Why is Kucinich Getting Paid when He Never Shows for Work?

Kucinich needs to tell me and the rest of us in the 10th District that he will not run again for Congress, because he's gone beyond being an embarassment. Since he went to Congress, the only person he has represented is himself. His recent publicity stunts of visiting Syria, supporting Ahmadinejad in Iran and refusing to visit the troops on his trip to Iraq is further clarification that his only goal is to get publicity. He doesn't care what he says or does or who he offends. He's beyond communist! He's a traitor and has committed treason. He can't get any federal dollars for our district because other Democrats in Congress think he's nuts and they pay no attention to him. So here we are in the district suffering, because he is self-centered and arrogant. Finally, since he has missed so much work, he owes the taxpayers his salary. If I don't go to work, I don't get paid! AJ Perry North Olmsted
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