10 Best Background Check Sites & Services


A background check is the best way to identify if the person you are hiring is a genuine person or not. If conducted appropriately, background checks help you build your dream team by eliminating the mystery of the hiring process.

Nowadays, people are highly inclined to perform a background search to dig up their real identity. Therefore, thousands of best background check sites are available, which let you search for potential candidates and your long-lost friends and relatives.

The background check services are pretty different from police and credit checks. They utilize public or sometimes private databases to look up details on one or more named persons, for example, confirming someone's identity or establishing contact with older friends.

Do you know the best thing?

The best background check websites provide you with credible information only and are pretty hassle-free to conduct. So, are you looking for the best background check websites? Below are the 10 best background check sites added for your convenience. Let's get started.

  1. TruthFinder - Search for social media, police records, civil judgments, photos, contact details, background checks, etc.
  2. Spokeo - Its informative reports contain wealth data, contact details, family and associated, criminal records, personal information, location history, and so on.
  3. PeopleSearchFaster - This is the best background check site providing fast searches, updated information, endless extensive searches, etc.
  4. TruePersonFinder - Perform phone lookup, address lookup, people search, and email lookup with this cheap background check provider.

Part 1: Types Of Background Checks

A few different types of major employment-based background check services are there. Hence, let's check out the best types below:

1.1 Criminal background checks

The best criminal background check service must provide you with a complete picture of a candidate's criminal history. Hence, it will help you unbolt more criminal activity and obtain straight access to US criminal records.

1.2 Drug checks

The background check websites can discover if your search one has ever consumed any illegal drug or not. Employers must use these background check services to find out more about their employees.

1.3 Credit checks

Through a background search, you can see your employee's credit report and reduce the risk of poor hiring decisions.

1.4 Civil court checks

The background check websites can comb through county court records and search reveals details, including lawsuits, contract infringement, divorces, etc.

1.5 Driving record checks

Driving record checks can help you identify if your drivers fulfill all the safety criteria of your company. It lets you manage risk and lower insurance costs by minimizing loss potential.

1.6 International background checks

With such a background check, you can use onboard the global workforce with peace of mind and confidence. So, global reach is delivered locally.

1.7 Healthcare sanctions checks

Such checks allow you to maintain a safe workplace by providing flexible and end-to-end testing amenities to safeguard your workforce.

1.8 Education checks

An education verification check aids you in combating the exaggeration and overstatement of personal data written on the resumes. Hence, you can hire with confidence.

1.9 Employment checks

An employment background check mainly contains the candidate's educational qualifications, medical history, criminal record, work history, and driving record and is conducive to hiring.

Part 2: Top 10 Sites for A Background Check Online

The background check services allow you to verify a candidate's experience, education, history, and unbolt resume omissions. Therefore, performing a background check is important to make the right recruitment decisions. But it is always crucial for your background check to be legal, consistent, and fair. However, these are the top 10 sites for background check online.

2.1 TruthFinder

TruthFinder is the most reputable background check company, offering many background check features. So, if you want to get information about both the public and private databases, TruthFinder can help.


  • Self-monitoring tools
  • Limitless background checks
  • Captivating people finding abilities
  • A mobile-friendly app with a monthly membership plan


  • Numerous pop-up advertisements
  • An extra fee to be given for downloading a report

TruthFinder, the best background check website, can be distinguished from other sites due to its several features:

  • Dark web scan

It uses personalized cyber risk intelligence to assess your personal data and information, such as driver's license, SSN, credit and debit card, etc.

  • Customer support and TruthFinder reviews

TurthFinder possesses a top-notch customer support team, which will address your concerns and help mitigate your queries. According to the best background check reviews, their customers accolade its service.

2.2: Spokeo

Spokeo is the most renowned and cheap background check company in the USA, with over 12 million records and 20 million monthly visitors. Its people search facility has a straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface. Hence, the non-tech-savvy people can also find it handy. Additionally, it takes a few minutes to show you the background check report.


  • Spokeo offers a full name report at only $0.95.
  • Hassle-free to use mobile apps and websites.
  • Online Spokeo background check reviews are positive, and customer complaints get resolved quickly.


  • It's only available in the USA.
  • Not accredited by the FCRA law.

If you're wondering what makes this background check site different from others is none other than its wide variety of search options that help you get the desired information. Also, all the basic Spokeo searches are free and generate accurate results every time.

Click here to find out more background information

2.3: PeopleSearchFaster

PeopleSearchFaster is one of the best search engines giving you all the figures and facts about the target person. Also, it gives you all the related details with maximum accuracy. It utilizes a high-performance server and state-of-the-art algorithmic to spread the correct details of the target. PeopleSearchFaster is well known for providing reverse phone lookup, email lookup, address lookup, etc.


  • Help you track down long-lost friends and relatives
  • Get you information about an online date
  • Discover the sex offenders in your neighborhood
  • Faster searches


  • Less advanced results
  • Some might not be very private.

PeopleSearchFaster is the most remarkable and the best background check website that offers your unlimited searches while guaranteeing you will obtain structured and credible results. Also, the extensive databases of PeopleSearchFaster consist of more information than what you can discover on Google.

Visit PeopleSearchFaster to get more background information

2.4: TruePersonFinder

TruePersonFinder aims to offer people affordable and quick access to public record details, and it doesn't provide private investigator services or consumer reports. If you're inquisitive about the person who is stalking you and obtain a full report containing their address, contact number, criminal records, and more, TruePersonFinder can help.


  • Advanced filtering and updates
  • Time-saving feature and a pleasant user experience
  • Commendable for its rapidity in providing accurate details on a caller.


  • Not enough customization options are available.

Searching for any person in TruePersonFinder is hassle-free. You need to provide your full name on the search bar and hit the "start search" button to get it started. This background check tool only takes a few minutes to find the targeted profile.

Come to TruePersonFinder to start your first background check

2.5: BackGroundChecks

BackGroundChecks is one of the best background check websites offering a balance between economy, convenience, and confidence. This site promises to give better data, performed with better checks. While being 23-years in this business, its database has more than 650 million criminal records, 22 million photos, and thousands of public record sources.


  • Stringent privacy policy
  • Fully automated client portal
  • Bundle discount charges
  • Personalized plans


  • Third-party fees might apply.
  • No refunds on empty reports imply if the person has no criminal record, you will have to pay the fee.

The background search option of BackGroundChecks complies with the rules and norms set by the FCRA. Hence, its reports must include jurisdiction, case numbers, public arrest records, degree of offense, charges, filing dates, etc. The massive number of databases the company provides access to makes BackGroundChecks one of the most impeccable and the best background check websites for employers.

2.6: HireRight

HireRight is the best background check website designed to support multinational and international companies along with small businesses. It can function amazingly as a standalone product or integrated with other ATS products with maximized hiring features. Therefore, HireRight provides global coverage with premium global advantages so that you can perform candidate screening confidently.


  • Seamless ease of integration into the current ATS/people management software.
  • Can be integrated with HRIS Paylocity.
  • Easy interface to perform screening.


  • Couldn't catch all the information.
  • Unable to provide PSP support.

HireRight is accredited as a leader driving APAC background screening service provider. After its inception in 1997, they were the first to generate pre-integrated background screening solutions with the industry's leading applicant tracking solution providers. They offer more solutions, including IBM, Ceridian, Oracle, Ultimate, SAP SuccessFactors, iCIMS, etc., which sets it apart from other background search options.

2.7: Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a top-notch people search finder that helps accumulate data from the public records. Its service is straightforward and gives a wide array of details, including criminal records and contact details.

Although the generated results are not instantaneous, the service provokes you with numerous questions and warnings prior to delivering a report. Employers can avail the help of Instant Checkmate to unravel the background information about the potential candidates.


  • Great value for money
  • Unlimited reports with a subscription
  • Timely and precise data
  • Top-notch search tools


  • The single report option is not available.

One of the best things about Instant Checkmate, which distinguishes it from other best background check services, is that you get a massive range of data compared to similar search tools. Therefore, searching with Instant Checkmate is relatively hassle-free to use and well-known for providing marriage details, past address, contact number, etc.

2.8: SterlingCheck

SterlingCheck is another best background check website, covering leading areas of civil and criminal court checks, drug and health screening, identity verification, and workforce analysis. They also provide your global checks, such as social media searches, to make sure you recruit employees you can trust.

Also, this company is a member of the ASA and NAPBS accredited.


  • NAPBS accredited
  • Big brand screening
  • Small business packages


  • Not as customizable as other background service providers.

Sterling's background and identity solution aid you in creating a foundation of safety and trust for your customers, employees, and partners globally. If you're thinking about what makes Sterling different from the background check websites, it's supported by 75+ integration options. This helps generate authentic results for your clients.

2.9: EasyPeopleSearch

EasyPeopleSearch is a credible and fast web-based people search engine focusing on creating a service. It aids you in locating missing relatives or friends or conducting any other rapid search for publicly accessible information easily.

This website has countless features which allow users to acquire massive information about a person, address, and phone number in a simple, secure, and fastest way.


  • Offer reliable and in-depth reports
  • Services available 24/7
  • Massive data source
  • All device compatibility
  • Server with extensive throughput


  • It could be a little sluggish.
  • The interface is not up to the mark.

EasyPeopleSearch is exceptional because it offers a wide array of services, including reverse phone lookup, in-depth background check, who called me inquiry, whose number is this, etc.

Try EasyPeopleSearch for a background check

2.10: BestPeopleFinder

BestPeopleFinder provides the probability of finding someone in one place without resorting to other resources. Its database is regularly updated and comprehensive.

Also, it has a major data aggregator that pulls from numerous sources, for example, those from the official public and government records. You can search for unlimited people on this best background check site and know more about their background history.


  • You can conduct people's search by name
  • Updated and accurate data
  • Fastest turnaround
  • Ease of use
  • Find out scammers


  • Reports may not include work history or social media details.

BestPeopleFinder is legal across the USA, and the Freedom of Information Act 1967 allows it. Additionally, anyone can request quick access to anyone's public records from the best online background check site. Therefore, you must not have any reservations while using this background check service provider.

Part 3: Other Options to Run A Background Check Online

3.1 Google

The most straightforward and fastest method of detecting someone by their name is Google. However, you can try writing the name with or without quotation marks to check if it works appropriately.

Google also gives some premium and advanced search features and many Google search operators, including instructions and characters.

All these might be used to locate and spot information precisely and quickly. Google will help exhibit all the results corresponding to your query. Nevertheless, you can avail the filter-down results by incorporating "plus" and other valuable details about the person.

If you want to use Google for its cheap background check facility, you might require a bit of time to get it corrected. To get the most out of Google, you follow these:

  • Start with putting their name and the residential state in the search bar of Google.
  • Try using Google pictures to find that known person.
  • Never forget to check Google videos to get any footage of the subject.

3.2 Social Media

Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the authentic sources for finding the right person.


It's the best social media platform exhibiting all the profiles with the complete name. Hence, you need to enter the subject's name and hit the search button to find out that person. FB lets you filter by the educational institute, nation, and state too.


It's the best place to find professional people. Therefore, in the search bar, you need to type the name of the target. On the other hand, you might add other details based on their school, company, and job to get more accurate results.

3.3 Background Check Services (150 words)

Besides using Google and social media to get information about anyone, the background check services are more reliable in generating accurate and in-depth results. The 10 best background check sites shown above have extensive databases and are notable for their intuitive interfaces. In order to search for people by name, follow the steps below:

  • Enter the name of the person

Hit the People Search tab from the background check sites' webpage. Now, type the first and last name of anyone before hitting the start search button, which will initiate the procedure.

  • Detect the related profile

You can find more than one profile when the same name and city search get over. However, choose that relevant profile from the list of persons and select it to get the detailed report.

  • Check the report carefully.

You need to go through the on-screen instructions to see the complete report on the person whose name you type on the site's interface.

Conclusion Part

These are the 10 free and paid best online background check websites, which you can choose based on your business requirement. As every business is unique, your company's best background check services will solely depend on your business size, HR team size, background screening policy, hiring volume, and in-house legal counsel.

During your search, you must consider some other notable features, including flexible packages, built-in compliance, integrations, individualized assessments, a great candidate experience, etc. A background check is a worthy investment to create a top-notch workforce that helps you fulfill your business goals.

You can customize your screening policy to your positions and industry and find a reliable provider from the above-mentioned list that will help you stay compliant. Therefore, you can boost the hiring quality and reduce risk with informed recruitment decisions.

So, do you like this article? Make sure to share it in your social circle so that your friends can also know about secure and cheapest background check options. If any query persists, kindly let us know in the comment section.

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