10 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

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Do you want to expose a telemarketer? Or maybe you want to learn more about a spam phone number calling you? Well, there are various phone lookup directories to help you with it.

These websites offer both paid and free reverse phone lookup services. When you combine this with broad public records, you can create a comprehensive profile of anyone.

If in hurry to do a phone number search free, you can try any of the top 4 options (out of 10 sites enlisted in this article)

  1. Spokeo - Free whitepages to quickly find people by their phone number.
  2. Intelius - A Reliable people finding tool for instant results.
  3. PeopleFindFast - See immediate background search reports by contact number.
  4. Numlooker - A giant people database where finding a person by phone number is easy.

Want more phone lookup free options for your current requirements? No problem.

We've compared 10 of the most popular solutions to help you choose the finest phone number lookup tool for your needs.


Spokeo is a website that compiles all your online and offline personal information and makes it available to anyone looking for you. You can search for mobile phone numbers, landline numbers, business contacts, or vanity numbers using this digital tool.

Knowing the identity of an unknown caller using it is an easy task. The website is user-friendly and ensures that even a naive person with least technology-related skills could search through its database.

For your ease, Spokeo creates profiles of people using data from various sources, including public data such as white page listings, public records, mailing lists, and social networks. You can access all these by conducting a reverse phone lookup on the website.


  • An instant sign up process;
  • Affordable pricing;
  • Accurate and legitimate results were provided after examination of millions of sources; and
  • User-friendly website and mobile application.


  • Not accredited by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA);
  • Does not allow reverse phone lookup on employees and tenants;
  • Only available in the USA.

Carry out a reverse phone lookup on Spokeo now!


Intelius is a highly rated checker of public records based in Seattle, which brings out important details for the searcher. You can trust their lookup services and database while performing safe and anonymous searches.

The company was founded in 2007, and it has proved to be a legitimate record-checking tool since then. You can call it an early digital tool that does people finding. Also, Intelius is an A rated by BBB, so it can be relied upon online. You can check the authenticity of a caller or figure out if it is a spammer using it.

In addition, Intelius lets you conduct a phone lookup search to find out the identity of any caller. The built-in Intelius ConnectionTM engine improves its results’ accuracy. Not just the caller's details but you will be able to find a person's connections in your network using Intelius. So, the tool is absolutely awesome in finding lost/old friends.


  • Provides comprehensive details;
  • Generates graphical reports;
  • Delivers flexible service options; and
  • Easy-to-use mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.


  • Delivers occasional insufficient or erroneous reports;
  • Follows confusing pricing practices; and
  • Provides limited consumer support hours.

Know if it’s an old buddy or unknown person with a single tap on Intelius.


PeopleFindFast is a website that allows you to look for someone's phone number or see who is contacting you. It's a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to know who is contacting them or who is phoning them. This online tool can help you find information whether you're a business owner, a telemarketer, or just inquisitive.

Not just by phone number, you can also use this best free phone number lookup tool to search people by their email ID, address, first name, or last name. So, if someone is emailing you, pretending to be someone important, you can still verify the authenticity of his/her claim using PeopleFindFast.


  • Simple to use and has an intuitive interface;
  • Provides extensive search results; and
  • Affordable pricing packages


  • Occasional errors in reports;
  • Limited consumer support; and
  • Employee and tenant reverse phone lookup not allowed.

Find details of an unknown caller quickly with PeopleFindFast.


Numlooker is one of the best free reverse phone lookup websites for providing information to users without disclosing their identities. It provides lookup services for people and phone numbers. One search using this best reverse phone lookup 2021 will reveal the identity of the caller in front of you.

Using Numlooker, you will be able to verify the truthfulness of the claim of the caller. It will save you against fraud, and help you reunite with your old buddy even if you have missed the caller.

Finding someone's cell phone number via NumLooker is straightforward. Its site’s home page has the option to perform a reverse phone number lookup.

You may acquire all of the information about the desired person with just one click. As a result, you'll be able to identify the caller that is giving you trouble or making you recall an old acquaintance.


  • The website is entirely safe and secure for users.
  • The reverse phone lookup services have been provided free of cost.
  • Gathering information from different public record sources is not possible. Numlooker makes this process time-efficient.


  • On some occasions, the real-time data update can provide misleading information.
  • The website may sometimes take longer than usual time to fetch you the results.

Look for a caller’s details on Numlooker instantly.


AnyWho is a totally free online people search directory where you can look up people by name, address, or phone number. The AnyWho People Search is updated regularly with phone numbers of people from all around the country, making it one of the greatest sites to hunt for information.

You can undoubtedly use AnyWho reverse phone lookup to detect potential threats before picking up a call or calling back to a fraud. After all, the task of searching about the person in question will not take more than a few seconds.


  • The reverse phone lookup services are totally free.
  • It provides legit information.
  • The website is totally genuine among the many scamming companies.


  • The final four digits of the phone number you're looking for are blocked.
  • The search result no longer has a map associated with it.


NumLookup offers a free reverse phone lookup service. You only need to enter the phone number you're looking for in the form and click the "NumLookup" button. In a minute or less, you will have access to the details of the owner of the number you’ve searched.

Anyone can use NumLookup to find out who owns a phone number anywhere in the globe. Moreover, it's a totally free phone number lookup service. Thus, this best phone number lookup can be used without a credit card or registration.


  • NumLookup works directly with all major telephone and mobile carriers across the world, ensuring that the data it provides is accurate.
  • The reverse phone lookup service is free for all.


  • At times NumLookup website crashes, causing problems to its users.
  • Sometimes it can take a lot of time to load the website also.
  • In addition, many users have faced issues while logging in to the website.


Since its inception in 1997, Whitepages has been the authority in people search. Whitepages is one of the most comprehensive phone lookup tools, with contact information for over 275 million people nationwide, including cell phone numbers.

Let’s say, you want to find who called from +1 9999999999. Then, just use the search option to check this phone number and Whitepages free reverse phone number lookup will do it for you.


  • The easy to use interface makes it accessible to all.
  • The website has an accumulation of a lot of searchable data.
  • All the data provided in the website comes from reliable sources.


  • Costs can add up as only basic searches are free.
  • You are required to take a subscription to get additional information.


USPhoneBook is a website that houses a personal directory containing information from billions of data sources about people living in the United States. So,when you are a citizen of the USA or have a phone number that is from the United States, this tool will be the best pick for searching.

In fact, with USPhoneBook at your service, you can give up the habit of keeping a physical phone book with you.

This reverse lookup tool is beneficial to customers since it allows them to discover who is calling them from a certain phone number. And the best part is, it has no outdated records because the database is updated in real-time.


  • The website is quick and easy to use.
  • The results load fast compared to other competitor websites.
  • Users can also conduct a reverse phone lookup using its mobile application.


  • The free version does not work very well.
  • Some of the results may be inaccurate if using the free version.


FindPeopleEasy is a people search platform that has gathered enormous amounts of data over the years and consolidated it into a single platform to make it simple for users to look up the caller's identity. Its interface is easy to understand.

To search for a person, you will just have to navigate to the ‘Phone Lookup’ tab, enter the phone number to search, and click on the ‘Start Search’ button. You will have the matching results and a quick access to the profile to the associated person/people in no time.

The tool has a big database of callers from various locations. As a result, FindPeopleEasy can help you relax by allowing you to trace down the owner of the phone number and discover who is calling you and the caller's location.


  • FindPeopleEasy saves time and costs little to nothing.
  • It has an extensive database that has been compiled from reliable sources.


  • It delivers insufficient or incorrect reports on occasion.
  • It also has limited user help hours.


FastPeopleFinder is an excellent place to look for long-lost friends and family members via reverse phone lookup. This is the ideal service if you need a rapid reverse phone lookup. The website's UI is highly user-friendly, and mobile apps are available.

Though last in our list, Fast People Finder is a really impressive free reverse number lookup

tool. It keeps the most recent information about every person in its database. So, using this tool, you will be able to find updated data without putting in much effort.

Whether looking for completely free reverse phone lookup with name 2020 or completely free reverse phone lookup with name 2021, Fast PeopleFinder can help you out.


  • It has a very well-designed website.
  • Free cell phone number lookup with name no charge
  • The reverse phone lookup also provides in-depth information about the caller.
  • They offer organized reports to those who have subscribed.


  • Basic membership reports have less information.
  • Report generation can take a long time.


The internet's power has combined many various public documents and other sources of information, allowing you to play the role of a private investigator with just a few clicks. We call them people finder databases or reverse phone lookups.

Best phone lookup websites help you get rid of the anxiety that unknown callers give us. You won't have to deal with unfamiliar callers or worry about where that one relative is today.

The top 10 reverse phone lookup legit free websites mentioned above have something for everyone, whether you're looking for a free reverse phone lookup or a paid service with comprehensive background checks.

What's the best part? You can now prevent obnoxious sales and scam calls. With the help of these free phone number lookup sites, you will be able to stay worry-free while keeping your family members safe. As spam calls and fraud callers have become common, make sure to not trust people on the phone without verifying their identity.

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