What is Akron doing about its gang problem? Nothing, it seems

A caller left us a voicemail with his take on who’s truly responsible for the fact that no one’s been convicted for Shawrica Lester’s murder, thanks to death threats made against witnesses [“Stop Snitchin’, January 23]. His verdict: It’s those damn politicians’ fault. He accuses everyone from councilmen to judges of neglecting the severity of Akron’s gang problem. (We footnoted some comments to give readers some background):
“Great article. I’d like to hear what councilman Mike Williams* has to say. Probably nothing, seeing as all his relatives work for the juvenile court and his wife let a guy who killed someone out on a signature bond.** These politicians won’t say anything about this. They’re all part of the same machine or they need deals, like Unruh***, to get reelected. There won’t be any criticism…”
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