31 Cool Things to Do Around Cleveland When It's Hot AF

Now that it's finally hot in Cleveland, there's bound to be a few days when you just have to cool down. Go…

By Scene Staff

Swim at a Public Pool

 For those of us not lucky enough to have a friend with a pool, the region’s public swimming offerings are the next best thing. There are, of course, Cleveland’s public pools, but with erratic openings based on temperatures and staffing, they are hardly worth counting on. Luckily, you can snag a guest day pass in many suburbs where the water is warm and the beach chairs bountiful: Dragga Pool in Mayfield Heights will run you $10 as a non-resident, Walter’s Grove in Parma will cost you just $6, Parma Heights’ primo pool awaits for $8, Foster and Becks Pools in Lakewood will let you in for $5.50, and Beachwood’s absolutely stunning outdoor aquatic center will refresh and entertain you for $10.
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26 Essential Cleveland Ice Cream Spots

We will put Cleveland's ice cream scene up against anywhere in the country. Seriously. From artisanal, modern concepts to old school ice…

By Scene Staff

Happy Bees Ice cream
    1783 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Heights
    Boozy ice cream and shaved ice? Sign us up. Happy Bee’s infuses alcohol into its shaved ice and ice cream for a great adult treat. You can get ice cream without the booze for the kiddies.
    Photo via Happy Bees/Facebook
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19 Treats To Help You Cool Down This Summer in Cleveland

With temperatures projected to increase into the 90s this weekend, you'll need ways to not be so hot in Cleveland.  Whether you…

By Scene Staff

Frozen Bubbles at Brewnuts
    6501 Detroit Rd.
     An artsy cafe with unique donuts and coffee, Brewnuts offers adult slushies to add flavor to your order. These pouches are a new addition to the Brewnuts menu, only three weeks old. Enjoy a refreshing beverage alongside your other sweet treats in the midst of the scorching weather. 
    Photo via Kneecole_marie/Instagram
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17 Unique Ice Creams You Can Only Enjoy in Cleveland This Summer

While most local ice cream shops are open all-year round, these cool treats are best enjoyed during the heat of the summer months.…

By Scene Staff

 Wildberry Crumble at Mitchell's Ice Cream
    Various locations
    Since Mitchell's prides itself on using mostly local ingredients and fresh, in-season fruit whenever possible, wildberry crumble is only here through the summer. You might want to swap out your standard pie dessert for this berry-filled delight; it almost tastes the same, and there's zero prep time. 
    Photo via brookesaurus_rex/Instagram
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