Friday, January 31, 2014

16 of the Best Vegan Eats in Cleveland

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The Cleveland food scene is vibrant, with options as diverse as the many cultures represented in our city.

With the growing popularity of Vegans, restaurants have adapted to not just satisfy, but to delight the alternative eating craze.

Here are some of the best Vegan eats in Cleveland.

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Gates Mills' Carbon Footprint is Basically in Shaq Territory

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The illustrious, sandal-wearing scientists at Berkeley have published a new study which identifies the carbon footprints of municipalities all across the United States. The scientists have assembled all sorts of economic research to triangulate the average household demand for energy, transportation, food, goods and services. The map is really cool and intricately color-coded.

Not like this is breaking news or anything, but the study finds that core cities (at least in more metropolitan areas) produce way less emissions (fewer emissions?) on average. Population density is by and large a good thing, the study concludes, up until the threshold at which people emigrate en masse to far-flung suburbs like Gates Mills, where high density has an adverse effect.

And Gates Mills is not just some arbitrary suburb I picked out of a hat, folks. It's far and away the worst carbon emissions offender in Northeast Ohio. Here are the other culprits, courtesy of Green City Blue Lake.

Hudson is a distant second, followed by deep suburban communities like Hinckley, Chagrin Falls and Novelty. It's not like homes in these communities are necessarily a lot larger or less eco-friendly than those in the inner-ring burbs or Cleveland neighborhoods (though they generally are). Most of the Gates Mills carbon footprint problems stem from driving, sometimes upwards of 70 miles every day just for a commute and a trip to the grocery store. This obviously isn't the only problem related to carbon emissions, but it has the folks at Green City Blue Lake wondering about regional planning outlooks and the relationship between core cities and their suburbs.

On the flip side, downtown, University Circle, Central and Kinsman, and the near west side were Cleveland's lowest-emission zip codes. (Downtown Akron and downtown Canton also did really well).

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Califone at Beachland Tavern: Concert Review

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Califone at Beachland Tavern
  • Califone at Beachland Tavern
Tim Rutili began the show by describing the memories and sentiments behind "Don't Let Me Die Nervous" - namely, how he really wanted to have sex with his brother's girlfriend years ago. "And there are some things you want to touch but you can't touch..." He riffed on that line for a while before starting up a super-experimental take on the song.

The rest of the show flowed tightly from that point, criss-crossing Califone's latest album, Stitches (stream below), for the most part, and dipping now and then into the recesses of the band's catalog.

Often, Califone gets billed as an "experimental blues-rock outfit," which is probably a good way of at least broaching conversations about them. For comparison's sake, I kept going back to Jim O'Rourke's stuff in my mind as the band played. A similar sense of dissonance and tension-and-release is always lurking around Rutili's rickety melodies. But, really, there's something unique about Califone. Picture this: You've got slight Rutili working either a ragged acoustic or electric guitar and then alternately banging away on a keyboard, all of which are wired through a dynamic effects board. Then you've got Wil Hendricks accenting everything with a) keys b) more guitar or c) effects-drenched bass. In the back, a duo of drummers pound out full-bodied beats, alternating between bass-focused mallets and tiny splash cymbals or brushes along the snare.

One certain highlight came during "Stitches," which took on an even more emotional life than its studio counterpart. Hendricks' atmospheric keys work balanced out Rutili's ever-moody singing. Songs like that made the show quite transformative, removing the audience and the bar as a whole completely from the barren Cleveland winter raging outside.

It should probably be pointed out also that a handful of Lotus fans were turned away when that Ballroom show sold out. Rutili asked if anyone in the crowd had come from the Lotus show, and a handful of people raised their hands. Unsurprisingly, they seemed to really dig Califone, whether they knew who the hell this band was or not. (Note, for whatever it's worth, I had vacillated between these two shows in the run-up to Thursday night. I'm really pleased with the choice I made. This was a terrific show.)

The evening opened with Nashville guitarist William Tyler layering the Tavern with a foundation of loops and effects. His songs called to mind the endless open road. As an instrumental warm-up to Califone, Tyler's music was really entrancing. And the crowd was incredibly receptive, standing silently in awe and tossing around some nice light-hearted banter with Tyler in between tunes. (Helpful fact: Tyler is not a Steelers fan, either, Cleveland, though he enjoyed opening up for Yo La Tengo [duh] in Pittsburgh the night before their team played in the Super Bowl.)

William Tyler
  • William Tyler

This story formerly misidentified Wil Hendricks. Scene apologizes for the error.

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Reddit Co-Founder to Speak at Case

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  • Photo via Facebook

Next month, tech-savvy Clevelanders can take a break from Internet trolling to see the man who made "redditing" an actual thing.

On Feb. 10, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian will stop by CWRU to talk about his book, Without Their Permission.

(If you're one of the few people who don't know what reddit is [do such people really exist?], reddit is a glorious social news site filled with information about current happenings and reader banter. Plus, there are plenty of pictures of cats.)

Besides chatting about reddit, Ohanian will also speak to a few Case graduate students who have developed an online restaurant ordering system to give them some pointers about making it big in the startup biz.

The event will be held on Feb. 10, 2014, between 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. It's free, but tickets must be reserved online.

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Clever Cleveland Junkyard Worker Uses Forklift to Foil Thief's Getaway

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A junkyard thief was thwarted earlier this week after a savvy employee used a forklift to raise the rear end of his getaway vehicle into the air while police were summoned.


According to, here's how it all went down:

On Wednesday afternoon an employee at McMahan's Wrecking on Cleveland's West Side said he spotted a suspected thief enter the junkyard in a known stolen vehicle.

“I had been looking for this guy for weeks,” owner Donnie McMahan told “The police always come by to let us know who to be on the lookout for.”

As soon as McMahan spotted the suspect from his office window, he phoned the police, then went outside to stall the man.

The suspect freaked and looked like he was going to drive off, so McMahan told an employee to hoist the vehicle's back end off the ground with a forklift.

“The wheels were just spinning away,” McMahan said. “[The suspect] looked a little surprised. He wasn’t going anywhere.”

Police arrived to the scene and the man was arrested on several charges, including stupidity and poor planning.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 Things Going on in Cleveland this Weekend (January 31 - February 2)

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As temperatures creep to a balmy 30 degrees this weekend, you may want to venture out for a little mid-winter fun.

On tap is the Cleveland Winter Beerfest, as well as performances by the legendary Elton John and the widely acclaimed Chinese dance troop Shen Yun, as well as a screening or two and a few local concerts.

Or, you could just bunker down with a large quantity of unhealthy snacks and plenty of booze and gear up for the big Seahawks/Broncos showdown on Sunday.

Whatever you do this weekend, Cleveland, have fun.

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Analysis: The Column Calling For More Journey, Less Dawg Pound To Fix The Browns And Our Negative Emotions Holding The City Back

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This is an actual thing that was written.
  • This is an actual thing that was written.

It's not quite on par with the great peanut butter and jelly debate, but this post on is full of fantastic silliness that makes it a fun hate-read (this time it's a guest column, so maybe they're in it).

"The negativity in Northeast Ohio surrounding the Browns must stop", by a guest columnist from Litchfield, went up today. Its basic premise: people in Northeast Ohio are such miserable pricks because the Browns aren't good, the weather is bad, they hate their relationships and their jobs, and that the only thing that can turn the region around is if the local media starts a full-fledged, non-stop pro-Browns propaganda campaign.

His premise:

Unencumbered by family and work obligations, I can get my fingers on the pulse of our community while having lunch at a local restaurant or grabbing a few happy hour cocktails. Here are my findings:

The negativity in Northeast Ohio must stop. This point was driven home to me last week by a renowned restaurant owner who has just had enough of it. The fans and media, he posits, doom everything good which enters our realm. We curse our new saviors before they even arrive. We are habitual losers who poison the mindset of the next generation’s leaders before they cross into our city’s lines. Therefore, in this restaurant owner’s eyes, the newcomers by proxy follow this trend. We are own worst enemies, and this has been going on for decades.

Fantastically silly idea #1:

My solution: Change the tone of this town IMMEDIATELY. The Cleveland Browns, perhaps led by local media figures such as Mike Polk Jr., Jim Donovan, Tony Zarrella, Tony Rizzo, Chuck Booms, Jeff Phelps and others, should produce a video detailing highlights of the last 20 years of Browns’ history. Put it to the backdrop of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” or some song evoking similar sounds of hope. And play it ad nauseum everywhere we go: On TV, on radio stations, at malls, in waiting rooms at doctors’ offices, etc. Make it the anthem which reverberates as fans (and players) enter the stadium on Sundays. Let people know that negative emotions can no longer control our town. It is the only way to end this cycle of despair and hopelessness which we all feel.

Never trust a man who wants to hear more of the most mindlessly sung stadium anthem ever recorded, especially in everyday life. I'm pretty sure the only way to make "waiting rooms at doctors' offices" less enjoyable would be an endless loop of "Don't Stop Believing" and Browns highlights.

Just imagine having to go through this...

But with this song played over Browns highlights.

The guest columnist thinks it will make Cleveland a much nicer place.

Fantastically silly idea #2:

So, regarding the media in this town — the ones who actually have the power to influence a society — to rise above this mediocrity and become leaders? How about they design a new slogan, a new anthem, a new image for this team in honor of our new head coach, Mike Pettine? If they are simply going to be vessels spewing our anthropologic negativity onto the airwaves, then why do we need them? I have steaming heaps of horse droppings lying in my pasture exuding the same energy.

Glorious Leader Michael Pettine shall be honored by negative Cleveland media. When that happens, here's a video of what the scene in Berea will look like on the very unfortunate day Glorious Leader Michael Pettine passes away after 20 straight Cleveland Browns Super Bowl victories and coach of the year awards:

Fantastically silly idea #3:

Let’s ditch the “Dawg Pound” name we have had for the past 25 years and instead come up with something modern. How about instead of the retro jerseys I keep seeing at the stadium (which is pathetic), the jerseys have the #14 (as in 2014) and the name above the number is “NOW.” Anyone seeing a difference in thinking here? Can you see a change on the horizon? Perhaps 14 wins?!

The week Cleveland Browns fans buy "NOW" jerseys, "NOW" will be traded to the Indianapolis Colts for some draft picks.

To recap the amazing guest column on A) Cleveland is an awful place to be because of how fans feel about the Browns, and B) the only way to fix that is through a propaganda campaign forcing everybody to watch Browns highlights while listening to Journey.

I'll pass.

(Credit to Craig Lyndall for tweeting the link to the post)

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