Why Do Roofers & Homeowners Appreciate “Residential Friendly” Dumpsters?

The purpose of this article is to provide you information on integrating a residential dumpster approach into your next roofing project in the greater Cleveland area, from Mentor to Lorain, and Cuyahoga Falls.


As with any new roofing project, planning is key, and raises the following basic questions:

  • When to start?
  • How long will it take?
  • Who to hire?
  • How much will it cost?
  • And then, of course, how will it be executed?

The answer to the last question may not always be so clear to the homeowner. So, finding a Roofer who provides a high degree of transparency is important, as the homeowner often does not know the answer to most, if not all, the details of the project’s execution.

When it comes to new roof installations, the homeowner can be comfortable in knowing any reputable Roofer has the execution part all figured out. And, that execution usually includes either a residential friendly dumpster or a dump trailer that is also “friendly” to the homeowner’s property. Bin There Dump That does not provide dump trailers, so they will not be discussed here.

Now, back to the execution part of this discussion. The Roofer will require the dumpster to be onsite for the old roof tear-off, sometimes a day or two before the tear off date or the early morning of the tear off. Ideally, the bin will be easily placed as close to the house as possible to facilitate capture of the shingle tear off purge. This is most easily achieved by smaller, single-axle trucks, fitted with precision hydraulic hook-lift equipment as well as smaller foot-print dumpsters,

more easily articulated into those positions, which otherwise might be too hard to navigate with a tri-axle truck and larger foot-print bin they deliver.

In addition to timely delivery, timely pickup of the bin is also important, especially to free-up space in the driveway again. So, finding a dumpster service provider who is not only well-equipped, but also well- run is equally important.

Now, the most important part: Driveway Friendly. To execute this area optimally, it would include a series of provisions:

  • Lighter, single-axle trucks. Remember, a heavier triaxle significantly adds to the weight imparted to a driveway
  • Driveway Protection Boards under the bin, preferably with mechanical stops
  • Post Bin pickup sweep up around the bin
  • Magnetic sweep-up for roofing nails after pickup
  • Dumpsters no heavier than 15-cubic yard; shingles weigh a lot
  • Clean, well-maintained, painted bins that will not leave rust stains

Note: A clean & well-maintained dumpster also exhibits the caliber of the work being performed at the property, and more likely to raise interest from the neighbors, who may decide now is the time as well to replace their roof too!

When neighbors get on board with projects, the entire community benefits with the incremental increase in home values. Roofers love this too because they keep their projects in the same neighborhood, passing the savings onto their customers.

So, there you have it! Be sure your next roofing project keeps “residential friendly dumpsters” in mind when dumpster service is part of the execution scope. And ensure that they include driveway protection boards plus a magnetic sweep-up for roofing nails too! The last impression you need of insufficient project execution is for you, the kids or even a pet to step on a roofing nail – ouch!

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