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Friday, February 19, 2010


Posted By on Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 9:00 AM

  • Michael Sawyer (
As promised, more responses from the Lust Survey:

What attracts you to someone first?

Theirs eyes and lips are the first. Second is the body type.

Smile, bra size, derrier size and hair color. All in one fell swoop.

Pretty hair and sexy lips. Of course all the other stuff is important, but those two features are more specific to women than many other features, so I use them as a barometer of what kind of girl she is.


Eyes and swagger.

Their hair, eyes and sense of humor. The sound of their voice is important too.

Their attitude. Hot chicks can be hot all day, but the second they open their mouth and have nothing to say or have nothing to offer in conversation, boredom sets in.

Y-chromosomes. Ability to stand or not. Depends on how much I want to work for it.

I look at their hands. If they have big strong man hands, I like. If they look more girly than mine, I'm out.

Foxy glasses, unique style and a quick wit. Also, one cocktail too many.

Their nose.

Their eyes, kindness, also a great body, tall, in good shape.


I look at the penis ... sometimes the pants and the butt.

Her ass. And her sense of humor. I honestly don't have a classier answer than that.

The intensity of their eye contact. If that's intense, what else is?


A sharp wit and sense of humor. And confidence.

A warm smile. Confidence. Being opinionated but not overly so.

Fashion sense.

I wish I could say smile or personality, but it's in this order: face, butt, boobs.

Butt and hips.

Smile. I think one of the first things you notice is how someone feels. Especially about themselves. A smile reflects that.

Asses in jeans, men or women, is what I find attractive first.

The way a man carries himself attracts me to someone first.


On a girl, her breasts. I am strongly attracted to a woman's chest. On a guy, usually his eyes and lips.

At first glance, smile, cleanliness … then smell. And I don't necessarily mean the cologne they are wearing.

Sometimes it's hearing something about them. Like I heard this girl at work was a total slut and that made me attracted to her, in a want-to-bend-her-over-a-desk kind of way.

Good looks. Not you're typical underwear model, airbrushed-to-death good looks, though. I'm attracted to flawed beauty.

I've always been attracted to bald men, but really it's someone who can make me laugh.

Eye contact. Glimpses of skin. Short skirts, open blouses.

The first thing I notice is someone's presence and how they carry themselves. After that, I'm a sucker for a nice smile.

Their sex appeal attracts me first. The way that person carries themselves. Secondly, I look at how pretty their face is. Finally, if I'm still interested, I need to know if they have pretty toes. If I don't like that, forget it.

I am attracted to someone who looks educated and intelligent and then has the mental faculties to back that up.

Probably confidence, a nice smile ... and huge hooters.

I've been married for five years and I still get turned on by my husband's sense of humor.

I know I'm supposed to say confidence or eyes or something cliche like that. But it's never pinned down to one simple thing. If I get a gasp in my throat when I think about him, then I know.

The uncontrolled twitching and spontaneous verbalization.

I like full lips but it's not gonna be sexy if you have something ignorant coming out of them.

There has to be some sort of spark, some aspect of character that inspires both trust and lust. I listen to the words he speaks, and the sound of his voice; the way he moves his hands and the way they look; the sparkle in the eyes and the way they reveal the soul.

The way a man stands or sits is what impresses me. Straight back, shoulders up with head held high is very sexy.

I like big tits.

Do you use porn? What types? Do you watch alone, or with a partner?

Internet sites. XNXX, Redtube and Bang Bros. Me and my gal enjoy viewing together sometimes.

I'm partial to Japanese porn. The day I feel comfortable letting her watch some of what I like with me is the day I stop using porn and start making it.

Yes, video and photos on my iPhone. Look at pics alone and videos with partner.

Amatuer mostly, but those big money ones are fun to watch.

I will watch alone, with my partner, or in a room full of willing participants.

I most easily get off on hardcore. There is a great website I use a few times a week.

Porn is awesome if your honey isn't in the mood or you’re not. Porn will get you there faster. We watch together.

I want to see stuff I wouldn't do in normal life — double penetration, lesbian, gangbanging.

Sometimes, alone, but I hate that most of it is completely geared toward guys and not at all realistic or fun for the ladies. It's much hotter when the men aren't fugly and the women aren't trashy looking. Real boobs and fingernails, and please, no clit-slapping.

All kinds except those involving real pain, real crap or real pee.

Yes. I have a Videobox subscription which is cheap and there are a ton of videos to download. And I never watch porn alone — I always have my sense of shame close by.

I watch gay porn with women, and straight porn with guys. It just works better that way.

I am more into literotica then actual photos. Stories let us create our own
visuals. Usually someone in a submissive role. I will occasionally share some of what I see with my spouse.

The wife made me throw out all my porn, so now I only watch online streams. I like watching women wracked by orgasm, and gangbangs. I watch alone (sigh).

Mostly lesbian on with strap-ons. My partner knows I am into it, but he doesn't watch it. I prefer it that way because I like to watch it alone.

Usually watch alone, sometimes with husband. He watches it way more than I do and he'll watch almost anything.

Alone. I tried with a partner years ago, but she just laughed at it and it killed the mood.

I'd love to get a hold of people's personal sex tapes.

I use porn every time I "take care of business." I have to! Even though I'm female I need that visual and that audio. I watch some nasty stuff, gangbangs for starters, but never bestiality.

Internet, DVD, straight, gay, tranny, squirting, gloryholes … I like the kinky stuff. I will use it with a partner anytime they want.

The only real restriction on what I will watch (at least once) is that it has to be free.

Used to a lot, got busted at work and I've gone cold turkey. Life is better now.

If I just see a man and a woman having sex, no matter how graphic the scene, I'll get bored. There has to be an element of taboo, like anal, threesomes, toys, fetish or just lesbian sex. I can't watch a normal scene
without needing something extra to get me off.

Anything involving fruit or vegetables. My favorite is with stewed tomatoes. I do tend to watch alone, after I've been to the grocery store and hung out in the produce section. If I watch with a partner, it will be a pumpkin, or perhaps an aubergine.

We use porn all the time. Sometimes together, sometimes alone. We are varied but most of it is multiple-partner type.

She-male porn. With partner.

I watch lesbian porn (though I am straight.) I don't like how male-oriented everything else is.

I like the occasional "art film," and when I was married I occasionally watched those. I also like reading erotica of all types, and I love reading it aloud. I can't imagine anything more arousing!

Recently I have gotten in Erotic Hypnosis videos online.

Define cheating. Have you ever?

Cheating is to doing what porn is to seeing, you know it when you do/see it.

Kissing, sex of any kind and giving your heart to someone else.

Cheating is penetration. Never.

I have had several open relationships. In an open relationship cheating is how it is defined, for example, it is ok to have sex with other people, however, you also must let me know … so if my partner did not tell me about the encounter then that would be cheating. Yes, I have in the past, however, not now.

It's not cheating, if I get to watch.

Heavy flirting and calling the person to talk about deeply personal, emotional stuff is cheating in my opinion.

I was a cheater until someone cheated on me. Who knew? People can change!

Cheating is anything you do with someone else that you can't tell your partner about. And yep, I've cheated.

Usually I wasn't the one doing the cheating, but than there was this one guy who was a shitty bf and I cheated on him. Only after I found out he cheated on me. I think payback is fair.

Cheating can be having an emotional relationship with someone, talking everyday, etc., while neglecting your real relationship. And yes I have cheated, I always cheat. I can't help it. Mine is more one-night-stand type cheating. Which to me, if no one knows, no one gets hurt. I would be much more hurt by my significant other relying on someone else emotionally.

When you are unhappy and the other person can't take a hint that things need to change. Yes, I screwed his mechanic.


I have cheated more times than I can count.

I've only gone outside my marriage when my spouse and I were having problems and there was little or no intimacy in our marriage.

Cheating, IMO, is only when it escalates to the physical.

Cheating in my marriage is even being flirtatious with another girl. Yes, I have — big mistake.

Swinging is great, you can have all the sex you want with different women and never be cheating on your partner.

Cheating starts with intent, followed by pursuing, and finalized by a physical act. No matter how that jackass Bill Clinton tried to spin his infidelity, it begins with intent — initiating interest.

If it's just sex it can be sleazy. If it can be a relationship that makes it more legit.

Helping someone else to orgasm, by any means (manually, visually, verbally). Or letting them watch or listen to you doing something sexual.

I married at a young age with only four prior lovers. In a two-year period when I was living 50 percent on the road, I probably had sex with 30 women
while I was married. Clearly it was related to a crappy sex life at home.

Yes I have cheated before. Why? Because I wasn't being satisfied in the bedroom. Our sex life dulled out and he wasn't willing to explore and experiment.

Yes I've cheated, as far as to have my own apartment for me and secret friend to go to so that we wouldn't have to spend money at the hotel. He was in a relationship and so was I. This here wonderful relation lasted five and a half years.

I have cheated, and it's not worth the emotional bullshit that comes with it.

I cheated on my ex-boyfriend twice because our sex life sucked. That's one of the major reasons why I ended up leaving him.

I think cheating can come down to even desiring another person to the point of thoughts that replace what you're supposed to be thinking about. If you can't control your feelings, that's cheating too. If you can't turn it off, you're in trouble.

It's only cheating if you lie about. Thankfully, my wife is very open-minded.

Cheating is doing something with another person that you would never do in front of your significant other, and causes you to feel guilt. This concise description covers physical and emotional cheating, as well as those insane couples that think porn counts as cheating.

Cheating is putting yourself in a position to transmit an STD to your partner. Condoms can't stop everything.

Giving someone else what my wife wants from me. By that definition, no I have not.

There are some people that think merely looking at a Victoria’s Secret catalog is cheating (I don't). But it doesn't matter how silly that sounds to other people because when that person catches their partner looking at it, they're going to feel betrayed, because of the "behind my back" feeling that they get. Where the person that feels betrayed also feels like they aren't "first choice," that "something else" is before them. That hurts. I have never been cheated on (that I know of) but I cant say that I'm totally innocent in the matter. I have cheated on my partner with the opposite sex before.

Cheating is the conscious act of seeking out another person with the specific purpose of fucking them. I have not cheated, but I have had sex with another person while being involved with someone. I did not go looking for sex, but it is something that just happened.

Cheating is, like, when you have the bottoms of the pockets on your trenchcoat cut out such that you can pleasure yourself on the subway without opening up the coat. I mean, what's the point, right? Did I cheat? Well, I did engage in a little frottage with a summer squash once, in my Mom's vegetable patch.

Thinking about, kissing, touching, sleeping with someone else. When I was in college.

I have more respect for swingers than the so-called faithful, at least swingers do things with the consent and knowledge of their partners.

Anything from first base on. Yes, but not in my current relationship. Though if my wife doesn’t start putting out again that may change.

I think there are two kinds of cheating. The most common, of course, is the physical act of sex with someone other than your committed partner. And that's bad enough. But I think the more lethal version of cheating involves an emotional betrayal. I am certainly not proud of it but have done both and must say the casual, spontaneous sexual encounters outside a relationship have the possibility (sometimes) of being forgiven. But a betrayal of the heart, there is no going back after that.

It’s only cheating when you get caught.


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