You May Now Dis the Bride

Letters published January 18, 2001

The Amati Girls
A groom wipes off the greasepaint grin: I read the letter sent to you by a Juggalo fan of the ICP ["Rounding Up the Posse," January 4]. Here is my experience with some of the Infamous Juggalos:

I was married in '98. The wedding party was getting pictures taken on the walkway outside Windows near Nautica. I guess ICP was having a show that day, so there were a lot of Juggalos meandering around before the show. Two Juggalos happened to wander toward our wedding party and actually walked between the photographer and the party, apparently thinking nothing of this. They did not think there would be any repercussions! Well, wrong. In my tuxedo, I left the wedding group and approached these two losers to let them know that no punks would disrespect my bride and my wedding party pictures.

So I dropped one of the losers and grabbed the other by the throat, lifted him off the ground and asked him to give me a reason not to end him right then and there. Of course, he went limp like a little pussy and did not say a word to me. No one disrespects me like that, and just like most thugs, if they are not with a crowd, they are cowards! There were two of them and one of me, and they ran like little girls with skinned knees!

I'm your worst nightmare, Juggalos: a white-collar yuppie who weighs 250 pounds and is 6'2'' and will do it again if ever confronted by you losers! So you better round up the posse because, alone, you guys are bigger cowards than child molesters, and this is one bad-ass yuppie who loves to kick Juggalo ass!

I know I'm a minority with my values, but this is one dude tired of little punks having no respect for their fellow human beings!

Tom Coste
Rocky River

RTA wields its regional transit authority: I read your recent piece on the mistreatment of transit riders in Strongsville [The Edge, November 30]. I live in North Royalton and work in Strongsville. I am in the process of buying a car I never thought I would have had to buy, considering that the two locations are about four miles apart. The problem being, if I want to go from Route 82 in North Royalton to Route 82 in Strongsville via the RTA (I called and asked the RTAnswerline), I would need to take three different buses, one of which comes only once an hour.

The man on the phone at the RTA further explained that a line used to run between Strongsville and North Royalton on Route 82 -- that is, until SouthPark went up. Just before the mall opened, he said, the bus line was shortened, leaving no quick way to get from North Royalton to the mall, which left retirees, teenagers, and parents with young children out in the cold. Given the way SouthPark has been avoiding your phone calls, I would not be surprised if they were behind the suspension of RTA bus service.

One other thing: I mentioned to the RTAnswerline guy that I could circulate a petition to reinstate service, and he shot back, "Oh, that's not how it works. Once the RTA gets rid of a bus line, they're not bringing it back."

Marjorie Preston
North Royalton

Yet another "Niesel sucks" testimonial: I knew Jeff Niesel was ignorant and has absolutely no ear for music. He makes it well known he likes noise and nonmusicianship. As for his quote about Rick Ray and Byron Nemeth's guitar being an extension of their private parts [Soundbites, December 28], this proves Jeff's mind stopped developing around puberty.

How Jeff ever got hired into the position he's in at Scene isn't so amazing, as Scene magazine has almost always chosen to ignore the best musicians locally, nationally, and internationally. I am in good company, being put down along with Byron Nemeth and No Brass, who both have also done excellent work. This is all just proof of Jeff's ignorance.

Rick Ray

Journalistic joyride to a mobile home in hell: The "Avenging Elaine" story was well written [December 21]. I am glad the Euclid police were able to crack the story, because everyone's life is important. It really gave an excellent picture of the hard life of prostitution. It is a sad life for so many women, and it is not a Pretty Woman story. I couldn't put the story down. Kudos to Andrew Putz. I could visualize and get a sense of each character he wrote about.

Now, what's up with that Jesus of the Week stuff? [for an illicit peek, consult] The people who put Him on the cross mocked Him as well. I hope you will repent, because every knee will bow and every tongue will confess His name. He loves you and died for your sins, but it's up to you to accept Him.

Beverly Jefferson

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