Best Phone Tracking Apps With GPS Tracking, Social Media Monitoring & More in 2022

Researching the best phone tracking apps can be confusing.

It doesn’t help that high demand is spawning the rise of phone tracking apps each month that promise the best quality service (but they never deliver).

With so many phone spy apps to choose from, it gets difficult to tell legitimate apps from scammers.

Even among reputable service providers, how do you tell which ones are the most effective?

We have reviewed the best spy and tracking apps for phones to help you find the right one for your needs.

So let's get to it!

The 12 Best Phone Tracking Apps

Favorite Phone Track App

Editor’s Notes





  • Monitors multiple individuals
  • 2 week money back guarantee
  • Screen recorder feature
  • Easy to track call logs & data usage
  • Tracks Instagram











  • Completely invisible
  • Access device browser history
  • Regularly captures screenshots



  • Jailbreak & no jailbreak version
  • Social media monitoring
  • Fast & easy online installation possible
  • Stealth mode



  • Listen to calls live
  • Call recording
  • View call logs
  • Stealth mode



  • Runs on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, & Kindle
  • Well-designed web interface
  • Set time restrictions



  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Low price for PC & iOS installation
  • A no-jailbreak solution


  • Real-time tracking dashboard
  • Access to calls, photos, videos, and GPS
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android devices


Features to Consider Before Buying a Cell Phone Tracker

Installing a spy app that’s not up to par is like not installing one.

The app will not monitor the target device as you want. Plus, you lose your hard-earned money

So make sure that the phone tracking app you choose offers these factors for sure!

Detail of Reporting You Need

Do you want to spy on text messages or do you need call data such as calls received, dialed, and their time logs?

Consider also whether you require live monitoring, GPS location tracking, and much more.


The app should be compatible with the target device, whether it’s iOS or Android.

The wrong app will not work on the device.

Call Log & SMS Tracking

Basic features you should expect in a smartphone tracking app include the ability to see the call log and SMS.

This feature is especially critical if you’re looking to understand the reason behind some problems.

Social Media Activity Tracking

This functionality lets you monitor WhatsApp conversations, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media activities to protect your child from cyber predators.

It also lets you monitor whether employees are wasting time on social media apps on business-owned devices.

Location Tracking

A critical component that lets you know the physical location of the target smartphone.

GPS tracking is crucial when you need to know the whereabouts of employees and children.

Stealth Mode Capability

The tracking app should work in a discreet mode.

You need an app that is invisible and untraceable at all times.

Ease of Use

Using a spy app’s web control panel shouldn’t require complicated steps.

The best apps make it easy for anyone to check on what matters to them, from checking the chat logs to following the target device via GPS.

Extra Features

Some apps offer extra features, such as geofencing in which the app sounds an alarm if your child steps out of a virtual boundary.

A web content filtering feature will refuse device access to web pages or emails that may be offensive.


Remember to check on the price of the app.

Some apps offer monthly charges while others have multiple-month plans, such as 3 or 6 months, which are often cheap.

Customer Support

Customer support is integral if you are to use the spy app optimally.

Test companies that offer live chat support and other contact methods before you purchase a plan. The test will assure you that someone is at hand to help in case you need help.

Company Refund Policy

Digital products online should have a solid refund policy.

Many apps provide fully functional online demos in place of a free trial, which will help you try the software before the final purchase decision.

Company Website

The app’s website gives you a deeper picture of the product and the company.

Good service providers include guides, FAQs, and instructions on how to use their products. Also, read through their Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer pages before you make a purchase.

Now that you know what to look for in a phone spy app, let’s explore the 10 best mobile tracking apps!

The 12 Best Phone Tracking Apps

1. uMobix — Best for Tracking Social Media Activities


  • No rooting required
  • Easy to install & use
  • Stealth spying mode
  • Great for parents
  • Detailed summary reports


  • No free trials are available
  • Lacks live chat technical support

uMobix offers your full access to the target’s device Instagram and Facebook accounts.

You can manage account settings, friends, and followers with the touch of a button!

This is also one of the few mobile spy apps that don’t require jailbreaking or rooting for an iOS or Android device, so you can monitor the target without bugs occurring.

All you require is the device’s iCloud login details and you are ready to use all the app’s features in 5 minutes of purchasing a license.

2. mSpy — Best Phone Track App for Parental Control


  • Monitors multiple individuals in a single account
  • Doesn’t require rooting
  • 14-days money back guarantee
  • Screen recorder feature
  • Easy to track call logs & data usage
  • Tracks Instagram
  • View media files
  • Affordable


  • Cannot spy on Instagram
  • No feature for recording phone calls or listening to calls

First on our list is one of the best tools on the market and also one of the most popular — mSpy.

High-level performance and accountability make it the top phone tracking app on this list!

On top of that, the spy app comes with various capabilities and features. These include monitoring calls on a target device, viewing and monitoring text messages, location tracking, and keylogging to notify you if any specific words are typed into the device.

Best of all?

It comes with a 14-day money back guarantee!

3. ZETRONIX — Best Discreet Spy Devices



  • The audio quality may suffer
  • Pricey

ZETRONIX is a supplier of high-quality security products.

Unlike other products on this list, the company supplies an extensive array of small spy devices.

Their hidden-camera range sends video images wirelessly to your cell phone or computer when you are out of the office or need to monitor the nanny.

Camera eyeglasses are the ideal solution for recording videos to gather evidence. ZETRONIX spy covert cameras are fit in everyday objects, such as pens and phone chargers - for ultra-discreet tracking.

4. SpyBubble — Mobile Phone Tracker That’s Compatible With Most Smartphones


  • Works on most devices
  • Major tracking & reporting features
  • Receives regular updates
  • Easy to install


  • No video storage
  • Unable to block undesired phone numbers, sites, or applications
  • Low customer support level

SpyBubble is a mobile device monitoring app that provides features compatible with an impressively wide range of smartphones.

Like other apps on this list, you can monitor calls, messages, locations, photos, and other activities with this app.

The application is a discrete software that does not show icons or logos, nor does it display any messages or make sounds, so the target doesn’t know they are being spied on.

Their support team is not available at all times. But SpyBubble offers a full money-back guarantee of 60 days in case you aren’t happy with their services.

5. Cocospy — Best Stealth Mode Tracking App


  • Plenty of great features
  • Quick signup process
  • Attentive customer service
  • Doesn’t drain the device battery


  • No free trial

Cocospy software presents the possibility to monitor the target devices secretly using the stealth mode. The spy applications do this by sending all the information about the gadget activity to the user’s account.

One of the main things that differentiate Cocospy from others is its low memory footprint.

As a result, the software is very lightweight and doesn’t consume much battery life. On top of that, the Cocospy app can be used with iOS and Android devices without any problems.

The user can also track out each step of the targeted person with the help of GPS data. In addition - messaging, deleted files (both text and visual), renamed contacts, and online social media activity are available to be monitored with Cocospy.

On the downside, there is no free trial period, but instead, the company offers a reliable 7-day money-back guarantee.

6. GEOfinder — Top Unique Phone Number Tracker



  • No free trial

The GEOfinder is closely connected with the uMobix software, but it has a narrow work area. Its specialty is location tracking via cell phone numbers.

The app can determine the detailed GPS location of any device - it doesn't matter where it is, as there is no number unavailable for the GEOfinder to find out!

On top of that, the software is fully compliant with both Android and iOS gadgets.

7. XNSPY — Best Phone Tracker for Online and Offline Tracking


  • Jailbreak & no jailbreak version
  • Social media monitoring
  • Fast & easy online installation possible
  • Stealth mode
  • The live demo allows testing all features


  • A single license tracks one phone
  • No desktop monitoring

XNSPY is one of the industry leaders that allows easy monitoring of target devices. The phone tracking app is a popular go-to solution for professional and personal use.

This phone spy app has over 30 features that let you stay updated on the activities of employees and children in real-time.

XNSPY captures phone activities offline and uploads the information to your web account as soon as the device connects to the internet - so you’re in the loop no matter what!

8. FlexiSPY — Best Cell Phone Tracker With Advanced Features


  • Listen to calls live
  • Call recording
  • View call logs
  • Stealth mode
  • Remote control device camera
  • SIM card change notification


  • Require jailbreak for iOS installation
  • More expensive

FlexiSPY is one of the most advanced computer, smartphone, and tablet spy software on this list.

The app can capture keystrokes, which helps employers keep the workplace safe by stopping people from leaking company secrets.

Further, FlexiSPY enables reading messages in emails, texts, WhatsApp, and Facebook so parents can monitor the safety of their kids.

This app does everything spectacularly, albeit with ethical concerns such as listening to the device’s environment and access to the device camera.

However, it is a suitable app for anyone looking for expansive features in a phone tracker app.

9. Qustodio — Best Cell Phone Tracker App for Parental Controls


  • Runs on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, & Kindle
  • Well-designed web interface
  • Set time restrictions
  • App blocking on mobile & desktop
  • Location tracking


  • VPN breaks web filter on mobile & desktop browsers
  • Social media tracking limited to Facebook
  • Expensive

Qustodio is an impressive parental control app that features an online dashboard and parental mode for mobile apps.

You can use the phone tracker app to set rules and review your child’s activity from anywhere.

By default, the application blocks access to sites that match undesirable categories such as pornography, violence, gambling, and drugs.

An extra set of 19 categories, including file sharing and social network, are available if you want to fine-tune web content filtering.

10. — Best Real-Time Tracking Features


  • A futuristic real-time tracking dashboard
  • Access to calls, photos, videos, and GPS
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android devices
  • Schedule usage restrictions
  • Use a geo-fence


  • Unclear information on customer support
  • Requires physical installation on the target device provides you with real-time surveillance through its online platform - Spytool.

This advanced platform makes it easy to monitor a device in one place for simplicity.

You can simultaneously read all outgoing and incoming text messages, get geo-location information, and even receive notifications if you miss something.

It also keeps a record of all Wi-Fi networks accessed by the target device for precise location information.

11. Hoverwatch — Best Invisible Spy App App to Track Phones


  • Completely invisible
  • Access device browser history
  • Regularly captures screenshots
  • Access wide variety of platforms
  • Remote uninstallation


  • No iPhone version
  • Rooting required to track messaging apps
  • Weak support

Hoverwatch is another excellent option you can use to monitor a smartphone’s locations, voice calls, and text messages.

The app supports Android, Windows, and Mac OS X - making it an excellent tool for tracking your children’s computer use.

This app has a stealth mode that makes it undetectable by the target user, and will not interrupt their daily activities.

Hoverwatch offers a 3-day free trial period which may seem too short to assess the app’s capabilities. But the app has powerful features in all its plans and doesn’t have various “editions” with different tracking levels.

12. MobiStealth — Best Phone Tracker App for Round the Clock Monitoring


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Low price for PC & iOS installation
  • A no-jailbreak solution
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Symbian, & BlackBerry devices
  • Essential monitoring features


  • Expensive for Android devices
  • Limited monitoring features

MobiStealth markets this app as one of the top parental phone tracker apps.

However, it has a variety of personal and business uses. The app provides the most basic tracking functions, such as message, calls, and location tracking.

The app is perfect if you want to monitor BlackBerry phones or older Apple and Android phone models.

MobiStealth runs in stealth mode and is difficult to detect, so you can investigate employee actions without being discovered.

Further, the application runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone Spy Apps Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve gone through our list of the top 10 best phone tracker apps, here are answers to common questions about the installation and use of the apps.

What Are Phone Spy Apps?

A phone spy app or phone tracker apps are a smartphone surveillance application that tracks the activity of the phone you wish to track.

The app allows monitoring a smartphone’s incoming and outgoing calls, real-time location, SMS, and others.

Before you use a spy app:

  • Make sure you are aware of laws applicable in your location about the use of phone spy apps. There’s a chance the government doesn’t allow using such applications depending on your location.
  • Check the overall response to the app. It should have an overwhelmingly positive reception from its user base.

Why Do People Spy on Phones?

People spy on phones to protect and check on loved ones or for business-related matters.

Parents spy on their kids’ phones to ensure they are safe. An astonishing 95% of teens have access to a smartphone.

A greater use means children are at a higher risk of getting exploited through smart devices and the online world.

Phone spy apps like mSpy help you detect potential dangers by monitoring your kid’s mobile usage and take measures to keep them safe while surfing the net.

Remote monitoring is also critical for work phones. An employer may monitor and track the mobile activities of staff to ensure business details are in safe hands.

Pre-install a phone spy app on every mobile device your company owns. This way it’s easy to find out what workers do online, with whom they meet, and contact.

Do Cell Phone Spy Apps Work?

Yes! These apps are a powerful way of monitoring a smartphone discreetly. Some apps like uMobix and mSpy don’t even require you to handle the device physically.

How Do Phone Spy Applications Work?

Different apps work differently. But they all save data from a target device on a server where you can view it.

  • For Android phones, you need to install the spy app on the device itself. This means you need physical access to the Android device. Once installed, the app sends activity data to the server.
  • iPhone and iPad spy apps work by logging into the user’s iCloud account. Most of the device’s data is in the account and unencrypted, so the spy software can access most data from the phone.

Other iOS spy apps need local installation, but this will require jailbreaking the device first.

What Is the Best Free Cell Phone Tracker?

mSpy is one of the few free cell phone tracker apps out there, in that you can take advantage of its 2-week money back guarantee.

Other completely free spy apps worth checking out are Hoverwatch and

Can Someone Put Spyware on Your Phone Without Touching It?

Yes, and no.

Yes, for the iPhone. While these devices have powerful encryption, it is easy to install a spy app on the target phone remotely.

We do this through the user’s iCloud account, which contains all the data from the associated device.

No, for Android phones. You need physical access to target Android devices.

Can You Tell If Your Phone Is Being Monitored?

A few signs someone is monitoring your phone include:

  • Faster battery drainage because spy apps are active in the background all the time.
  • Unwanted apps on the phone, especially for spying apps that disguise themselves as other apps.
  • Increased data usage
  • Background noise while making calls
  • Odd browser history
  • Real-time location tracking may cause your cell phone to overheat.

How Do I Block My Phone From Being Tracked?

If you suspect you’re being tracked using your phone, do:

  • Activate “Airplane Mode” to turn off cellular and Wi-Fi radios
  • Disable the phone’s GPS radio
  • Shut down your phone and remove the battery

Can mSpy Be Detected?

No. Unlike many other phone tracking apps, the average phone user will not see the mSpy app on their device.

Best Phone Tracker Apps - Our Takeaway

That’s about it for now with this guide to the best phone spy apps.

These apps help parents protect their children from the dark parts of the internet and business people can also protect their interests.

We prefer the mSpy phone tracker app for its advanced experiences and features. You can also try uMobix for an affordable and smooth experience, or ZETRONIX when you want to monitor your family or business from afar.

Stay safe, and good luck!

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