. Scene should double-check statements like these before missing the boat on the original concept album.

Jared Rutecki

When Wrong Feels Right
A celebration of botched lyrics:
Nice article ["Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza," March 30]! I knew a girl years ago who liked that Eagles hit, "Wipin' the Vaseline" ("Life in the Fast Lane").

Tom Federico

Cat's out of Lima: My sister still sings the chorus to Phil Collins' "Invisible Touch." She seems to have an invisible touch as "she takes her hat and puts it on the top shelf." My old college roommate sang the chorus to Steve Miller's "Big Old Jet Airliner" as "Big old cat out of Lima." Keep up the great work.

Theo Kurela

No way to live: Loved the "mondegreen" article. I didn't know they had a name for misheard lyrics. Back in the day, friends of mine rented a house. This was a place to hang out. They were singing this tune "Living in Funk" and really into it. I almost couldn't tell them the words were "Eminence Front." They thought Pete had written the song for them. Anyway, we kept the "Living in Funk" lyrics, just because they were appropriate.

Bob Capuano

Dolan Clears the Air
No receiver in sight:
I write to clarify my involvement in the Fortran receivership ["Bad Council," March 30]. Almost three years ago, the court-appointed receiver asked me to file a motion with the court to obtain specific authority for the receiver to pay employee claims. I met with the receiver and employees for this purpose. The court granted the motion.

Many months later, after my involvement ended, a Fortran employee called my office to complain that he had not been paid. He was advised of the court's order and directed to contact the court with his complaint. In short, I successfully completed my assignment. I have had no personal or business relationship with the receiver for over two years.

Councilman Michael A. Dolan

Of turds and guns: Great story. It's the type of journalism that The Plain Dealer or Beacon Journal should be doing. I can't believe that people like Karcher and Kastanis got stuck with medical bills, when they were having premiums deducted from their paychecks. Shouldn't the company or this turd, Mark Dottore, be personally liable for their bills?

I tell you, Dottore is lucky he's not looking down the wrong end of a gun for this.

Peter Skurkiss

A Pun Not Well Done
With apologies to the young people:
I just wanted to comment that the title to the review of the musical On the Town ["Spurting Seamen," March 23] was crude. There are young people participating in the show, and this headline is out of line. That's just my opinion.

Darryl Lewis

Editor's note: You're right, Darryl. That headline sucked.

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