Wok n Roll Kitchen to Compete on Guy Fieri's 'Grocery Games' This Sunday

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click to enlarge Wok n Roll Kitchen to Compete on Guy Fieri's 'Grocery Games' This Sunday
Courtesy of Wok n Roll Kitchen

Food Network's golden child Guy Fieri is famous for a variety of programming, but the absolute greatest of all "Flavortown" fare is the Chopped-meets-Supermarket Sweep cooking competition, Guy's Grocery Games.

Sunday, Wok N Roll Kitchen's Matt Bolam and Tricia McCune join the ranks of previous contestant Eric Williams of Momocho and El Carnicero as a Cleveland representative on the hit show.

"I talked to some people that had done similar competitions and they all said you can’t prepare, so we just didn’t," says Wok n Roll co-founder, Tricia McCune. "I had set one goal for myself last year and it was to get myself on TV, so I felt really proud of accomplishing that goal. We didn’t even apply for the show. A friend of mine gave our name to casting. It felt like this just fell in my lap."

Guy's Grocery Games is a three-round battle of culinary artistry using items from the Flavortown Market grocery store. Challenges include creating meals using limited budgets, incorporating cheap frozen or canned goods into high-class plates, combining unconventional food types, and even switching carts with other competitors after ingredients have been chosen.

"While I’m not incorporating anything I learned into the menu, I’m incorporating what I learned into how I market the truck," says McCune, whose business is a previous winner of Cleveland Scene's "Best Food Truck" category. "Wok n Roll has its own reality show airing on the Mouthwater Media Facebook and YouTube channels."

While most competitors would cite the limited cooking time frame or an unconventional ingredient as the biggest challenge, McCune faced a different sort of challenge.

"Boobs. They rejected my first outfit because it showed my cage bra and the second one they had me constantly pulling my top up," she says. "The producer said, 'I hope I didn’t offend you. We have to say that to Giada all the time.'"

Wok n Roll's episode of Guy's Grocery Games plays on Food Network, Sunday at 8 p.m. There will be an watch party and Guy Fieri cosplay contest at The Side Quest starting at 7:30 p.m. Wok n Roll will present and sling some samples of their summer menu.
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