Letters published June 16, 2004

A fan flames:
In response to Tim Kenneally's churlish letter regarding "Leather & Laces" [Letters, June 2], I wonder where to start? Should we make sport of his sexism concerning female football players, his crapulence for food, or his homophobia? Mr. Kenneally avowed that Scene's articles are provoking his irascible mind on a weekly basis. My heart is breaking. Who out there is willing to wager that he will be back next week at Scene's doorstep, begging for seconds?

As people with a penchant for editorials and anecdotes will tell you, they enjoy reading or listening to such material because it offers a point of view that differs from their own. Thus individuals become the worldlier. I would not want Scene to degrade into the milky blather of other local rags, too scared to offend. And if you have to wonder what will become of you because of a Scene article, than ya really gotta wonder how long you would survive in the first place. Cleveland Scene magazine, helping us working stiffs get over hump day!

Kelley Gaines-El the II

Everyone Loses
No fun on the playing field:
After reading Kevin Hoffman's article "Burning Down the House" [May 5] and subsequent editorial responses, I would like to ask: Where is the story? While I give Hoffman credit for making an attempt to present the argument from both sides, anyone who read the article would recognize the tired rhetoric from minority firefighters as the same included in the completely biased articles published in The Plain Dealer, which, as usual, never lets the facts get in the way of an inflammatory story.

As you can see from Scene's letters pages, this article serves no purpose but to open old wounds and inflame anger and resentment on both sides. What did you uncover that anyone connected with this situation hasn't heard already? Is it so surprising that members who were given preferential treatment in the hiring process do not fare so well when they are forced to compete on a level playing field? The utter garbage about a person having to be of Irish heritage to get hired, as contended in the letter by Tom Habanek in the May 26 edition, is completely ridiculous, and if he let his ex-brother-in-law get away with cheating during the hiring process by lying about his residency, then shame on him.

While on the subject of racism, I am curious as to the racial makeup of Scene's editorial staff. Please do your readers a service by letting us know how well Scene's staff represents the makeup of the city for which it claims to speak. Is Scene as racially diverse as it expects everyone else to be, or is it all talk and "Do as we say, not as we do," like The Plain Dealer?

Brian Nickels

No Fryers for Pryor
Chicken-eaters, repent:
Richard Pryor should be commended for speaking out about the way KFC treats chickens ["We do chickens wrong," First Punch, May 26]. These intelligent, interesting, social birds can feel love, happiness, loneliness, fear, and pain. People need to understand that if they're eating chicken, they're supporting cruelty to animals. And if they're eating at KFC, they're supporting a company that has done nothing to prevent some of the worst abuse of chickens.

KFC suppliers slit open the throats of conscious animals and often scald them alive, chop the beaks off mother chickens, and drug their chickens with antibiotics to keep them alive. KFC's sales have gone down since the launch of PETA's campaign, thanks in part to the support of Pryor, Dick Gregory, Pamela Anderson, Paul McCartney, Chrissie Hynde, Russell Simmons, Alec Baldwin, and many other compassionate individuals. And PETA will continue to pressure KFC, until it takes significant steps to improve the treatment of animals raised for its restaurants.

Heather Moore
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Order in the Court
Judiciary, rule thyself:
In response to the item "In contempt" in First Punch, May 19: Why isn't someone on the ethics board finding this and dealing with it? It's a sad state of ethics, when a private citizen has to report the dishonesty in our legal system. I think it's time for a complete overhaul when the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel finds it a higher priority to go after a judge for being rude to lawyers, rather than impeaching a judge for lying, cheating, and stealing.

Ruth Costakos

Guidance Needed
Spend the money, save a soul:
I think it is sad what the judicial system has done to a young, directionless child ["Nobody's Boy," June 2]. His crime was done out of self-defense. This child needed guidance he didn't get in the home; he didn't get it in school, and the judicial system hasn't given it to him either.

Family Services is too concerned about the cost of sending Gregory to the facility in Indiana. Why don't we send him and see if this place can make a difference? My prayers are with this young man in this oh, so cruel world. Do the right thing!

Yolanda Jones

Kill Your TV
Channeling Mom:
Thanks to Elaine Ciccora ["Arabian Bites," June 2], I will be able to avoid another uncomfortable situation. When I dine out, I enjoy the comfort and relaxation offered by the absence of all forms of media. No Rush Rooms, no Al-Jazeera, no CNN, no FOX. To all restaurant owners: Please, as Mom always said, "Turn off that TV and come to the table!" We get lots of news; you get the chance to give us a break. Kindly do so.

T.P. Olivo

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