What We're Reading As We Sit In Standstill Traffic This Morning: Feb. 1

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- First off, a bit o' national news: The almighty jobs report dropped earlier this morning. The numbers fell short of most estimates, though December and November reports were edited and increased with fresh data. On a semi-related note, Ohioans are actually getting poorer as our economy continues to trudge along.

- Are you looking for a job? But you're too busy bonging tall boys of PBR to deal with the hassle of deleting photos of you bonging tall boys of PBR from your Facebook page? As the PD's Harlan Spector writes, there's a hip new thang called FaceWash that you may want to look into. (You may also want to Wash your Face after totally botching that beer, dude.)

- This article dropped last week, but it's still an interesting read: GreenCityBlueLake, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History's blog, is "dissecting the elements of a successful urban street" and trying to figure out where our city is in terms of roadway infrastructure development. tl;dr? Our streets aren't looking too good.

In the evolutionary cycle of cities, Cleveland is coming full circle back to what early 20th century residents enjoyed without realizing it.

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