White Castle Seeking Entries For This Year's White Castle Hall of Fame Inductions in Columbus

These guys are White Castle hall of famers for sure. No, seriously, theyre in the hall of fame.
  • These guys are White Castle hall of famers for sure. No, seriously, they're in the hall of fame.

Almost all of us toil through our daily lives knowing that while we manage to do certain things pretty well — work, hobbies, cooking, napping — we are far from expert-level, far from uniquely gifted, at anything. We are not the best in the world in our endeavors, and the ones we are world-class in lack a structure or organization that could publicly honor our heretofore unrecognized excellence and talent.

That goes for most things, like being able to do a headstand in the middle of a crowded bar after drinking all night. Thankfully, there are heroes out there that honor heroes among us for our tiny victories in our miserable, little lives. Notably, White Castle, which is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Cravers Hall of Fame. Yes, the purveyor of those tiny if disastrous mini-burgers honors those fans who can eloquently describe just how passionate they are about White Castle.

Details after the jump.

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