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Letters published September 14-September 20, 2000

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Scene spurns one of its own? I was surprised and disappointed that your article on the state of the comic book industry ["Ink-Stained Wretches," August 31] didn't once mention local comic book creator Harvey Pekar. Harvey's been producing fantastic autobiographical comics for nearly 25 years, yet unfortunately most people know him only as "that crazy guy on Letterman." While I really don't expect a lot of fans of mainstream comics to get into Harvey's stuff, I think it's a pity Harvey hasn't received more praise and acclaim. Perhaps what's most disturbing is that Harvey contributes comics and articles to Scene every couple of weeks. If one of Harvey's employers won't acknowledge his significance, it's no wonder that he has written a number of comics about his lack of press.

William Gornall

There's no need to improve Euclid transit: Regarding your August 17 story on RTA's Euclid Corridor Project ["No Free Ride"]:

An RTA official told me months ago that Cleveland Mayor Michael White, who appoints half of its trustees and thereby seems to control RTA, asked RTA to do the Euclid Corridor Project in order to use RTA money to improve Euclid Avenue from Public Square to East 17th Street, to promote downtown business development. The project is an unjustified, unnecessary, excessively expensive $300 million duplication of existing, adequate bus service on Euclid Avenue.

The Euclid Corridor Project is another version of RTA's idiotic Dual Hub plan, which RTA spent a million dollars studying and promoting a few years ago, but dropped after continuous strong public opposition, since it would have cost at least a billion dollars to put that planned subway under Euclid Avenue from Public Square to University Circle. Was it a makework project to give construction companies connected to the RTA trustees or Mayor White big contracts?

While wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on these bogus projects, including the little-used waterfront rapid, RTA is cutting back existing bus service. In August, RTA substantially reduced bus service frequency on the 3/26 route, one of RTA's most heavily used buslines. RTA repeatedly told me they did not know why they reduced the 3/26 bus service. To free up money for the Euclid Corridor project or the RTA officials' salaries?

Steve Gannis
LakewoodTake it easy on the vacuous teen idol bashing: I read your article previewing the Britney Spears concert at Gund Arena on August 31 [Nightwatch]. I must say that the article was horrible. If you are going to write a preview article for a concert, why not actually write one? All you did was bash Britney Spears throughout the whole article. I am sorry, but bashing Britney in the whole article is not a preview article for a concert. Actually write a real preview next time. I was there at the show, and what she does was not lip-synching. If you don't believe me, fine. I loved the concert.

John Wertz

Cuddling up with a blanket statement: I am a 45-year-old "privileged" white male, and despite the blatant anti-male propaganda in Laura Putre's sarcastic "Feel Sorry for Men" article [Scene, August 17], I really have been oppressed by women my entire life.

Ms. Putre thinks that I'm being paid more than women? In reality -- which Ms. Putre obviously has no concept of -- I am surviving on a little over $10,000 a year in public assistance benefits. And at practically every job that I've ever had, I have been sexually harassed and discriminated against by the "oppressed" female employees, who all screamed that they were overworked and underpaid. And even when I'm not an employee -- when I'm a paying customer at a public place -- I am deliberately harassed and discriminated against by the "oppressed" female employees.

Ms. Putre's article has proven to me once again that women are the biggest crybabies on the face of the earth. And they are totally insane if they really believe that unemployed men like me, who aren't allowed to work, are "better off" than women who have jobs. I get harassed and discriminated against every single day by "working women," who make more in a year than I ever did and who have much better cars than I could ever afford to have. And one of the main reasons that these "oppressed" women are able to harass me -- instead of working -- is because they aren't expected to do any work.

And this guy "C. River Smith" is about as concerned about men's rights as Phil Donahue is. No real men's rights advocate can be concerned about women's rights too. It's a conflict of interest.

Richard Grossman

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