Your Tax Dollars At Work: Cable No One Watches and Kasich's Creative Math

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Nobodys home but the cable is on.
  • Nobody's home but the cable is on.

Governor Kasich and his family don’t live in the mansion designated as the gubernatorial residence, opting instead to stay in their own home—closer to their children’s school. But it cost taxpayers $438,720 to staff and maintain the place in 2011. This includes the cable bill.

Incredibly, the Kasich administration says it is actually saving money compared to what it cost to run the mansion under former Governor Strickland. The Columbus Dispatch reports:

The state spent $448,177 for then-Gov. Ted Strickland to live at the 358 N. Parkview Ave. estate in 2007 (his first year in office), a sum the Kasich administration says would be $488,968 today if adjusted for inflation.

“We’re glad to be saving taxpayers money, $50,000 in savings when Strickland’s first year is adjusted for inflation,” Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said.

But Nichols fails to factor in the additional and kept-under-wraps cost of having to keep tabs on Ohio’s first family at their more convenient family home.

The state also provides security for Kasich and his family at their Genoa Township home at an undisclosed cost, but a spokeswoman for the State Highway Patrol said security costs for the governor are “comparable to what they’d be if he were living at the mansion.”

We don’t have any math whizzes at Scene but we’re guessing that “comparable” means more than the $50,000 the administration says its saving taxpayers at the mansion.

And there’s that cable bill. The Kasich administration does hold state shindigs at the Governor’s Residence. Do guests gather in the parlor to watch TV? Who is watching TV? The on-duty maintenance staff?

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