Women Brawl in Theater Over Kids in Rated R Movie

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Wed never say anything to her face, but she also doesnt make the kids floss.
  • We'd never say anything to her face, but she also doesn't make the kids floss.

If your parents were anything like ours, they were pretty anal about R-rated entertainments. Sex, violence, too many eye-abusing frames of Pamela Anderson – these weren't meant for the young, so turn off the television and go play unsupervised on the internet, that was the general message. Even more irritating were your buddies with parents holding to a more laissez-faire attitude about the whole thing. You hated those lucky bastards. Yes, yes you did.

Turns out, parents also get a little heated when it comes to what kids are allowed to see. That's the takeaway from an incident that happened last weekend in Massillon, according to 19ActionNews. On Sunday, 36-year-old Californian Heather Guiab, her boyfriend, and his two daughters, all went to the movies; the girls went off to watch their own kiddy flick while the adults settled in for Magic Mike, that movie about a guy who shows off his pants cannon for money – obviously not kid appropriate material.

And Guiab's boyfriend seemed to realize that when the girls go out of their showing ten minutes before the credits rolled on the dongfest. Instead of parking the girls out in the lobby alone, the boyfriend brought them inside the theater to wait out the ending. The girls were seated with their backs to the screen, lest they eyeball actual dong.

So was that the right move? Or boneheaded parenting?

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