We Made It to the Super Bowl, You Guys!


As glamorous liaisons with pro athletes go, manufacturing the Superdome’s Super Bowl field paint ranks way above being Ray Lewis’ deer antler spray dealer and a little below—no homo!—patting Chris Culliver’s ass in a congratulatory and definitely not-gay way.

But hey, at least we’re there! Well, kinda. Gracing the Superdome this Sunday will be none other than custom field paint from Cleveland’s own Pioneer Athletics, which the Superdome grounds crew maintains is the best of its kind. Due to less-than-balmy weather conditions, Pioneer had to rent a heated truck for its water-based paint (which, you know, freezes) to make it down south without solidifying into giant red, purple, and gold ice cubes.

“We’re probably putting orange and brown down next year I’m guessing,” company rep Chris Bell adorably ventured in a News Channel 5 report.

Non-industry customers can get 3-gallon tubs of long-lasting, ultra-pigmented grass paint from Pioneer for less than $30. You know that douchebag neighbor who’s really into lawn maintenance? Yeah. You’re welcome.

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