You Can Now Watch "Make Fun: Building a Comedy Scene" In Full on YouTube

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We'll dispense with the introductory portion of this post and leave it to Jim Tews in his own words in a second except to say this: Cleveland's comedy scene experienced a rapid and continual and amazing ascent in the very recent past and if you enjoy it now you can thank a lot of people in this film for making it so damn great.

Anyway, good news from old pal Jim Tews this morning on FB:

A few years back, I directed a documentary/comedy special with some of my Cleveland Comedy pals. I’m putting it up here on YouTube now for all to enjoy. We’ve screened it enough and sold a few digital copies, so now I’m passing it out for free. It’s a great snapshot of Cleveland’s community scene from 2012, which has continued to grow thanks to an awesome, active, hungry talent pool. Thanks to everyone who helped fund and make this! It's still one of the highlights of my career. If you want to know more about how we made it, just ask.

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