Wiretap Quotes From the Dimora/Forlani Indictment

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Wait, you were listening?
  • "Wait, you were listening?"

This morning's indictment of Jimmy Dimora (his second) and Michael Forlani accuses the duo on a host of charges — racketeering, mail fraud, etc. It runs some 91 pages, all of which you can read at this link.

Here at Scene & Heard, we know you're not going to do that though, which is fine, that's what we're here for. As a public service, we've strapped on our blinders and dissected the paperwork for the best parts: the wiretap quotes. Yes, those never fail to entertain. We just can't get enough of the Cuyahoga County Corruption All Stars talking to each other like the cavalier, low-level, greedy public servants and corrupt businessmen that they are. Below, a batch of highlights.

Before we get to those, you should know Forlani installed a $12,000 TV/entertainment system on Dimora's outdoor patio. With the tiki hut, that was probably the pimpest spot in all of Independence.

Oh, and he had his own Pepsi machine. The wonders never cease. We imagine conversations between businessmen trying to bribe Dimora went something like this: "Well, I'll just give him a two-story fridge. What? He has one already. Oh, OK. What about a gold-plated box of donuts? Has that too. Shit. Um, does he have a platinum ice cream scooper? No, good, OK, that's what I'll give him."

Anyway, on to the real quotes.

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