Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tickets Go on Sale Today for Rock Hall Induction Simulcast

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If you didn't get tickets to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Induction Ceremony bash taking place in Cleveland on April 14, and chances are you didn't, you can still see the action sorta up close.

The next best thing — well, the next best thing to actually being there or staying home and loading up on vodka and old Faces albums — is watching the ceremony on a big screen at the Rock Hall.

It's the only place other than the live thing going down at Public Hall where you can see the ceremony.

Tickets just went on sale. They're $20 and available at the Rock Hall's website.

Doors open at 7 p.m. for the 8 p.m. event.

Best of all, the Rock Hall will be open for browsing during the telecast, so you can check out the new Grateful Dead exhibit (which opens the same week as the Induction Ceremony) while Donovan is onstage. —Michael Gallucci

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Scenes From Chardon High School

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Monday morning was just getting off the ground when Clair Coley saw something was wrong at the school next door.

The senior citizen’s house, a small neat building hung with St. Patrick’s Day decorations, sits at the corner of a quiet residential block and the driveway leading into Chardon High School. From a back window looking out on the large lawn buried in snow, Coley spotted 30 to 40 police officers with shotguns swarm the area before the clock had hit 8 a.m.

“It was a mess,” Coley told Scene later Monday afternoon. “Then I saw the students running away from the school instead of going toward it, and I knew something was wrong.”

We all know now what sent those students running, although a lot of details are still underwater. Just before 8 a.m., 17-year-old TJ Lane opened fire in the Chardon cafeteria. Described as a loner with a rough home life, the student reportedly went after a specific group of peers who always sat at the same table — possibly because one was dating Lane’s ex. After hitting five students, the shooter ran from the school, driven from the premises by Frank Hall, an assistant football coach. Lane subsequently turned himself in without incident a few blocks from campus. Two victims — 16-year-old Danny Parmertor and 17-year-old Russell King, Jr. — died. A third is in critical condition.

Although those facts — not to mention false ones — squeezed out of the panicked small town in the hours after the shooting, authorities played their cards close to the chest at a press conference late Monday afternoon.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Attempting to Trace How the Picture of a Kid With Guns Became the TJ Lane Twitter Photo, Which It's Not

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Update: Statement from news director at WOIO at the end of post.

First off: thoughts and prayers with the victims, friends, staff, students and families at Chardon High School after today's awful, awful shootings.

The news has been fast and furious since just around 8 a.m. this morning when a teenager opened fire in the cafeteria at Chardon high school, killing one and injuring four others.

Shockingly, not all of it has been accurate. And while social media is particularly wonderful in keeping the world up to date with breaking news in situations like this, it's also a medium through which misinformation flows rapidly. You know that already, though. The case of the alleged Twitter photo of "TJ Lane" is a good case study in case you need to be refreshed.

To be clear, the photos showing a teenager with two guns and a message that appears to read "02-26-12" and "high school massacre" are not of TJ Lane. Chardon students themselves have tweeted that it's not him.

But they've been dubbed as such by everyone from 19 Action News here in Cleveland to Alan Cox to Q104 to WBNQ in Bloomington, IN, not to mention about half of Twitter's users. (We've got a call in to WOIO to see what sort of confirmation they had before running the photo on the air and on their site. We'll let you know what we hear back.)

Steve Huff had been blogging the situation this morning and posted the supposed Twitter photos as well. He later removed them after actual photos of Lane from Facebook and the school yearbook emerged and looked dissimilar enough to the gun picture that commenters were raising questions.

The photos in question actually started showing up on Omegle last Friday with a message that the poster was going to storm his school with guns and kill everyone he could before killing himself.

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Concert Review — Eric Church at the Wolstein Center

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The beer stands were mobbed and the guitars cranked during Eric Church’s headline show at the Wolstein Center on Friday.

Church is a country-rocker from North Carolina with a wide outlaw streak and a deft lyrical touch that’s granted him a bit of airplay despite a decidedly un-Nashville bent. It also explains the wells of humanity around the kegs after Wolstein quickly sold out of bottles. Don’t they know country fans like their beer?

Anyone wondering whatever happened to the power ballad need look no further than opener Brantley Gilbert. Outlaw country has always carried a strong dose of southern-fried rawk, and in Gilbert’s hands tips toward ‘80s metal (given greater twang) and lights-down sentimentality with cellphones replacing the aloft lighter.

It’s part and parcel of a heartland anthemic that runs through his country-flavored rock sound.

Church’s lyricism is less clumsy but shares a similar genuflection toward the Boss. Indeed, one of Church’s songs is named after the Asbury Park poet.

Coming out to “Country Music Jesus,” off his chart-topping third album, Chief, Church looked a little like a throwback gas station attendant in his blue jeans, black T, ballcap, and dark sunglasses.

He pledged his allegiance to “the Hag,” complained how Jack Daniels kicked his ass, and waited interminably for “Two Pink Lines,” an example of his willingness to push his subject beyond country’s safe confines.

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The Dimora Trial Mix Tape: All the Best Stories in One Place

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Courtroom trials are a snooze. Seriously. If you’ve ever ridden the benches through a complete legal proceeding from jury selection to guilty/not guilty, you know the average trial is low on regular dramatics; mostly, we’re talking about long, detail-logged witness testimony and interminable pitched battles over fine print. Even when backlit by the kind of human depravity that’s marked the public career of Jimmy Dimora, the day-to-day slog between lawyers and witnesses is more likely to put you to sleep than hook your attention.

Which makes courtroom coverage — again, even when we’re talking about a trial as chin-deep in depravity as Dimora’s — a hard sell, newsmaking wise. Besides the geriatric-in-a-walker pace of Justice, the same news coming out of Dimora’s trial was everywhere. All four of Cleveland’s TV stations and the Plain Dealer had corps of reporters filling up notebooks with the same daily revelations, not to mention freelancers, columnists and editorialist firing off from the sidelines. The result was a bit over-saturating. Too much Dimorapalooza.

Luckily for us news consumers, some of the local outlets — under the whipcrack from editors and station directors, no doubt — went beyond just parroting the daily details. They found unique, odd angles on the mess. Now that Dimora’s defense has waved the white flag and everything looks like it will be over soon, we’re going to run through our favorite outside the box Jimmy-related news reports.

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Battlefield Ohio: Polls Show Santorum Still Leading Romney

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What goes better with your morning Cheerios than some political polling? On that front, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has failed to capture any ground in the hearts and minds of Ohioans. This morning, poll palace Quinnipiac University released the latest data for the state before next week’s primary election. Former Senator Rick Santorum still leads the field with 36 percent to Romney’s 29 percent of likely voters — the same results the university tracked in the previous round of data.

Although this doesn’t spell out great things for Romney, you can also look at it this way: Santorum has failed to increase his lead. The latest report also includes a statistic that 45 percent of the individuals polled said they could change their mind by next week.

Santorum tops Romney 38 - 25 percent among men, while women split 34 - 33 percent. Santorum wins 40 - 25 percent among self-identified conservatives and 49 - 19 percent among Tea Party members. Self-identified moderates back Romney 39 - 27 percent.

"A week out, Sen. Rick Santorum remains seven points ahead among Ohio's likely Republican primary voters. While almost half the voters say they might change their mind, Santorum supporters seem a little surer of their vote," said Peter A. Brown assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "What happens in Michigan tomorrow night might have an impact on voters in Ohio's Republican primary."

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

An Elated Symon Wins Burger Bash Three Years Running

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South Beach - On a steamy Friday night in South Beach, Cleveland chef Michael Symon secured an unprecedented "three-peat" at the sold-out Amstel Light Burger Bash at The South Beach Wine & Food Festival. After winning the coveted People's Choice award two years in a row, Symon appeared genuinely elated upon hearing his name called once again at the climax of the 2012 event.

"It's shocking!" announced host Rachael Ray. "It's a three-peat for Michael Symon!"

Symon, with Rocco Whalen and Matt Harlan manning the grills, prepared approximately 2,100 burgers for the thousands of guests, most whom paid $225 for the pleasure of devouring burgers cooked by some the world's finest chefs. B Spot's burger of the night was the Porky, a 3-ounce beef and pork belly patty topped with pulled pork, slaw, spicy pickle and Stadium Mustard. A crispy pork rind was an appropriate garnish.

Other star chefs dishing out burgers included Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, Masaharu Morimoto and Marc Forgione, among many others.

Symon's first stop after claiming his trophy was the B Spot booth, where he was greeted with hoots and hollers from his thrilled team. While being interviewed for Food Network TV, Symon was asked what the secret is to a winning burger.

"You want to know the secret?" Symon responded. "Great people — that's the secret."

Story and photos by Douglas Trattner.

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