Willoughby Hills Loves Being a Speed Trap for Motorists

And dont let me see you around these parts again.
  • "And don't let me see you around these parts again."

Whether or not you drive up and down I-71 regularly, you're probably familiar with Linndale, the postage stamp-sized town that lays claim to five feet or so of the highway and uses the span to levy tickets to stuff the meager coffers, making it widely known as one of the worst speed traps in the state of Ohio.

If you're a west-sider, however, you may not know that Willoughby Hills isn't that far back in its levels of sphincterism and citations.

The News Herald cite
s a recent Ohio Supreme Court study on mayor's courts and tickets, noting that in 2010, for every 100 Willoughby Hills residents, there were 97.7 traffic cases. That's 9,263 cases in 365 days.

Is a speed trap? Sure, they don't mind being called that down home in Willoughby Hills, where horseplay, dessert before dinner, and speeding are strictly verboten. Willoughby Hills Mayor Robert Weger tells the paper that when folks write stuff like, "If you're driving through Cleveland, stay away from Willoughby Hills, or obey the law," he likes it. (Also, he smiles when reminiscing about that kid's ball that bounced into his yard in 1994 and the fact that he never returned it.)

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