10 Best Urgent Loans for Bad Credit

Emergency loans are much helpful for people with financial struggles, helping them to make ends meet. You can also use the money for other urgencies, such as medical bills or unexpected car repairs. The best thing is that it takes just one or two business days to get your funds transferred to your bank accounts. Also, people with bad credits are still eligible to get approved.

When you say "I need a loan" at critical times, you might want to go directly to a trustworthy and reliable website to apply for emergency cash immediately. From all of the websites you can visit to apply for urgent loans, we have reviewed and picked 4 best ones so you can visit them straightly. Here they are:

1. iPaydayLoans - Most Efficient and Secure Platform for Small Online Loans

2: PersonalLoans - Most Educative and Transparent Loan Website

3: WeLoans - Most Convenient and Flexible Place to Get Urgent Loans

4: BadCreditLoans - Most Welcoming Brokers for Bad Credit Loans

While most online loan platforms may appear similar, their features widely vary from one to another. They might even have different policies regarding their loan programs. Considering how crucial loans are, we suggest you take a deeper look into your options before deciding where you want to apply for loans.


One of the most popular websites to apply for urgent loans is iPaydayLoans. Potential borrowers may find it easy to submit their online loan applications in mere minutes. More than 100 direct lenders will respond to your requests with their offers. After reading the details of your loan contract and agreeing on it, your funds will be available in approximately 24 hours.

Security Assurance

iPaydayLoans use a 256-bit encryption protocol and an SSL certificate to ensure the secrecy of your activity at the website. No need to worry about data mining or theft. Your data will only be accessible by lenders, just so they can tailor their offers for you.

Competitive Offers

With a large board of lenders, you will notice how competitive their offers can be. Reading the details and comparing will help you narrow it down to the best instant approval loans available.


  • The efficient process from application to deposit
  • Extensive options of lenders and offers
  • Fair and flexible terms for repayments
  • Plenty of forms of loans to suit your circumstances


  • Possibly higher interest rates than other platforms
  • Some loans may have more restrictive requirements

Customer Review

People who are in a rush to get money like applying for their loans on iPaydayLoans due to how straightforward the process can be. They also like how they receive plenty of loan offers, so they can pick one loan plan that suits their circumstances the most.

Get Instant Cash from iPaydayLoans Now


For people who are new to the concept of online loans, PersonalLoans can be the perfect place to start. The website is richly educative with all the critical information and guidelines regarding emergency loans online. Not to mention how it also offers plenty of choices of loans.

Borrow As Needed

PersonalLoans offers several types of loans to cater to various needs and circumstances. It also allows a higher limit of money to borrow compared to other websites. With simple requirements, you can apply up to $35,000 on your urgent loans.

Flexible Repayment Plan

You will experience top-notch convenience in planning your repayment. With APR ranging between 5.99% to 35.99% and up to 72 months of the term, it must be easy for the applicants to adjust their financial capability to pay off their debts.


  • Possible to borrow up to $35,000
  • Very informative and helpful articles for newbies
  • Competitive and transparent calculation of loan plan


  • The application form has many things to fill
  • Might contain unwanted ads for credit-related services

Customer Review

Online loans can be confusing and ambiguous. But, thanks to the helpful articles, many people find it comfortable to apply for loans on this platform. Although the process is slightly longer than other websites, applicants are impressed with its detailed and transparent calculations.

Apply for Your Urgent Loans on PersonalLoans Now


With high approval rates and simple steps, many people find WeLoans as one of the most reliable platforms to get the best payday loans. Plenty of loan options are available to suit your unique situation and affordability. Most of them can make your funds ready within 24 hours after your initial application.

Bad Credits Are Welcome

While many loan brokers restrict applicants with bad credit scores, WeLoans have plenty of direct lenders to welcome them. They will look into your current income to assess your affordability and tailor their offers based on your financial capability.

Confidentiality and Security

WeLoans take serious measures to keep your privacy and data secure. Any information you submit will not be subject to a data breach or any violation. Even your transactions will be safe because all lenders there are authorized.


  • Various options of loans to consider
  • Funds available to borrow are up to $35,000
  • Fair rates even on the urgent loans for bad credit
  • Low chances of getting rejected


  • Some states may have restricted access to the loans

Customer Reviews

People who worry about getting rejected for loans may feel more hopeful to apply on this website because of its high approval rates. It is even more interesting to know that even bad credit scores have a high chance to get approved. WeLoans also have plenty of repeat customers because they rarely get problems with their loans, from applying to paying it all off.

Visit WeLoans to Get Your Emergency Loans Now>>


As its name suggests, BadCreditLoans offer emergency funds you can borrow even if your credit score is poor. It is easy, convenient, and safe to apply for loans there. The website comprehensively explains its privacy policy to assure you that none of your data will be misused.

Extended Network of Lenders

BadCreditLoans have a lot of direct lenders willing to provide instant funds, even for people with bad credits. And if you can't get approved by any lenders somehow, the platform will offer you other financial alternatives, such as debt relief and credit repair.

Adjustable Terms to Plan

Feel free to borrow and repay as you find comfortable the most. Various emergency loans for bad credit are available with loan amounts ranging from $100 to $1,000. The platform also allows you to adjust your repayment terms from 90 days to 72 months.


  • Expect the deposits in 24 hours
  • Simple eligibility requirements
  • Service is available 24/7


  • May provide ads for other financial services
  • Less favorable offers for applicants with bad credits

Customer Review

The free service with 24/7 availability allows people in urgent need of money to have their problems settled quickly and conveniently. Most customers also find the website effortless to apply.

Choose Your Loan Plan on BadCreditLoans Now


Being in the short-term loan business since 1997 has made CashAdvance undoubtedly reliable. Besides having a secure and user-friendly website, it also connects with an extensive network of lenders ready to deposit your funds in 24 hours.

Full Transparency

All offers coming from lenders will contain complete information. No hidden policies and fees in the loan contract you sign. The website even has a simulation tool to help you calculate your loan plan.

Helpful Small Loans

CashAdvance offers emergency cash immediately of $200 to $10,000 for you to borrow, which should be sufficient to cover most urgent needs. You can later pay the emergency same-day loans in a term of 7 days to 12 months.


  • The process is super quick and effortless to finish
  • Funds can be available on the next business day


  • Not many loan options
  • APR is higher than on other platforms

Customer Review

CashAdvance is fairly reliable for most people to help them make ends meet with instant loans. With fair terms, people can comfortably adjust their repayment plan to how they can afford it. However, not many people are happy with the APR or the lack of loan options available on this platform.

Get Your Instant Loans at CashAdvance Now


Being one of the most well-known online loan platforms in the US, CashUSA knows how to be helpful with its financial services. You only need to submit one loan application, and the platform will forward it to multiple lenders. In a few minutes, you will receive loan offers from them with complete and detailed information regarding the contract.

Flexible Terms

Applicants can adjust their loan plans as they need and can afford to pay back. The amount may range between $100 to $10,000 with an APR of 5.99% and 35.99%. Applicants can even set their terms between 90 days to 72 months, according to how much they can afford to pay per installment.

Simple Requirements

Although emergency loans online are generally easy to apply for, CashUSA has made it even easier. Any US citizen with at least $1,000 of monthly income can get approved for loans, even if they have bad credit scores.


  • Convenience in adjusting repayment plan
  • The website is straightforward yet very informative
  • Wide coverage of up to 50 states in the US
  • Fair rates even for the urgent loans for bad credit


  • Only one type of loan is available
  • Might contain ads for other loan-related services

Customer Reviews

CashUSA has received plenty of wonderful reviews from its customers due to how helpful its loan system is. People like how easy and fast it is to get urgent loans on the platform. Even paying their debts off is not a difficult thing to do.

Visit CashUSA and Apply for Urgent Loans Now


As an authorized credit broker, USBadCreditLoans guarantees maximum security towards their customers' data with bank-level protocols on their devices. The overall application to deposit processes is online, so you can get it done from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Credit Scores Are Not That Crucial

Most direct lenders on this platform will only run a soft and quick credit check. They also will look into your financial circumstances, income status, assets, and current debts. Thus, anyone with bad credit scores still has a high chance to get approved.

Plenty of Lenders to Apply

USBadCreditLoans will forward your loan application to many reputable direct lenders, and they mostly will respond by giving you loan offers. Feel free to compare the policy, terms, rates, and any other factors to determine which loan plan is worth taking the most.


  • An extensive board of lenders ready to offer loans
  • Effortless and quick process until the cash is available
  • Bad credit scores can still get approved
  • Various forms of loans to choose


  • The loan amount is limited to $5,000
  • Some states may restrict the loans offered on this platform

Customer Review

Most customers find this platform convenient for getting small emergency cash immediately, especially if they have been struggling with their previous debts. Unfortunately, applicants with bad credit loans are not that happy because the rates charged on them are rather high.

Get Your Emergency Loans to form USBadCreditLoans Now


From $50 to $5,000, emergency same-day loans in USInstallmentLoans are available in various types of loans you can choose to suit your unique situation. Anyone is welcome to apply there. Even those with poor credit scores still have a high chance of getting approved.

Instant Money Available

Thanks to the platform’s efficient digital loan system, it doesn't take much time or effort to apply on USInstallmentLoans. Most lenders will deposit the funds to your account 24 hours after you submit your loan application online.

Competitive Offers

USInstallmentLoans partners up with a wide board of lenders that will offer you loans at competitive rates and terms. This system allows you to compare all the offers and pick only the most beneficial loan contract.


  • Services are available 24/7
  • Decisions come in minutes after the application
  • Transaction data is guaranteed safe and secure
  • Only reputable lenders are on board


  • Funds are only available for no more than $5,000
  • High-interest rates for bad credit loans

Customer Reviews

This platform is ideal for quick and small urgent loans, which should be enough to keep you afloat during difficult times. People also feel comfortable doing their contracts there because the website is guaranteed secure.

Visit USInstallmentLoans and Get Your Cash Now


Various types of loans are available in CocoLoan, where you can borrow up to $5,000 to pay back on your next payday. The platform also allows you to adjust your terms as to how you think you can handle the repayments. There will be many lenders willing to make their offers suitable to your situation.

Effortless Application

The loan application on CocoLoan is fully online. Filling out the digital form is easy and quick, so you wouldn't need to spend much time or effort on it. Furthermore, one application will connect you directly to various potential lenders.

Fast Cash

CocoLoan doesn't need much time to process your application. You will be able to start considering your loan offers a few minutes after submitting the form. Once you sign a contract, your lender will transfer the funds on the same or the following day.


  • Instant process until your cash is ready
  • The whole procedure is pretty straightforward
  • Connect to multiple lenders simultaneously


  • Possibly high APR, especially for the bad credit loans
  • The loan amount is not available for more than $5,000 for payday loans

Customer Review

CocoLoan is known to be reliable when you need an emergency loan immediately because the procedure is efficient. Customers also like that they have options of loan types and lenders to get one that suits their conditions the most.

Go to CocoLoans for Emergency Loans Now


In Upstart, you can apply for instant loans online for almost any kind of emergency without hurrying yourself to pay them off. The website is neat and informative, thus making it convenient to navigate.

Optimal Ease of Use

People who need money desperately could not afford to waste their time and energy on the complex procedure. Fortunately, applying for loans on this website appears to be quick and easy. It is even possible to get your funds ready in one business day.

Bad-Credit Friendly

Upstart accepts applicants with bad credit scores and often performs soft credit checks when on pre-qualifications. The platform also caters to longer repayment terms with a fair APR of 5.49% to 35.99%. Hence, people can get the financial help they need without feeling burdensome to pay back.


  • The loan amount is available for up to $50,000
  • Fair interest rates, even for the bad credit loans
  • Funds can be available on the same business day


  • May charge origination fees up to 8%
  • Term options are only available for either three or five years.

Go to Upstart and Apply for Loans Now>>

Customer Reviews

Many people with financial struggles prefer Upstarts when they need help to make ends meet. It is mainly due to the website's efficient process and friendly system towards bad credits. Although the long repayment terms may seem too much for some people, they turn out to be very helpful for others.


What Is an Urgent Loan?

Also known as an emergency loan, an urgent loan is a type of online loan where the funds can be deposited into your account pretty quickly. The goal is so you can use the money right away for urgent matters, such as emergency medical care or paying off overdue bills.

How Fast Can I Get an Emergency Loan?

Most emergency loans can process the funding within the same business day of your contract signup. However, it is also possible that you will have to wait for several days or even weeks. Some contributing factors that determine the speed of your fund availability are your lender's procedure, your bank policy, and the validity of the information you provide.

Why Should You Take Out An Emergency Loan Instead of Another Type of Loan?

Emergency loans are generally fast to process, so you can settle down your urgency as soon as possible. Compared to other instant loans, this one also has relatively lower interest rates, which means you don't have to spend much on its repayments.

What’s the Best Way for Me to Pay Back Emergency Loans?

Most lenders accept digital payment systems to make repayments more convenient on your part. Even more than that, you can ask for an automated deduction scheduled on your paycheck dates to avoid missing your due dates.


Emergency loans are the best solutions for when you need money desperately in no time. This financing option is also highly convenient because the loans are available in various terms, amounts, and plans. You can borrow as much as you need and plan the repayments as you can afford.

However, it is crucial to be selective with where you apply and proceed with your urgent loans. Some websites may have malicious intentions to exploit your difficult situation. Trust only the most reputable platforms to get the best payday loans in urgent moments and stay secure with them.

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