The 20 Essential Ohio City Restaurants You Should Have Tried By Now

Ohio City is up there with the best food neighborhoods in the region. From Neapolitan-style pizza, to vegetarian offerings, along with Cambodian…

By Scene Staff

SOHO Chicken + Whiskey
     1889 W. 25th St., Cleveland 
     “This place has consistently been great. Out of my four or five experiences here, I have never been disappointed. To start, the biscuits with rosemary butter and apple jam are delicious, and I could eat several servings as a main dish if I really wanted to. Outside of this, all of their chicken dishes center on juicy fried chicken, that I have had cooked perfectly every time. Along with this, they provide their own house made hot sauce that is one of my favorites. Really give this place a try ASAP, I'm sure you won't regret it!” Andrew M. on Yelp
    Photo via @doobie720/Instagram
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