Your Smartass Responses to the Best of Cleveland Survey


Every year we throw open the gates of Best of Cleveland so that you, the wizened veterans of our fair landscape, might weigh in on what makes us rock harder than a Zeppelin album side cranking from the 8-track player of a Barracuda convertible. And every year, you come through in a big way. Well, most of you do anyway.

Here now is a collection of our favorite responses among those of you dedicated enough to fill out an online survey, yet smartass enough to treat it like a Gong Show audition. Behold, the top voter outtakes of 2012:

Best Thing Made in C-Town
Excuses for Pat Shurmur

Best Chef
Does Michael Symon still count?

Best Chef
Anyone but Michael Symon

Best Team
Occupy Cleveland

Best Reason to Love C-Town
Because no one has a “next year” like us

Best Place to Get Wild
I’m too married to answer that question

Best Reason to Be a Cleveland Sports Fan
It’s better than a kick in the nuts

Best Thing Made in C-Town
Crippling depression

Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners
Pull-A-Part Auto Parts

Best Bar for Hooking Up
This is a tacky category and should be removed

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