City Dog Cleveland's Shelters Are Full Again, Here Are All Of Their Adoptable Dogs

City Dogs Cleveland (9203 Detroit Rd.) currently has 84 dogs available for rescue. So if you've been thinking of making the plunge,…

By Scene Staff

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City Dogs Cleveland's Kennels Are Currently Full, Here Are Their 67 Good Pups Available For Adoption

If you're looking for a four-legged friend to keep you company, now is the perfect time. City Dogs Cleveland (9203 Detroit Rd.)…

By Scene Staff

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64 Adoptable Dogs Waiting At The County Shelter And Cleveland APL For Their Forever Homes

During the apex of the pandemic, animal shelters were adopting out so many dogs that it was almost impossible to find a…

By Scene Staff

 Nyla, Hound/Mix, Animal Protective League
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34 Adoptable Dogs Waiting at the Cleveland APL and County Shelter for Their Forever Homes

Bypass the designer pups and do the right thing. There are hundreds of dogs that need homes right here in Cuyahoga County,…

By Scene Staff

 Ian, Animal Protective League
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It's Pupping Season: 28 Adorable Dogs Waiting to Be Adopted in Cleveland So They Can Cuddle With You All Winter

With COVID-19 ransacking the country, the need for help comes from all aspects of society. The animal shelters are part of that.…

By Scene Staff

 Russel, Cuyahoga County Shelter
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12 Adoptable Good Boys and Girls Waiting at the County Shelter for You

There's no better way to spend the COVID-19 quarantine than with a new dog that you just rescued. One of these guys…

By Scene Staff

 Buck Moore
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21 Adorable Cleveland Dogs Looking For a New Home in the New Year

The City Dogs Cleveland program, affiliated with the Cleveland kennel, is always looking for potential pet parents to match with their adoptable…

By Scene Staff

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Cleveland Pups You Can Adopt For $20 in Honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day

As every day has turned into a "Day" of some sort, National Pit Bull Awareness Day is a thing and it's going…

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Baked Beans
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The Cleveland Kennel is Full and Wants You To Adopt a Pup For Summer

The Cleveland Kennel is full, with more than 100 dogs, and the affiliated City Dogs Cleveland program is looking for potential pet…

By Scene Staff

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21 Cleveland City Dogs to Adopt Just in Time for Thanksgiving

The City Dogs Cleveland program, affiliated with the Cleveland kennel, is always looking for potential pet owners to match with their adoptable doggies.…

By Scene Staff

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All the Best Costumes From Spooky Pooch Parade 2018

Now in its 11th year, the Spooky Pooch Parade brings hundreds of dogs and dog lovers together at Lakewood's Kauffman Park. Here's…

By Scene Staff

All the Best Costumes From Spooky Pooch Parade 2018
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The Lorain County Dog Kennel is Full, So Bring These Pups Home Now

The Lorain County Dog Kennel in Elyria is currently full to capacity and says it needs to place the pooches in new…

By Scene Staff

Stray from Lorain
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19 Cuyahoga County Dogs Looking for a New Home in 2018

More than 1,400 dogs were adopted from the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Valley View last year. But there are still plenty…

By Scene Staff

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25 Adoptable Cleveland Dogs Hoping for a Christmas Miracle

Cleveland's Division of Animal Care & Control has announced a reduction in pet adoption fees from now until Dec. 24. The typical…

By Scene Staff

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Photos From 2017's Have a Heart Fundraiser at Barley House

A charity organization that provides mobility and autism service dogs to children with disabilities, W.A.G.S. 4 Kids celebrated its fifth annual CLE…

By Scene Staff

Photos From 2017's Have a Heart Fundraiser at Barley House
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15 Cleveland Dogs to Welcome into Your Family This Summer

Cleveland shelters are full of dogs that need loving homes, and if you’re up for the task, here are 15 adorable pups…

By Scene Staff

    5-year-old, Bulldog/mix
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13 Cleveland Animals You Should Adopt This National Pet Day

Choosing to adopt a pet of any sort is not a decision one should make lightly. But, as it is National Pet…

By Scene Staff

    11-year-old, Terrier, Yorkshire/Poodle, Miniature Mix
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