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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Northeast Ohio Native Spence Reed Beginning to Make a Name for Himself in Nashville

Posted By on Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 5:19 PM

  • Courtesy of KORE PR
Born and raised around Ravenna, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Spence Reed developed a passion for music when he was in eighth grade. At the time, he hung out with a youth pastor who had a band.

“He was really into music, so I figured if I wanted to keep hanging out him, I should learn to play,” says Reed, who stopped at the Scene offices earlier today to promote the release of his upcoming single, “I Want You To.” “So I learned to play guitar.”

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Ohio is Now the 11th Most Obese State in the Nation, New Report Finds

Posted By on Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 12:42 PM

  • Courtesy Photo
This year's just-released "State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America" report, produced by the Trust for America's Health, delivered the troubling news that the Buckeye state has gone from a ranking of 19th most obese state in the country to 11th. Now 33.8 percent of Ohio adults are considered obese.

Even more troubling is that in the past five years (2012-2017), according to the Trust's research, zero states have seen a significant decline in its obesity rate, while 31 states have seen big increases.

According to the report, the majority of concentrated obesity lies in the Midwest and southern areas of the country. Colorado comes out as the only state with a below 25 percent obesity rate, while the top spot goes to Ohio's neighbor, West Virginia, with 38.1 percent of its population weighing in as obese. 
  • Courtesy Trust for America's Health
Minority communities — often located in poorer areas without access to fresh fruit and vegetables, known as food deserts— are especially hit hard by weight gains, with nationwide obesity rates landing at 47 percent for Latinos, and 46.8 percent for black people. Meanwhile the national rate for white people is nearly 10 percent lower.

“Obesity is a complex and often intractable problem and America’s obesity epidemic continues to have serious health and cost consequences for individuals, their families and our nation,” the trust's Chief Executive Officer John Auerbach said in a statement.

Obesity is linked to myriad health issues, and is estimated to cost about $149 billion per year in health care spending, the study found. While many factors contribute to obesity, including genetics, medications and illnesses, it's important to note the body positivity movement has not been proven to be one of them.

The new report isn't all doom in gloom, it also lays out dozens of ways that local policy makers, healthcare providers and even restaurateurs can make changes in the way to approach food and exercise.

Read the report in its entirety right here.

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Tropidelic to Host Special New Year's Eve Party at the Beachland

Posted By on Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 12:37 PM

Tropidelic performing at the InCuya Music Festival. - CHAD COCHRAN
  • Chad Cochran
  • Tropidelic performing at the InCuya Music Festival.
Last year, local rockers Tropidelic successfully launched their two-day Freakstomp Music Festival in Medina.

The inaugural festival featured acts such as Vibe & Direct, Bumpin’ Uglies, Sun-Dried Vibes, Pasadena, Elementree Livity Project, Drunken Sunday and Derlei, and this year’s lineup included Afroman, Bumpin’ Uglies, Broccoli Samurai, Sun-Dried Vibes, Roots of a Rebellion, Little Stranger, the Quasi Kings, Ghost Gardens, Derlei and Stationary Pebbles.

Now, the Beachland Ballroom has announced that Tropidelic will host a special New Year’s Eve show at the club.

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Old Guy in MAGA Hat Who LeBron Owned During Playoff Game Will Be Appointed U.S. Ambassador to Ireland

Posted By on Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 12:27 PM

Remember that earnest octogenarian in the MAGA hat sitting courtside during a Cavs playoff game this year whom LeBron trolled by tossing a sweaty towel just out of his reach?

If not, check out the video above. It was a minor owning, but an owning nonetheless, and in keeping with LeBron's outspoken critiques of President Trump and his supporters, the "U bum" Twitter episode most prominent among them.

The MAGA guy is Edward Crawford. He's the billionaire Chairman and CEO of ParkOhio Holdings Corp. and an "icon in the Cleveland business community." He is expected, per reports, to be named the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland today. 

Crawford, the"leading businessman from Ohio and long-time donor to the Republican Party, has been seen as the front runner since Brian Burns, a friend of Mr. Trump, pulled out of the running in the summer of 2017, the Ireland Independent reported.

"Mr. Crawford’s grandparents are from Cork, and he has a strong involvement in the Irish community in Ohio. It is understood the appointment process has been in train for some time and is unrelated to the postponement of Mr. Trump's visit to Ireland."

The Cleveland business publication Smart Business reported in 2017 that Crawford's ParkOhio Holdings had grown to more than 35 manufacturing sites and over 55 supply chain logistics facilities in 16 countries.

“We want ParkOhio to be a company that’s going to be in Cleveland for a long time,” Crawford told Smart Business

In 2016, Crawford led Donald Trump's fundraising efforts in Ohio. 

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Inaugural Akron-Canton Passport Brew Tour Cancelled After Organizer Posts Sexist Beer Meme on Facebook

Posted By on Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 12:05 PM

  • Scene Archives

EDIT:: A previous version of this article listed 'Visit Canton' as one of the co-organizers. Visit Canton along with Tuscarawas CVB and Wayne County CVB, were a promotional partner agreeing to promote the tour in consideration of Stark County tourism industry partners that were included on it. None of these groups organized, managed, or oversaw any element of this brew tour

Twenty breweries signed on to participate in the inaugural Passport Brew Tour, a craft beer trail organized by Akron's Lunar Cow Publishing that was scheduled to run through the rest of the year. However, some tired-ass attempt at humor completely blew up in their faces and the tour is no more.

“The craft beer industry is booming and beer enthusiasts have become more organized and social in their consumption of craft beer," Lunar Cow president Benjamin Harris said just before the trail’s launch. "The Passport Brew Tour not only promotes local breweries but also brings the participants together.”

They apparently meant only some beer enthusiasts, since last weekend the company posted a "12 Reasons Why Beer is Better Than a Woman" meme on Facebook. 

The meme's attempt at humor, if anything, says more about the men posting it than it does women. Your beer is wetter than your woman? Sounds like you're not doing a very good job keeping her satisfied. You can't enjoy a woman every day of the month the way you can a beer? Sounds like someone has their own hang-ups with a woman's cycle and needs to reassess their own insecurities.

Anyway, Lunar Cow has since deleted the post, but not before a righteous backlash. By Monday, 18 of the 20 breweries had withdrawn their participation. Less than two weeks after the tour began, the tour has been cancelled.

“We don’t want anything to do with that tour,” Amanda Conrad, co-founder of Sandy Springs Brewing Co. told Ohio.com. “I’m just disgusted.” Conrad also said woman bartenders started throwing away the Passport Brew Tour coasters that were provided to promote the program after seeing the post.

“We will under no circumstance stand by or support such behavior,” wrote Shale Brewing in Jackson Township. “We are proud of and stand by the women who work with us, the other strong women in the brewing industry and all the awesome women who love and enjoy craft beer!"

In the meantime, the failed attempts at covering their asses posted on the Passport Brew Tour Facebook page have been deleted. On Monday morning, after breweries began dropping out, it wrote a response basically saying "We're sorry if you were offended," while simultaneously saying it has the "utmost respect for women."
  • Screenshot of the now deleted Facebook post

The meme literally shows the silhouette of a woman on a beer can with a red line crossing through her. But sure, utmost respect.

A few hours later, Passport Brew Tour posted a link to an article about women who run craft breweries and then tried to place the blame on a third-party social media firm who allegedly posted the meme. After announcing the dismissal of the company, they posted another article about women in craft brewing.

JAFB Wooster Brewery founder Paul Fryman called the meme "100 percent offensive," and the executive director of the Tuscarawas County Convention and Visitors Bureau said that all of the marketing materials for the tour were being recycled.

Organizers were expecting more than 10,000 people to participate in the trail, which involved people taking a “passport” to the stops and collecting stamps.

Ben Harris, president of Lunar Cow, couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

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6 Concerts to Catch in Cleveland This Weekend

Posted By on Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 11:53 AM

  • Thekentstage.com

An Acoustic Evening with Keb Mo

Four years ago, Keb’ Mo’ dropped Bluesamericana, notching a new chapter for his career and merging the traditional scene from which he grows with the finger-pickin’ uber-popular world of indie Americana music (a la the Lumineers, etc.). “I only make albums when I’m inspired to, and these 10 songs come from a very honest place,” he said at the time. Throughout, the album teeters expectedly more toward the blues, but Keb’ Mo’ injects enough “new” influences to make it an intriguing collection of songs for anyone interested in fine guitar work. And while we’re at it, don’t sleep on his 1994 debut or on last year's TajMo. Stellar blues. (Eric Sandy), 8 p.m., $38-$149. The Kent Stage.

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75-Year-Old Cleveland Man Survives Being Trapped in Hot Cadillac for 14 Hours

Posted By on Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 10:17 AM

  • Creative Commons
With cold weather just around the corner, 75-year-old Peter Pyros of Cleveland wanted to take one last spin around the neighborhood in his 2006 Cadillac XLR roadster. Pyros got in his vehicle, shut the door and hit the push-start button.


He tried putting the key fob into a slot to start it, but the engine wouldn't even budge. He had two new key-fob batteries in the center console, so he replaced the battery with each. Still, the car had no response. As a later-model vehicle, the car has buttons instead of door handles and is completely dependent on the electrical system and engine. With nothing working, including the windows and horn, Pyros was trapped inside his vehicle for nearly 14 hours.

Planning on starting the car and getting out to change clothes, letting the car run to presumably cool-down on a warm August day, Pyros didn't think to tell anyone he was going for a drive and left his cell phone inside. He tried to punch and kick out the windows to no avail, and the 77 degree day quickly rose the vehicle's internal temperatures to well-over 100 degrees.

Pyros told The Washington Post that he pressed his mouth to the door and screamed for help, but no one was home to hear him. He began pouring sweat and the windows quickly fogged over. He could barely breathe, passed out twice, and when he needed to, urinated inside his shoes.

At one point, he said, he accepted it, telling God, "This is the way I'm going to die."

Eventually, a neighbor did hear Pyros pounding and sent him a text message. When he didn't respond, he hopped the fence to see the garage door open, and Pyros trapped inside the vehicle. Emergency services were called and the engine had to be jump started in order to break him out, as the electronic vehicle would not respond to traditional methods of car rescue.

GM said in a statement Monday that "any vehicle or key fob can lose power" and "that risk can increase as the vehicle ages." They indicate that all of the cars have a manual unlock if the vehicle loses power, but this fail-safe varies by make and model. GM encourages all drivers to review their owner's manual so they will know what to do.

Pyros' Cadillac has a manual door release on the floor, but he didn't know that and his owner's manual was in the house.

"Too many of the automakers shortchange the technology in the vehicle in that there should be fail-safe electrical backup just as there is for the air bag system," Byron Bloch, a court-qualified auto safety expert based in Potomac, Maryland told the Detroit Free Press.

“You should be worried because unless you can check in your owner’s manual to determine if you have an energy reserve power system. You could not only be entrapped, but if it’s a hot summer day and you have a child in there with you, you’d be powerless to save your child when the car reaches 120 or 130 degrees," Bloch said.

Bloch said car owners can ensure their safety by making sure they and family members who use the car know where the emergency manual door release handles are located and to check the key fob battery every two to three years.

"Car companies like to say, 'We put it in the owner's manual and if you were stupid enough to not read it, it’s your fault,' " Bloch said. He also said even dealership sales' staff can't recite the vast information contained in an owner's manual.

"Just putting a line in the owners manual, that’s not fair to the purchaser of the vehicle," Bloch said. "It’s truly life and death."

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