Thursday, September 28, 2006

Roots plays free show

Posted By on Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 1:51 PM

Live-band hip-hop phenom the Roots will play a free show Saturday, September 30 at Mirage on the Water (2510 Elm St., on the West Bank of the Flats, 216-348-1135). Doors open at 10 p.m. For tickets, RSVP to TONYSLIST@TANQUERAYSTYLESESSIONS.COM by Thursday, September 28. Include first and last name. Offer valid to party people 21 and over only, while tickets remain. I.D. required at door, strictly enforced dress code: sharp and stylish. Ace DJ Mick Boogie will warm up the crowd. See you there.
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Prejudice against prog rock

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Phil Freeman's piece on why progressive rock acts are denied entry into the Rock Hall of Fame illuminates the obvious, but he doesn't offer any explanations or solutions. Bands like Genesis, Yes, ELP, King Crimson, Roxy Music and Soft Machine lost a lot of credibility in the mid-to-late '70s because their challenging music strayed too far from basic roots-based rock and roll. It was viewed as pretentious, self-indulgent and high-brow. Punk rock, despite being amateurish and (eventually) equally self-indulgent, offered a refreshing alternative. I think a lot of it, too, is classism and reverse racism. There is a definite bias toward working class and black acts, even though a number of those inducted are one-hit wonders for whom aging stuffed shirts like Ahmet Ertugun have a particular nostalgia. There's also a bias against English artists (why else haven't Small Faces, Zombies, Fairport Convention and the Moody Blues been inducted?). The blacklist against many white, English, musically literate progressive rockers reminds me of our politically correct high-school and college English departments. In our zeal to explore the works of minority and women writers -- many of whom deserve to be studied -- we seem to think we have to turn our backs on hundreds of years of classic literature merely because it was the progeny of white males. Maya Angelou and Alice Walker deserve to be studied, but the vast majority of great literature has come from writers like Shakespeare, Milton, Dostoevsky, Dickens and Proust. Similarly, while there's room at the table for Charles Brown, Parliament/Funkadelic and Blondie (well, maybe not Blondie), we should also recognize the challenging and cutting edge music by late '60s and early '70s prog-rockers. We fans of great progressive rock need to continue to make noise, but I'm not sure denigrating those that have already been inducted will help our cause. Pete Kurtz Marysville
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Salsa in the City

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Though Ohio City may have celebrated when Moda, West 25th Street's hottest club, shut down this summer, the rest of us were suffering. Okay, so the nightly brawls, gunfits, and the owner's conviction on money laundering charges may have created small problems, but the club also provided the best place in town to learn salsa dancing. Without it, where were we supposed to get our sweaty, drunken, Dirty Dancing groove on? Thankfully, View on Prospect Avenue has stepped up to the plate. The club now hosts dance lessons on Friday nights at 9 p.m., for a $5 cover. Granted, the live band and disco ball that made Moda feel like 1950s Havana are gone, but the enthusiastic instructors (including the ever-popular Carlos) are back. Next Friday, the club is even hosting a party after salsa lessons at City Hall. That's right, Mayor Frank Jackson thinks he's Patrick Swayze now. Let's just hope he doesn't try to dress the part. -- Lisa Rab
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The Cavaliers are coming

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Yes, the NBA Finals ended not long ago, but since basketball season is, like, 11 months long, the new year is just around the corner. The Cavs will host Media Day on Monday, a chance for all the players to talk about "how they're ready to start working and come together as a team to play like we know we can," or something equally artful. Training camp opens next week, too, and believe it or not, LeBron and Co. will be in uniform in less than two weeks, for a preseason game against Boston on October 10th. But for fans — at least those too poor to shell out for season tickets — the key date is Saturday, 10 a.m. That's when single-game tickets go on sale, at, The Q box office, or 1-800-4-NBA-TIX. So whether you want to take little Junior to a game, or hope to make some extra cash scalping those suckers later on, check out the Cavs schedule and start picking your games. Be sure to take a hard look at the second week of February, when four playoff teams — the Pistons, Clippers, Heat, and Lakers — visit The Q in the same week. If the Cavs are a championship team, that's they're chance to prove it. — Joe P. Tone
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Mushroomhead director's cut

Posted By on Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 9:40 AM

A director's cut of the video for Mushroomhead's eerie new single "Simple Survival" is available at Chad Calek, an up and coming director who's shot well-received clips for Bleeding Through and Index Case, directed. Between performance footage, some shaky conceptual footage follows a young couple through what appears to be a drunken attempt to infiltrate the band's practice space during a dress rehearsal for its upcoming national tour. Then they get locked in a stairwell, where they seem to get stomach cramps and pass out. But even a light blue tint isn't enough to make it scary. "Chad's good, but the narrative stuff didn't work for us," 'Head drummer-producer Skinny told Scene during a recent interview. "We're going to cut it. The final version will be just us playing." -- D.X. Ferris
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

PD-Police beef

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It appears that Plain Dealer reporter Mark Puente is running into trouble with Lorain Police, though the union says it ain't true. This from today's Lorain Morning Journal: President of FOP disputes harassment allegations By JENNIFER BRACKEN, Morning Journal Writer LORAIN -- Lorain Faternal Order of Police Lodge 3 President Buddy Sivert is disputing allegations by a Plain Dealer reporter that he has been harassed by police officers. ''Ninety-five percent of the people in our department don't know what Mark Puente looks like, let alone what his family looks like,'' Sivert said. ''Our officers would not do anything to make his family feel threatened.'' The Plain Dealer Managing Editor Thomas O'Hara wrote a letter to Lorain city officials alleging that Lorain police officers were lurking around Puente's family at a Lorain Admiral King High School football game and in a separate incident air was let out of Puente's vehicle tires while parked at the Lorain City Hall parking lot. After a preliminary investigation by the Lorain Police Department showed there was no merit to the allegations, Lorain police Chief Cel Rivera forwarded the allegations to the FBI in Cleveland. The FBI is investigating the incidences and alleged threats, according to an FBI spokesman. O'Hara has said Puente is working on an investigative piece about the Lorain Police Department. Puente is trying to connect the dots between several lawsuits ''floating'' around, according to O'Hara. Sivert said Puente has obtained police officers' personal cell phone numbers, pager numbers and home phone numbers, and left messages with their family members. ''He has done this over the last two weeks, leaving messages saying he needs comments because they are going to be in the paper,'' Sivert said, adding that all the officers' numbers are unlisted. ''Naturally, the police officers are upset about that and don't appreciate being called at home.'' O'Hara said Puente was doing his duty as a reporter by obtaining phone numbers needed to get the information he needs. Sivert said he believes Puente made the allegations in an effort to generate publicity for his story. O'Hara denied that and said he believed it was appropriate to alert officials to what had been going on. ''I thought with the sum total of the events, it was prudent to alert the folks in Lorain, and that was the sole purpose of my communication,'' O'Hara said. Sivert said the police anticipated being cleared of wrongdoing in the article. ''They would never do anything to jeopardize their jobs,'' he said about police officers. ''The officers are looking forward to the article so they can be vindicated of his threats.'' Puente has allegedly made several accusations of wrong doing to police department personnel from ''tips'' he received from an inside source, Sivert said. ''He needs to get some proof before saying these things,'' Sivert said. ''We have had officers who were investigated, disciplined and even fired for their actions on the job. Three have been criminally charged. There's no new news there. How can he question our integrity and say we are covering things up and that we're thieves?'' The bottom line, Sivert said, is that Puente is distracting Lorain police officers from doing their jobs and hurting the morale of the police department. ''Why target the Lorain Police Department?'' he said. ''I think he's trying to damage our police officers in their personal and professional lives.'' Lorain police Chief Cel Rivera has spoken to the officers during briefing sessions to encourage them to continue doing what they are in the city to do, Sivert said. ''He's telling them to keep working and don't worry about what someone is going to print in the paper,'' he said. ''Generally, things were picking up morale-wise and now he makes people not want to go out there because they are worried about false claims.'' Morning Journal Writer Megan King contributed to this story.
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GOP stiffs Cleveland

Posted By on Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 2:54 PM

The GOP has chosen the site for its convention, and it ain't us. Minneapolis-St. Paul will host the 2008 Republican shindig, according to CNN. Of course, everybody except Sam Fulwood knew this was a foregone conclusion. After all, Cleveland makes not the perfect poster child for demonstrating to the nation just how well Republican policies have worked. With a handy assist from local Democrats, the city is almost as much a symbol of government incompetence as Katrina-ravaged New Orleans. We are yet again the poorest town in the nation, proving that President Bush's much-lauded tax cuts didn't do much for guys without yachting attire. Our school system is in shambles, leaving pretty much every kid behind. And our election system is in such a sorry state that we've become the national model for How to Steal and Election. All of which makes it rather difficult for Republicans to "Believe In Cleveland." -- Kevin Hoffman
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