Wednesdays with WFNY: The 1991-1992 Cavs vs. the 2008-2009 Cavs


Yes, this is Thursday. Leave me alone. I was busy. Once again,. I'm joined by Scott and Rick from Waiting For Next Year for a little discussion. This week's topic: 1991-92 Cavs vs. this year's squad. Mainly not about the actual basketball. More about time traveling and home court advantage and cows. Read on.

Vince: Debate topic: 1991-1992 Cavs vs. this team.

Rick: Well, a couple things jump out at you right away. First, the current Cavs hang their hat on defense. It is the primary focus. You certainly can't say that about the former Cavs. They did a good job rebounding, and Nance certainly could make you think twice about driving the lane, but they weren't as intense a defensive team.

The obvious answer is that LeBron James makes all the difference in the world. The Price/Daugherty/Nance Cavs couldn't beat the team with the best player in the world (MJ) so why would they be able to do it against the LeCavs? Hard to argue that point to be honest.

Scott: Video clips linked to said teams:

90s: Jordan over Ehlo.

Today: No regard for human life.

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