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Monday, December 15, 2014

Cleveland Thief Posts Selfie on Instagram, Is Immediately Caught

Posted By on Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 3:08 PM

  • Photo via Instagram
Update: Rodney Johnson was sentenced to 12 years in prison today for the robbery to which he was tied, and later admitted his role in, after posting a selfie with the loot to Instagram. (


Original story posted 12/20/13: Cleveland's Rodney E. Johnson Jr. could use a lesson in stealth.

The 21-year-old was charged with bank robbery and with using a gun during a violent crime on Tuesday. How was Johnson caught? He was identified from a selfie that he posted on Instagram, flaunting his newly acquired riches. 

According to, investigators were anonymously tipped off about the photo on social media and were able to match it to surveillance images from the robbery.  

Johnson and two accomplices are accused of stealing $6,701 from the Fifth Third Bank on Cedar Road.  

Johnson was released from prison three months ago after serving a four year sentence for aggravated robbery and abduction. 

Maybe the third time— if there is one— will be the charm, and Johnson will learn to enjoy his spoils in secret. 

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tony Rizzo Arrested For Domestic VIolence (Updated)

Posted By on Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 9:19 AM


Update (3/27/2014): Tony Rizzo pleaded no contest to a lesser charge this morning, a fourth degree misdemeanor of "persistent disorderly conduct."


Original story (12/9/2013): Tony Rizzo, the 52-year-old host of The Really Big Show on ESPN Radio in Cleveland and the Rizzo Show on Fox 8 on Sundays, was arrested at his home in Medina on Friday on charges of domestic violence.

His wife called 911 while locked in the bathroom at 8:17 p.m. on Friday, according to the report from the Medina police. Rizzo had been drinking before choking her and hitting her in the face: "My husband is hurting me and he's very irate and I'm really scared," she told the dispatcher. A police officer arrived minutes later. The narrative from the dispatcher says: "ANTHONY RIZZO (HUSBAND) HITTING IN FACE.. CATHERINE (WIFE) LOCKED IN THE BATHROOM ON MAIN FLOOR."

Rizzo, whose radio show airs weekdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m, briefly mentioned the incident on air today, but said he couldn't elaborate, according to a listener. He quickly moved on to talk about the Browns. He was on air yesterday doing his normal Browns coverage.

Fox 8, the station that employs Rizzo, was the first to report the story just after 11 a.m. today: "Tony Rizzo sent a text to Fox 8 News, in which he declined to comment on his arrest and the domestic violence allegations."

Update (1:35 p.m): Scene obtained the audio of the 911 call Tony Rizzo's wife made as she was locked in her bathroom Friday night. She mentions Rizzo was banging on the door but left when he realized she was calling the police and that he had a gun in the house.

Dispatcher: What's going on?

Wife: My husband is hurting me and he's very irate and I'm really scared.

Dispatcher: Hurting you how?

Wife: Choking me, (unintelligible, possibly "dragging"), hitting my face. I'm locked in the bathroom right now.

Dispatcher: Are there any weapons in the house?"

Wife: There's a gun upstairs.

Dispatcher: Are you upstairs or downstairs?

Wife: No, I'm downstairs.

Dispatcher: Any children in the house?

Wife: No, not tonight.

Dispatcher: is he drunk?

Wife: Yes, we've been drinking.

Dispatcher: What is he doing right now?

Wife: He was beating the door but he left when he heard that I was calling you.

Dispatcher: What's his name?

Wife: Tony Rizzo.

Dispatcher: And your name?

Wife: Catherine Rizzo.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

UPDATE: Christmas Grinch Steals Salvation Army Donations

Posted By on Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 10:12 AM

The Grinch has been caught.

On Wednesday, Jeffrey L. Gregg, 55, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft in Painesville.

Detectives used surveillance videos to catch Gregg, who made off with an estimated $300 to $500.

Gregg has no permanent address, and has been sleeping in his car.

It is unclear whether or not he received coal for Christmas.


The  Lake  County Sheriff's Office is looking for the Grinch who stole Christmas. Well, sort of. This guy is worse because he's real.

Apparently a  man took over for a Salvation Army volunteer on Saturday at the Painesville Township Giant Eagle around 4 p.m. By 4:30 p.m., the man, the money and the pot were all gone, according to The lesson? Maybe never trust a guy in a cowboy hat in Cleveland.

It's one (terrible) thing to steal presents from under the tree, and the tree itself, but it's so much worse to steal donations intended for those in need. This sneaky thief is definitely getting coal from Santa for the rest of his life. 

Police are looking for information about the man's identity. He was wearing a cowboy hat and a tan jacket, and drove off in a blue four-door car carrying a large red kettle. Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff's Office Detective Bureau at (440) 350-5500.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Internet Troll From Mansfield Busted By Feds For Child Pornography After Tormenting Girl For Three Years (updated with 911 call)

Posted By on Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 11:23 AM

Michael Kisling, 24, pressured an eighth-grader from Wisconsin to send naked pictures then hacked into her facebook to post them when she did. Pictures of Kisling are from his Facebook and Youtube accounts.
  • Michael Kisling, 24, pressured an eighth-grader from Wisconsin to send naked pictures then hacked into her facebook to post them when she did. Pictures of Kisling are from his Facebook and Youtube accounts.

*** Update ***
Scene obtained the 911 call Michael Kisling placed in Sprinfield, Ohio, to turn himself in after he ran out of gas and money on his way to kidnap the girl in Wisconsin (referenced in story). The call happened around 3:30 a.m. on Dec. 26. Listen here:

*** Original story, 12/30/2013 4:36 p.m ***
Late on Christmas night, 24-year-old Mansfield resident Michael Kisling took his grandmother's cell phone, cut her phone lines, stole her Jeep Grand Cherokee and headed off towards a tiny town in western Wisconsin in search of the girl he's been tormenting online for three years. Once there, he planned to pose as an FBI agent to kidnap, and possibly kill, the girl who, as an eighth grader, had sent him naked pictures of herself. After three years of tormenting the girl with those pictures — to "out her as a slut" to her friends, family, and the public — he knew the real FBI was about to come down on him, so he bolted.

It started in the Fall of 2010 when Kisling connected with the Wisconsin girl on Facebook, according to the FBI affidavit for his arrest filed last week in the federal court in Akron. That November, he created a fake account for his fictional sister, "May Kisling," and told the girl May wanted to talk to her. According to the affidavit (read, in full, at the end of the story):

After communicating with May for approximately a week, (the girl) received a request from May to send nude pictures of herself. (The girl) refused to send pictures but may continued to pressure her. After a while. (the girl) decided she would send the pictures so May would leave her alone. (The girl) advised that May told her how to pose and take the pictures. (The girl) said that she was nude in all of the 15 photographs.

Armed with the fifteen pictures, Kisling hacked into her Facebook account and posted them on her page while she was at basketball practice. Her mom noticed what was uploaded — and that some of her Facebook friends had already seen it — and went to the county sheriff.

According to the affidavit, in January 2011 her mom sent an email to the account her daughter sent the pictures to, "to express anger" about what happened: "She advised him if she is able to figure out who Kisling's parents were, she would advise them what he had done."

Kisling responded, apparently angry that his XBox account had been suspended, with vague threats about what could happen and specific threats of lawsuits:

Is that a threat? and if you had anything to do with my membership being banned on xbox I will make you pay I have some very powerful friends in high places you got me? Either that or I can take to you to court and sue your whole Goddamn family into nothingness? AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT SO LEAVE ME ALONE OR IT IS I WHO WILL MAKE YOU PAY YOU GOT ME???

Later that day, Kisling sent a second email to the mother of the girl: "AND BTW I NO WHERE YOU LIVE NOW."

That March, he again emailed the mother, implying police had been investigating him and that if he got in trouble, he'd release the naked pictures of her daughter and their address to "media news outlets" and social networking sites:

Im 21 and im still immature I admit that freely get the police to stop investigating me plz and I will never ever talk to you your daughter ever again I promised you that ill be a ghost but if I find out for one moment I might get in trouble for this I have the skill to release those photos of your daughter of 75% of the internet and I will all the media news outlets social networking sites and your address is in the note I will send in it if you do not want mainstream media attention then give it up I promise to leave you alone forever so leave me alone I keep forgetting about this but you fuckers keep bringing it up SO LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE OR ELSE.

The affidavit includes another message to her from Kisling, sent in August 2011:

shut up bitch your daughters the slut not me check her computer and phone your just lucky I wasn't a rapist murderer or sexual predator do you understand? I liked your daughter so whatever she told you is a lie and btw ive just posted those pics in a lot of porn sites so HA!

It is unclear what — if anything at all — happened to Kisling from the original county Sheriff's investigation, even though the investigators in Wisconsin issued subpoenas to Kisling's internet service provider and found out exactly where he lived and where his messages were coming from in Mansfield in early 2011. The county has no records of his arrest, he's got no arrests in Ohio, and no federal records until his arrest late last week. There are no indications the sheriff contacted the feds, who would have jurisdiction over Kisling, about this until 2013.

It seemed to be over, until this April when Kisling again used Facebook to expose those naked pictures of the girl, now a junior in high school, to her friends and family. This time, he created a fake profile for the girl's brother. He made it look exactly like how her brother's profile actually looked: his exact name, his exact pictures, his exact networks. He then added as a friend everybody on her actual brother's friends list. Then, posing as her brother, he uploaded the exact same pictures she took three years earlier as a middle-schooler.

The sheriff's office was again contacted. Subpoenas revealed the account was being used by the same person who had uploaded the pictures in 2013. Then, finally, the feds got involved. A FBI special agent interviewed Kisling at his Mansfield home on Dec. 10. In that meeting:

Kisling admitted to posing as a female named May Kisling online while attempting to groom (the girl). After (the girl) emailed multiple nude photographs of herself to him, Kisling "hacked" into (the girl's) Facebook page due to her lack of security settings. He posted her nude photographs to the page in an effort to "out her as a slut" amongst her family and friends.

The feds executed a search warrant on the house on Dec. 23. Physical copies of those pictures were found in a cabinet at the foot of his bed. "Kisling admitted to a problem with viewing and sending child pornography. Kisling stated that he needed help for his actions surrounding child pornography," the affidavit said.

He wasn't locked up after the feds searched his house, however, because two days later — Christmas night — he stole his grandmother's car and headed to Wisconsin to find the girl to "do stuff to her and possibly kill her... If stopped by police, Kisling reported he was going to try to get them to shoot and kill him," according to the affidavit.

But he ran out of gas and out of money before he could get out of the state, and called 911 on himself from a gas station. Listen to that call:

Here's what the affidavit said about it:

On 12/26/2013 at 3:47 a.m., Springfield, Ohio Police Officer David Allen responded to a Speedway gas station to meet Kisling who had called the police. Kisling advised Officer Allen he had stolen his Grandmother's Jeep Grand Cherokee earlier in the night and had stopped in Springfield when he realized he was out of gas and money. Kisling reported that after he stole the car, he cut his Grandmother's home phone lines and then stole her cell phone so she would not be able to call the police on him. Kisling advised Officer Allen he was attempting to flee from the FBI as a result of his pending legal troubles.

He spilled his plans to the Springfield police officer:

Kisling advised Officer Allen he had previously uploaded nude photographs of (the girl) to two Facebook accounts as an act of revenge against her. Kisling admitted he had plans to drive to (the town), Wisconsin that night where she knew (the girl) lived. While he didn't know the exact house, he did know she worked at a local (business). He planned to act as an FBI agent when speaking with (the girl) in an attempt to lure her from the house. Once away, he planned to "do stuff to her and possibly kill her." If stopped by the police, Kisling reported he was going to try and get them to shoot and kill him.

Kisling is now, finally, locked up on federal child pornography distribution charges 37 months after pressuring a young eighth grade girl he never even met before to send naked pictures, and then humiliating her to her friends and family for doing so as "revenge" for being "a slut."

On his Youtube page, sergeantkisling, Kisling uploaded videos of him playing video games and ranting about a female sex blogger, Laci Green, for showing cleavage in her youtube videos. Those ranting videos, from 2009 (a year before he contacted the girl in Wisconsin) show his anger towards women he thinks are "sluts" and "bitches".

In the video below, he says "Laci Green is a retard, I swear to God, everyone needs to know she is the most retarded girl on the face of the planet. You just don't go, you know, flashing that crap around. That's the only reason she shows that angle because she want to get laid. That's all, that's all... I've been bitching about Laci Green for god-dang half a year now and have three videos and I'm about to post this one. This is going on the whole Youtube, all over Youtube, because Laci Green needs to be banned from Youtube forever because she's using Youtube to get laid.

In another video, he makes threats against her and tells her to "put a shirt on like every other fucking girl in the world who doesn't want to be bitched about their damn boobs, or get the fuck out." (In 2012, Green had to go underground for a while after nearly constant death threats and harassment)

Here's the full affidavit:

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Elias Acevedo Agrees to Plea Deal in Murder, Rape Cases

Posted By on Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 2:39 PM

  • Acevedo
Elias Acevedo pleaded out three cases of murder and rape today. He was in court facing charges of kidnapping, rape and murder of Pamela Pemberton and Christina Adkins (in 1994 and 1995, respectively). He also faced dozens of unrelated charges of kidnapping and rape.

The plea agreement totals 445 years in prison. That prison time stems from an offer extended to Acevedo from the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office: Provide information now with the promise of no death penalty.

Acevedo will never have a chance at parole.

Scene featured Adkins' story earlier this year, just as the investigation into her disappearance was heating up. Her remains were found in mid-October of this year in a sewer manhole near I-90.

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Ohio Lawmakers Raise State's Minimum Wage (But Not Enough)

Posted By on Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 1:40 PM

  • Photo via Instagram

Good news, Ohio. In the new year, hourly workers will earn more money. Well, a little bit. Not enough for sure.

Ohio is one of 13 states and four cities that will see an increase in the minimum wage in 2014.  Hourly minimum wage will increase by 10 cents, to $7.95 per hour, for employees who do not get tips. For tipped employees, the minimum wage will increase to $3.98 per hour. Just roll around in all that sweet cash! Or dimes, as it may be. 

According to Fox 8, the wage increase in Ohio is due to adjustments to the annual cost of living. 

The raises come in the midst of fast food workers walkouts and strikes and Walmart workers' demands for a livable wage. Ten cents is a joke. Here's to hoping Ohio finally gets around to dolling out a substantial increase for minimum-wage workers at some point.

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Christmas Day Fight Over Apple Fritters Sends One Sister to Hospital, Another to Jail

Posted By on Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 1:37 PM

  • Photo via Instagram

There's nothing new about family arguments around the holidays, but this year two Akron sisters took petty bickering to a whole new level, all because of apple fritters. Yes, you read that correctly. apple fritters.

Apparently, the two sisters were "play fighting" over the fried pastries on Christmas night when things got heated. One of the sisters, Tamara D. Delaney, pulled the hair of the other sister, Contisha Q. Hayes. Well, Hayes couldn't let that offense stand, so she pulled out a knife and stabbed Delaney in the chest. Seems like a fair response. Merry Christmas, sister! 

Delaney was taken to Akron City Hospital around 11:30 p.m. for non life-threatening injuries, according to Hayes was booked and charged with felonious assault.

Next year, dessert will not be served at the family celebration.

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