Top 10 People Finder Services to Search for People Online

It's not uncommon for us to lose touch with essential people in our lives or for strangers to come into contact with us. For example, when you have an unknown caller, it could be a person with fake identity or an old buddy of yours. So, ignoring it is not the best idea.

Instead, you must learn more about the unknown caller. Wondering how to do so or what is the best site to find someone? Try best people search websites.

With people search, you may find the related information fast and effortlessly. A site dedicated to collecting background information is the best approach to performing a people search.

The following article aims to give you information about our top picks for people finder sites. But before moving to our top 10 list, let us enlist our favorite 4 for the people in hurry to perform people finding:

  1. Spokeo - Your search can end right here. Use Spokeo to find people.
  2. Instant Checkmate - Conduct an instant people search with Instant Checkmate.
  3. PeopleFastFind - Find your estranged loved ones fast with PeopleFastFind.
  4. FastPeopleSearch - Use it to search for your neighbor’s details as quickly as it can get.

Alright. Now, for your long-term use, here is a list of top 10 people search sites with elaborated research information that will help you pick your best option in the next few minutes:

Part 1: Spokeo

Spokeo is the best people search app that allows you to do a safe search for personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, social media profiles, e-mail addresses, and more. You can obtain past data like marriage and criminal records for a fee.

One of the best features of the website is its affordable pricing. In addition, its quick sign-up process ensures that your people search is completed as instantly as it can get. Unlike other website finders, it is really secure. Spokeo adheres to standard privacy and safety laws of its region, so users need not stress themselves about the legal side of using their services.

The website allows you to look for old or new contacts' phone numbers and email addresses. Furthermore, by validating the information of persons you encounter online, you can avoid catfishing and other scams. People moving into a neighborhood is quite common but how do you ascertain if your new neighbor is genuine? You can use the Spokeo website to search criminal records to be aware of any potential threats.

Start your first people search practice now!

Part 2: Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a public records search service that allows you to do online background checks in seconds. To be honest, its name is very much like how it works in real life. In an instant, you can look up anyone in America's criminal histories, arrest records, linked court documents, addresses, real age, and known aliases.

The Instant Checkmate website offers a fantastic user interface. It's attractive, simple to use, and dependable among all person sites. The ability to seek someone by their email address or phone number is one of the most popular features. Moreover, it provides the flexibility of unlimited free searches for its users.

With this best people-finder website, you can find those friends who have been long estranged from you. Moreover, you can even find the details about a person who has just shifted to your neighborhood. Unknown callers and email senders that hit your mailbox or incoming call list frequently can also be searched using Instant Checkmate.

Carry out a people search on Instant Checkmate now!

Part 3: PeopleFastFind

PeopleFastFind is a high-quality people search service that gives you access to a wide range of public records, background checks, and contact information. PeopleFastFind gathers information from official and certified public records databases to verify that the information you receive is correct and real.

When performing background and public records checks, people usually pay a lot of money. You may even be required to subscribe to a service provider’s site. None of these is essential when you use PeopleFastFind. This awesome tool is fully free of such annoyances. Above this, its search feature is so easy to use that even a kid can use it effortlessly.

It can be used to learn more about oneself, other people, and companies. This website allows you to conduct a simple people search, enabling you to access and verify any information provided by third parties. So, when you want to verify profiles you are accessing or receiving, PeopleFastFind can lend you a hand.

Find details of a people quickly with PeopleFastFind

Part 4: FastPeopleSearch

FastPeopleSearch is a well-known website for locating persons in the United States. It stands out from other people finder services because of its simplicity and feature set. FastPeopleSearch gives you the freedom to search for anyone and everyone for free, thanks to its database of over a billion public records.

It offers an excellent user interface where you simply enter your first and last name and obtain results in a matter of seconds. You can enter more information if you wish so that it can filter the results more quickly and provide more details. Its tool can create detailed person-specific reports too.

It is not uncommon for many of us to lose contact with an old friend. This website can be used to find long-lost friends and acquaintances. Moreover, you can also use it to find out about someone whom you have started dating recently. Or, in case you are interested in finding out about a neighbor of yours, FastPeopleSearch is still worth a try.

Look for a people’s detailed information on FastPeopleSearch instantly.

Part 5: TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch allows you to search for people using their names, phone numbers, or address. It's one of the most incredible people search engines because the free results are far more extensive than those found on other sites. The tool features an intuitive interface so that first-time users do not find it difficult to navigate through it.

The website offers free and factual information. The person's current address, wireless and/or landline phone numbers, age, former towns where they lived, relatives, email addresses, associated names, and prospective associates are all displayed here. The data on such sites is updated on a regular basis too.

TruePeopleSearch will provide an age filter if there are many records that you can use to limit the results. So, if you want to perform people search by age besides the other details like phone number, address, email ID, first name, or last name, TruePeopleSerach will be an effective tool.

Get started to find people in TruePeopleSearch now!

Part 6: PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder is another people search engine that offers a few free details, such as a person's aliases, age, family members, and sometimes the first few digits of their phone number. You can spend a few dollars for the entire search report (a free trial of the full membership) or more if you want a complete background report.

Users will be able to see the full name, current address, phone number, former addresses, relatives, aliases, age, neighbors, property records, bankruptcies, judgments and liens, marriage and divorce records, criminal information, sex offender data, etc. in PeopleFinder search report.

When it is an important search that is worth money in exchange for 100% accuracy, you should not skip the idea of performing a people search. Using a site like PeopleFinder can actually simplify your life at a superfast speed. The tool is trusted the most for its updated database and FCRA-compliant policies that keep you away from all legal troubles.

Part 7: WhitePages

Do you understand the concept of White pages? Let us explain.

Just as you can search for information about businesses in yellow pages, you can search about people in white page directories - online or offline. The website name Whitepages is inspired from the same concept.

Whitepages is another online people search engine, but it can do much more, unlike many other such books. In fact, since its inception in 1997, Whitepages has slowly evolved into a valuable resource for finding everything from personal contact information to company information. It can also be used to look up phone numbers, do background checks, and get information on criminal records.

Before its paywall, Whitepages offers reasonably good background check services, free information, and extensive criminal record information. Furthermore, there is no customer funnel, so you may sign up to use the service right away. The registration method is the same as other search sites for people.

Part 8: RealPeopleFinder

RealPeopleFinder is a people search engine that is completely free. Find an email, phone number, address, or social media presence by typing a name. TruePeopleFinder uses publicly available information to provide you with the most accurate search results. The site follows the FCRA rules and therefore, can be trusted.

Some of the best features that RealPeopleFinder provides are the multiple ways to search for people (using different particulars), free basic search results, and helpful search refining tools. Moreover, the data it provides is enriched by the information that it pulls from other sites. It works in real-time and shows results very fast.

With the help of the people finder websites like RealPeopleFinder, you can reconnect with long-lost pals. You might also obtain information about someone who has recently relocated to your area. So, finding neighbor’s information, long-lost friends, old connections, or frequent callers are a few things this site can help you with.

Part 9: AnyWho

AnyWho is a free online people search guide where you can look up people by name, address, or phone number. What is spectacular about this website is that it reveals personal details with minimal information (like name and location) that most people search tools usually don't include.

In addition, it provides unique filtering options, which makes it easier for the user to search for the desired person. You can acquire background checks, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, criminal records, etc.

If you are wondering about how ‘updated’ the data on such sites is, let us tell you that AnyWho backend uses the Intelius database to perform these searches. With Intelius' top-notch database that has been serving its customers for 15+ years, you need not worry about anything.

Part 10: EasyPeopleSearch

Never mind if put in the last place in our article. EasyPeopleSearch is perhaps the most user-friendly people search engine, and rightfully so, given its well-designed user interface. It obtains the most accurate search results by utilizing publicly available data.

The website is noted for providing extremely precise results and is very similar to intellius people search. EasyPeopleSearch's services are entirely free and operate admirably. You will not be disappointed on searching for a caller on this site.

In fact, you may rapidly obtain professional, social, and contact information using the site about a caller just by entering the phone number or other details that you know. For example, you can find persons using their name, email, username, or contact number.

Bonus info, for reading till here :)

Let us tell you a trick before we go. If you search your name, and find wrong information enlisted, go to the contact or report page (for example: and detail the people search site about your concern. This method can help you improve search results related to you.


We receive multiple unknown phone calls every day or week. Some of these could be really important, while on the other hand, some seemingly-legit calls could be a trap. People search apps or people searching sites are your best bet to save time and stay safe in such a scenario.

So, in this article, we enlisted some of the most incredible best people finding websites/services available for you in 2022. After reading this article, you need not worry about what is the best site to search for a person. Just go through the top 10 options and pick one.

You can choose from those that operate best in the United States and function globally as people look up. We're confident that one of these websites will help you find the individual you're seeking, as they're all quite capable and offer extensive features. Give them a shot and get rid of your worries.

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