With the sky falling, Progressive Insurance cuts back on ... Styrofoam cups?

Peter B. Lewis: "Has anyone seen a bong? It's about thiiiiis big, and has a skull sticker on it."
In this week’s Scene, we chronicle the recent troubles at Progressive Insurance. Thanks to layoffs, management changes, and a tumbling stock price, the Mayfield company, once viewed as a favorite place to work, is now the target of some serious resentment. In fact, Progressive is the second-most hated company on JobVent.com, a website that lets cube farmers from all over the globe sing the praises of their employers, or skewer them mercilessly. Progressive has over 1,340 reviews on the site, including gems such as this: “I used to love working at Progressive. I would tell people how cool it was, and how I loved my job and co-workers. I would not recommend a friend to work there now. This company has lost vision of what they used to call their most important resource, their work force. They are on such a cost-[cutting] mission, going so far as to take away Styrofoam cups (just watch, it will happen around Earth Day, they will appear to be Eco-friendly) …” For more fascinating insights about the nation’s third-largest auto insurer, click here. – Lisa Rab
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