Wrote a song about it, wanna hear it? Here it goes.

It's been a minute or two since I've said word one about my own L.L. band, Isle of Eyelids, but there hasn't been much to say since we chose our name and lost our drummer. We've been pretty well occupied with our partial electronic re-tooling, but there are at last some results worth sharing. We have a song almost completed, and a couple more in the pipeline, and what follows are the first two rehearsal recordings that sufficiently close to acceptable.

This is the one that's close to finished, and holds the uninspired but functional working title "The Chuggy One." It needs major tightening up - we're still not used to playing with a drum machine, and we can't always quite hear the downbeats, so you'll probably notice some drifting off-time. Headphone monitors will remedy that issue, and we'll have those starting with the next practice. Dig the Trans-era Neil Young vocoder. (Idiots who go hatin' on Trans: die, fuckface.)

The Chuggy One

This next is a segment pulled from a lengthy electronic improvisation that Chuck and Mike did, and that we're committed to turning into a proper song. I sat this one out, pre-occupied with what was perhaps the longest-taking guitar string change in history, though in this excerpt there is a spot where you can hear me calling my guitar a sonofabitch. We'll just call that my contribution. It might be worth noting, Mike played most of his parts on this song on his phone, and I will in all likelihood be doing the same when we get to arranging it this weekend.

The Synthy One

More to come, of course, when more exists. —Kretsch

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