33 Things To Do in Cleveland With Out-Of-Towners That Don't Suck

We swear there are fun things to do in Cleveland. And if you have any guests visiting, they should be aware of…

By Scene Staff

 Take A Hike Walking Tour
     Take A Hike offers self guided tours from May through October and in-person tours from June through September. The tours go through a bunch of different neighborhoods including Playhouse Square, a monument tour, Public Square, the Warehouse District, University Circle, Tremont, an Early Cleveland tour and a bunch of others. Check these out.
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The Cleveland Covid Redemption Summer Bucket List

Even before Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced that almost all Covid-related health orders would be rescinded come June 2, there were still…

By Scene Staff

 Check Out the New Animals at the Zoo  
     While the zoo’s annual special events – the winter lights display, the Asian lanterns – have packed them in, chances are it’s been awhile since you went simply to take in the wonder of our animal pals. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has some new ones this year, including a bearcat and Malayan tiger cub. Cute animals aren’t just for the kiddos.
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20 Things We Can't Wait to Do in Cleveland When This Fucking Thing Ends

Life just isn't the same during this damn pandemic. When its over, there's a ton of activities we'd love to do around…

By Scene Staff

Tailgate in the Muni Lot
    1500 South Marginal Rd., Cleveland
     By the time we can tailgate again, the Browns may have a losing record. But when has that ever stopped us.
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40 Things to Do in Cleveland Before You Die

The bucket list of your dreams.It happens with startling regularity. You'll be talking with a family member or friend who's lived in…

By Scene Staff

 Buy Your Groceries at the West Side Market
     After celebrating its centennial and enjoying one of its busiest years in recent history, there's not much new to say about Cleveland's public market. It's the envy of folks around the country, stocked fully with the most delicious food in town no matter your taste and... well, come on: Just go buy your stuff there already.
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The Essential Cleveland Restaurant Bucket List

The Cleveland restaurants worth your time and hard-earned money.By Douglas Trattner Photos via Facebook and the Cleveland Scene archives

By Scene Staff

Lola Bistro | Downtown 
    Every god needs a temple, even the culinary ones. Cleveland is Michael Symon's parish, and when those parishioners want to worship the man who brings heaps of praise onto our city's food scene, they do so here, at Lola, the unofficial shrine to the "Rust Belt Revival." Food tourists book tables here months out, locals grab seats at the bar last minute, high-rollers set up shop at the chef's table near the open kitchen — and all of them leave a little lighter in the wallet, heavier in the belly, and happier for the opportunity to brush with greatness. Whether he's in the house or not, Symon's direction can be felt in every course.
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