Woman Has Bad St. Pat's RTA Ride, Complains; Voilà, Journalism

Come on, theres room for everyone on the train. Squeeze tight.
  • "Come on, there's room for everyone on the train. Squeeze tight."

Not sure how your St. Pat's went (ours was great, thank you for asking), but it probably was cake compared to this lady's day. Not that anything actually happened to Cindy Teague, if we break down the account the 52-year-old Newbury resident gave the Plain Dealer. Like thousands upon thousands of others on Saturday, she hopped on a hot, crowded Rapid, had an uncomfortable ride downtown, and got off. But unlike thousands upon thousands of others, she decided to complain to the newspaper.

Teague's account makes Saturday sound less like a logistic nightmare than New Orleans after Katrina stomped through and the levee broke: the elements overwhelmed the people (IT WAS HOT IN THOSE TRAINS!), infrastructure failed (TRAIN STOPPED IN A TUNNEL!), there was no government intervention, (WHERE WAS THE GOVERNMENT!), and thus, with society in shambles at their feet, the people fell to baser instincts (THEY WERE SMOKING WEED!)

The real head-scratcher here is why the Plain Dealer ran this story in the first place — if you're trying to paint a picture of Saturday's public transit dysfunction, you probably need to hang it on more than a single set of frayed nerves — especially when the official accounts don't seem to indicate any widespread issues.

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