Woman Puts Baking Soda In Newspaper Box To Scare Vandals, Ends Up Shutting Down Entire Government Office

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One Canton woman was plain sick and tired of miscreants effing with her newspaper box. They had torn it from its stand, packed it with snow, ripped off the numbers, and just about everything short of dropping a deuce in it.

Enough was enough. A victim no more, she took the fight to the streets. Her brilliant plan: drop a package of white powder — baking soda — into the box to scare the ne'er-do-wells. Pull some half-ass childish prank on her, and she's coming back ten-fold with a plan to make you think you have anthrax. Tit-for-tat is not in this woman's vocabulary. These roving bands of vandals, presumably led by Dick Goddard, would pay.

Of course, when white powder is floating around, people tend to react strongly.

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