Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4th District's Jim Jones Really Loves Red Meat, Hates Quiche

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Jim Joyce is the proud representative from Ohio's 4th District.

He's also a proud Twitter user.

He's additionally a proud hater of quiche.

Only red meat and lots of it for this proud American. He wants his cow served with a side of cow, dipped in cow, slathered in cow, washed down with cow. Hell, when they do his angioplasty, he wants the doctors to do it with cow. Strange, I know.

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Afternoon Brew

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Helping teachers hang out with 15-year-old boys since 2001
  • Helping teachers hang out with 15-year-old boys since 2001

Good Afternoon, Clevelanders. Here's something to read so you don't get that 2:30 feeling anymore. Or 3:30. Or 4:30.

-Thomas Edison has been selected as the next great Ohioan to be set in stone at the National Statuary Hall in Washington D.C., but only after a recounting of votes was needed to make sure Edison was the true winner. Word is the statue of the second-place Wright brothers was a bit skeptical of the results the first go-round. Edison, after winning for the second time, responded, "Suck it."

-A family in Mt. Vernon has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit against an eighth grade teacher after their son claimed he burned a cross into his arm and taught him Christianity in the classroom. So while you may have to separate church and state, there might also need to be a law separating church and arm.

-And finally, a Mayfield High School teacher is being charged with helping a student break curfew after the two were spotted in a parking lot together at 2 a.m. Inside the teacher's car police found Mike's Hard Lemonade, Labatt Blue, cigarettes and cigars. We here at Scene think that aside of the initial charge, the 49-year-old teacher should also be charged with attempting to get a man to drink Mike's Hard Lemonade. Because that's just wrong.

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William Lickvarcik, Obviously a Sex Offender

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If you need to be told to stay away from someone who looks like this, you need to be locked up, too
  • If you need to be told to stay away from someone who looks like this, you need to be locked up, too

We’re sorry, but sometimes you just know by the face.

If you spend an inordinate and potentially unhealthy amount of time looking through mug shots like we do over here at the Scene newsroom, you end up playing a little game: Name the Crime. The rules are obvious: you look over the pictures coming in over the wire and guess what Mr. or Ms. Felon is facing. There’s always a wild card or two in the pack, a shocker, some straight-laced Clark Kent-type up for murdering his family or running a suburban meth ring.

That wasn’t the case with William Lickvarcik. He was obviously a sex offender. We didn’t even need to look to know. Just take a gaze at that mug; this guy screams creeper, a predator right out of central casting.

According to 19ActionNews
, the 61-year-old was picked up this week by local police and F.B.I. He’s been indicted on six counts of gross sexual imposition, three counts of sexual imposition, and one count of kidnapping. He allegedly chose girls under the age of 13 as his victims.

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Cuyahoga County Corruption Probe Turns Two

Posted By on Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 11:32 AM

The perfect gift for a second anniversary.
  • The perfect gift for a second anniversary.

The traditional gift for a second anniversary is cotton. How perfect is that?

It's the second anniversary of the Cuyahoga County corruption probe today. Two years ago the FBI blazed through government offices, personal homes, and Jimmy Dimora's extra-secret snack refrigerator, launching a snarling and expansive investigation that involves commissioners, contractors, family and friends of elected officials, and Jimmy Dimora's extra-secret Lunchables.

The Plain Dealer reports this morning that while Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo are expected to be charged before this fall's elections. A nice cotton jumpsuit ensemble, perhaps in a nice shade of orange, would make the perfect gift for the two powerful Democrats who allegedly ran the county as their personal playpen.

While it seems forever ago that this all began, and many have wondered when the Feds will just charge the dynamic duo already, this is one case the Feds don't want to screw up. Anyone remember the Mike White debacle? They've been collecting small fish, working guilty pleas into tips and testimony, and setting up what should be a slam dunk case against DiGiorno Dimora and Russo, their primary targets.

The Plain Dealer lays out the carnage so far.

Most have willingly cooperated. In general, federal prosecutors don't spend a lot of time trying their cases. About 95 percent of the people they charge with crimes plead guilty, usually to avoid harsher sentences. That's been the scenario with most of the 38 defendants prosecutors have rounded up in connection with the corruption probe.

Here is the scorecard:

• 33 guilty pleas.

• 1 anticipated guilty plea.

• 1 conviction at trial.

• 3 not guilty pleas.

Two of those pleading not guilty, Vince Russo and Joseph Bibbo, are awaiting trial. The third, former Cleveland building inspector Bobby Cuevas, expects to have his extortion charge dismissed after he finishes cooperating with prosecutors.

In many cases, those defendants who have pleaded guilty are looking at lighter sentences because they have cooperated. It was Cuevas who helped jump-start the investigation by leading the FBI to Steve Pumper, a former D-A-S Construction executive. Pumper pleaded guilty to bribing public officials, including Dimora, former Parma school board member J. Kevin Kelley and former Maple Heights school board member Santina "Sandy" Klimkowski.

Kelley and Klimkowski have also pleaded guilty to corruption charges and are expected to be key witnesses for the prosecution. Their testimony, and that of other smaller fish caught in the government's net, will be critical to the government's case against Dimora and Frank Russo. Both men have been under suspicion for the past two years and are no doubt wondering when prosecutors will strike. In early May, Dimora challenged prosecutors to either charge him or put an end to the "witch hunt."

So, happy anniversary, folks. It's been a beautiful two years. Now scurry off and try to find an orange cotton jumpsuit in size XXXXXL. It's rude not to give a gift.

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Marriage Scam Comes to an End

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Do you, Ole..ho..vna, take Dar..gaj Ivin...Oh just forget it. Kiss the bride.
  • "Do you, Ole..ho..vna, take Dar..gaj Ivin...Oh just forget it. Kiss the bride."

Two men who were arranging fraudulent marriages for Eastern Europeans so that they could achieve permanent U.S. residence were sentenced in Ohio today, leaving hundreds of men in Alabama in tears when their mail-order brides didn't show up to the altar.

According to the Associated Press, the men, whose names are entirely too difficult to pronounce or even type, hailed from Estonia and Uzbekistan, and will each spend at least a year in jail. Priests everywhere breathed a sign of relief knowing they would no longer screw up the names of the Eastern Europeans who came to their churches to get married.

Seven others involved in the marriage scheme are waiting to be sentenced as part of the 11 people arrested in December. Two others had previously been sentenced.

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Randy Roginski, Construction Worker, Hit and Killed on I-271

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Obey these signs, please.
  • Obey these signs, please.

Randy Roginski was working on I-271 late last night when he was struck and killed by a vehicle driven by Anthony Jones.

Roginski, 41, was on the highway in a construction zone for Solar Testing Labs, according to the AP report about the accident.

Randy R. Roginski, 41, of North Royalton was in an active construction zone working for Solar Testing Labs Inc. at the time of the accident, which occurred at 11:58 p.m. just north of Interstate 77, the Ohio State Highway Patrol said.

He was standing on the berm on the right side of the highway when he was hit by a Honda Accord driven by Anthony J. Jones, 49, of Twinsburg, the patrol said.

Roginski, who was wearing a reflective vest, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The crash is under investigation for now and no charges have been filed.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trina Sarli, Drug Addict, Steals Little Girl's Silly Bandz

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Anybody got the going rate on an ounce of Silly Bandz?
  • Anybody got the going rate on an ounce of Silly Bandz?

The community pool: fun under the cloud-free American sun, children splashing the over-chlorinated water, lifeguards holding court, the line for the diving board, inflatable animal rafts, pee in the kiddie pool, cold sodas at the snack bar, the thick reek of Coppertone, needle-freaks snatching purses . . . wait a minute . . .

According to the News Herald, the usually carefree atmosphere at the Mentor Civic Center Pool was interrupted last Friday by Trina Sarli, 34. Apparently, the drug-addicted Sarli was in such a bad need of cash for a fix she decided to snatch the untended purse of a 10-year-old girl. Once the victim reported her property had been snagged, an astute pool employee was on the case.

The employee checked the bathroom after the suspicious woman exited it. She found a hypodermic needle in the garbage can and the girl’s purse, which was only missing a package of Silly Bandz.

When police officers talked to the suspect . . . they noticed that she was wearing a pair of Silly Bandz on her wrist, Powers said.

The Silly Bandz! Just can’t say no to the damn Silly Bandz!

Police reportedly found a spoon, straws, prescription medication (but no prescription) and a pack of Silly Bandz in the purse. Sarli has been charged with possession of drugs, drug-abuse instruments and paraphernalia.

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