Woman Punches, Apprehends Dressing Room Pervert


Memo to cell phone-toting dressing room-peeping perverts out there: try to snap a pic of this woman at your own risk.

Out in Bellevue, 21-year-old Zachary Van Zandt was scoping the dressing rooms at Target trying to get a surreptitious photo on his cell phone. He slipped his phone under one stall looking for a shot, but the woman inside noticed the incursion and quickly snatched the phone.

Van Zandt was still on the other side of the door, and he wanted his cell back. Desperately. He tried to grab his perv accessory, she fought back. Via the Sandusky Register, the details of our Superwoman of the Day:

Yingling pushed Van Zandt once then clocked him square in the face. She then blocked the dressing room exit, told him he wasn’t going anywhere and used his phone to call police. Rather than fight it Van Zandt gave up and sat down on the floor.

/standing ovation

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