Woman Calls 911 Because Boyfriend is "A Jerk"

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For emergencies, like your boyfriend being a jerk.
  • For emergencies, like your boyfriend being a jerk.

Your boyfriend not living up to your standards, ladies? You can just leave, or chew him out. Sure, those are options. But that won't get you a star turn in Cleveland.com's police blotters.

To land there, you need to get drunk, call 911 to tell them the boyfriend is "a jerk," and flash all his friends.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, TAYLORS MILL TURN: Police arrested an intoxicated woman June 29 when she dialed 911 because her boyfriend was being “a jerk.” The woman had been kicked out of the house, the boyfriend later said, because she repeatedly flashed her breasts to his friends for their edification and amusement. According to reports, the woman dialed police at about 5:15 a.m. and hung up. She called back a short time later and dispatchers could hear an argument in the background. Officers found the woman staggering along the street outside the home.

/slow clap

(First use of "edification" in a police blotter? Possibly.)

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