Who Said Love Is Blind?

Letters published February 22, 2006

Most folks only get what they're looking for: I read with both amusement and a touch of sadness the piece by Rebecca Meiser ["Help Wanted," February 8]. I'm an old guy now, but when young, I was considered to be decent, poor, and really not much to look at. I'm still that way today, and that's okay. The "Me Generation" would not give me any consideration. Ms. Meiser certainly would not, even if I were 27 again.

Much of the dating pool, young or not, says there are few matches to be found. Perhaps they are looking in the wrong place or in the wrong way. We seem to be a nation largely of narcissists, and those who are not are often left behind.

I'm sure Ms. Meiser is cute, funny, and quite personable, and will do well in life. But it seems to be "all about me" with her. Big surprise that she is a Steelers fan.

David DiZinno

Any more like that in the newsroom? I really enjoyed your article "Help Wanted." I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time, or related to someone's situation so much. Jon sounds like a keeper. I hope things continue to work out for you guys. Thanks for the great story!

You said your witty friend Joe is single -- was that his real phone number?

Chelsea Jones

Editor's note: The phone number is real. Call any time of the day or night (216-802-7210).

The lesbians have enough problems: This is in response to Rebecca Meiser's article about dating: I found her to be a vapid, vain, shallow egomaniac. Imagine rejecting a guy because he sent pink flowers instead of red -- can anybody say "homophobic?" And she was constantly mentioning her hair and how great she looked. Just because you acknowledge you're a narcissist doesn't make it okay to be one. My suggestion: Spare the men of the world and become a lesbian.

Davey Houston

Spit Take
Warning -- Do not read while masticating:
Your article was brilliant ["The Art of Whoring," February 1]! I sent the link everywhere I could. When I began to read your article, I had food in my mouth and nearly spat it across the table. Thank you for writing an excellent article.

J. Sim

Peer Pleasure
Gratifying feedback from fellow foodies:
Just want to tell you that I think your profile on Michael Ruhlman ["Soul Kitchen," February 1] is absolutely terrific. Great writing, great insight, and an accurate portrayal. You have my admiration. This is most definitely a prizeworthy piece.

I even got sent a link to it from a food-writer friend of mine in California. I don't know how she happened to run across it, but she was impressed enough to pass it on and of course asked if I knew this talented journalist. I was happy to say I do.

Laura Taxel
Cleveland Heights

Beg to Differ
PD disagrees with its own documents:
In your article "The Blue Curtain of Silence" [January 25] by Kevin Hoffman, there are comments attributed to Sergeant Daniel Hayes regarding the shooting of Adolph Boyd by Officers Wilsman and Baeppler. The comments attributed to me are not mine.

Your article states that the Boyd incident "raised eyebrows in-house" and an "internal affairs investigator had concerns about Baeppler." Not true. Prior to this shooting, I had no idea Matt Baeppler was a police officer.

Second comment: "Several residents had recently filed complaints against him, Sergeant Daniel Hayes noted. And in this incident alone, Baeppler had fired 11 rounds." Not true. I had no information regarding complaints against Matt Baeppler. As far as the number of rounds fired, that is stated in every investigation done. You also failed to mention that Baeppler hit Boyd only three times.

Third comment: "While criminal charges turned on the availability of evidence, departmental charges would not, at least to some extent,' Hayes wrote." I never wrote that statement in my report. My report actually stated: "It is concluded that Officer Baeppler and Officer Wilsman were in fear of their lives as the male refused to obey their commands to drop his weapon and pointed same at them. Both officers at different times ordered the male to drop his gun and freeze. When this male failed to obey their orders they had no choice but to use deadly force and shoot the male. Even after being shot the male refused to follow orders to drop his weapon and again pointed it at Officer Wilsman. Officer Baeppler, fearing for his partner's life, had no other choice but to use deadly force again, and fired his service weapon at the male."

It is further determined that Officers Baeppler and Wilsman used good judgment and fully complied with the manual of rules and regulations.

Kevin Hoffman provided me with a copy of the three pages that he said were given to him by the Division of Police. The two pages that appear to be a synopsis were not part of the original report and were not written by myself or any other member of the Internal Affairs Unit. These pages appear to be written by someone who had their own agenda in mind. The writer of these pages did not sign them and did not date them, so you have no idea when they were written. Anything that is written in the Internal Affairs Unit will be signed by the writer and also have his name at the beginning of the report. I suggest that you obtain my original 11-page signed report for the correct facts.

Daniel H. Hayes, Sergeant
Cleveland Division of Police

Editor's note: All comments related to Sergeant Hayes in our story came directly from documents provided by the Cleveland Police Department.

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