13 Best Male Sex Toys - Top Fleshlights & Vibrators For Men [2022]

When it comes to the best male sex toys, a lot of us guys are a bit clueless.

Sadly, we don’t tend to talk about men’s sex toys with our friends the same way that women discuss vibrators with theirs.

It’s a damn shame.

But fret not… here I give you my 13 personal recommendations to try for a bit of late-night action. Let’s do it!

The 13 Best Sex Toys For Men in 2022

1. Lovense Max 2 - Best Men’s Sex Toy Overall

  • $199.00 (often on sale for $99.00)
  • Automatic penis masturbation machine
  • Vibrates & contracts (sucks) penis hands-free

If you’re looking for the lazy guy’s sex toy, you’ve found it. The Lovense Max 2 is an automatic male masturbator that uses 360-degree contractions and vibrations to “suck” and massage the entire length of your penis, allowing you to enjoy lazy hands-free orgasms.

It’s a little bit noisy, but if no one is home, it’s a great way to get your rocks off. It’s also easy-to-clean, water-resistant, and USB rechargeable!

2. Aneros Helix Syn V - Best Vibrating Prostate Toy

  • $99.95
  • 8 vibration patterns & 3 intensities
  • Insertable length of 3.75 inches

When it comes to prostate massager toys, Aneros is about as good as it gets. Aneros specializes solely in prostate toy products, and the Helix Syn V is a vibrating version of one of their most famous models.

Featuring a slim build and an insertable length of 3.75 inches, this prostate toy is on the smaller side, making it great for beginners looking to explore prostate play for the first time. Use plenty of water-based lube, slide this bad boy in, and let the vibrations do the work.

3. Autoblow AI - Designed to Feel Like Oral Sex

  • $299.99 (often on sale for $219.95)
  • Designed to mimic oral sex
  • 10 different speeds & 10 settings

Designed to feel like oral sex, the Autoblow AI uses machine-learning technology to simulate 10 different types of explosive orgasms, all of which can be used at 10 different speeds. In essence, this automatic male masturbator provides 100 different possible sensations.

Featured on the Joe Rogan Podcast, the Howard Stern Show, and more… lots of guys love the Autoblow. While it’s a little cumbersome and noisy, it might just do the trick for you.

4. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blue Ice - 8.5-inch Long Fleshlight

  • $69.95
  • 8.5 inches long chamber
  • 3 points of initial insertion (lips, tongue, throat)

With 3 points of insertion designed to mimic the feeling of some lips, a tongue, and a throat… this cool blue Fleshlight is the perfect introduction to sex toys for men.

Cool-looking with 8.5 inches of insertable length, this popular male sex toy really does the trick. It’s not the easiest thing to clean, but that applies to basically any masturbation sleeve!

5. Lovense Gush - USB-Rechargeable Male Vibrator

  • $99.00
  • Vibrates the penis glans (head)
  • Flexible, USB rechargeable, waterproof

Designed for vibrating the penis head (glans), the Lovense Gush is a small, flexible male vibrator that can be used while stroking your penis or hands-free.

Though it may be too small for larger penises, this unique male sex toy also comes with a small band that allows you to fix it in place for a wild ride. Get gushing.

6. Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring - Best Male Sex Toy On a Budget

  • $24.99
  • 2 rings for your penis & balls
  • Clitoral stimulator

If you’re seeing these 3-figure price tags and thinking “Gee, sex toys for men are expensive”, allow me to introduce LoveHoney’s Bionic Bullet.

This cheap vibrating cock ring comes with 2 stretchy rings - 1 for your penis, and 1 for your testicles - and includes a clitoral stimulator and bullet vibrator for her pleasure. Strap it on and watch your sex life soar!

7. Fleshlight Go Torque Ice - Best Sex Toy For Voyeurs

  • $59.95
  • 7 inches of insertable length
  • Transparent fleshlight

If you or your partner get a kick from seeing the action, allow me to introduce you to the Fleshlight Go Torque Ice. This cool-looking pleasuring sleeve is totally transparent, giving you an inside look at the action.

While it’s a little tricky to clean, the combination of textures inside this penis sleeve makes it one of the best adult toys on the market for guys.

8. Lovense Calor - Automatic Male Vibrator with Heating Function

  • $199.00 (often on sale for $99.00)

  • Unique Bluetooth pocket pussy

  • Comes with warming function

Designed to provide penis stimulation, the Lovense Calor allows you to squeeze it WHILE it vibrates and uses a heating element to “warm up” your penis. Essentially, it creates a cozy little home for your cock!

Remote control compatible with the Lovense Remote smartphone app, you can even use toy this with a long-distance partner too. It’s basically a Fleshlight on steroids.

9. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage - Discreet Male Stroker Toy

  • $34.95
  • Use solo or as a couple
  • Small, transparent, easy to hide

One of the smaller and cheaper Fleshlight toys, this double-ended penis stroker is made from transparent material and is small enough to easily hide in a sock drawer (if that’s a concern for you).

With internal lumps and bumps that massage your penis delicately, this is perfect for masturbation or spicing up oral sex with a partner. However, it is a little tight, so it’s not ideal if you’re on the girthy side.

10. FUN FACTORY X Lovehoney Cobra Libre II - Best Male Vibrator

  • $129.99
  • Designed for avoiding mess
  • 3.5 inches of insertable

Looking like something designed by a Formula One team, the Cobra Libre II is one of the best men’s sex toys if you’re into penis glans stimulation and hands-free orgasms. It’s pricey, but it’s very well made.

All you need to do is insert your penis with a little lube, turn it on, and allow the powerful vibrations to do the work for you. There’s even a little reservoir inside, so you don’t need to worry about making things messy.

11. Kiiroo Hot Octopus Pulse Solo - Best For Men With Erectile Dysfunction

  • $179.99
  • Intense oscillating vibrations
  • Self-pleasure for guys with ED

If you have problems with erectile dysfunction, allow me to introduce you to the Kiiroo Hot Octopus Pulse. This vibrating penis toy can be used solo or with a partner, and the vibrations can even be synced up with 3D and 2D VR Porn Sites for mind-blowing pleasure.

This self-pleasure toy allows you to ejaculate even if your penis is soft, which is great for men with ED.

12. FUN FACTORY Manta - Great for Solo or Partner Play

  • $139.99
  • 6 vibration patterns & 6 speeds
  • 100% waterproof for bath/shower fun

One of the most popular sex toys for guys, the FUN FACTORY Manta is unique in appearance… almost looking like some kind of lobster claw. While it’s not the sexiest looking toy in the world, this male vibrator can be used almost anywhere on the body.

USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof, it’s an excellent sex toy to take into the bath or shower for a bit of cheeky fun solo or with your partner.

13. Lelo TOR 2 - Best Cock Ring Overall

  • $139.99
  • 100% waterproof with 6 pleasure settings
  • Great for partner play

Designed to basically turn your cock into a “vibrating penis” during sex, this is undoubtedly the best cock ring for men with female partners. The vibrations lead to mind-blowing sex or masturbation.

While this toy is certainly more expensive than other cock rings, it’s 100% waterproof, fully rechargeable, and is made from high-quality premium silicone. Basically, this vibrating cock ring is comfy, easy to use, and gets everyone off. Good stuff.

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What Are the 5 Main Types Of Male Sex Toy?

Sex toys for men come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few categories that they normally fall into. Here are the 5 main types of male sex toys and how to use them!

1. Fleshlights and Strokers

Fleshlights and strokers are types of penis toys that are designed to mimic an orifice such as a vagina, anus, or mouth.

Fleshlights like the Turbo Thrust Blue Ice are among the most famous examples of these toys.

You use these pleasuring sleeves manually, meaning you essentially “have sex with” these sex toys with the aid of a water-based lubricant.

2. Vibrators or “Guybrators” (yes, really)

Vibrators for men (sometimes called “male vibrators”, “guybrators” or similar) do exactly what it sounds like - they’re vibrators for your penis.

These male sex toys can take many different shapes - some are a vibrating stroker, some look like bullet vibrators, and some like the FUN FACTORY Cobra Libre II have their own design entirely.

Most are designed to vibrate the head (glans) of your penis… the most sensitive part!

3. Male G-Spot Massagers (Don’t be scared!)

Prostate massagers are designed to stimulate the prostate gland - a small walnut-shaped gland approximately 2-3 inches inside your anus. This “male G spot” is what makes sex pleasurable for men to receive, and it can lead to intense orgasms.

Don’t be afraid of a little butt stuff!

Some prostate stimulation toys are “manual” - meaning you insert them and control them with your pelvic floor muscles. However, you can also buy prostate vibrators like the Aneros Helix Syn V which are vibrating, so you just lay back and enjoy the ride.

4. Automatic Masturbation Machines (Yes, they exist)

Automatic masturbation machines (or “automatic male masturbators”) are as brilliant as they sound. These machines are designed to pleasure you automatically allowing you to enjoy a hands-free orgasm while you lie back and relax.

Just soak that in for a moment!

Different machines have different systems for this, but men's sex toys like the Lovense Max 2 use suction and vibrations to massage your penis all the way to sweet climax.

5. Cock Rings (Vibrating & Non-Vibrating)

Designed primarily for sex with a partner, cock rings are designed to be worn around the base of the penis (and sometimes the testicles) when erect. This helps to keep the penis erect for longer periods of time… and is especially useful for men with ED.

However, men of all ages enjoy these sex toys.

You can also get vibrating cock rings like the Lelo TOR 2 that come with vibrations, basically turning your penis into a vibrator for your partner. If your partner is female (or has a vulva) this has the added bonus of massaging your partner’s clitoris during sex.

So, What’s the Best Sex Toy For Guys?

From prostate massager toys to male masturbator sleeves and even automatic machines… we’ve looked at a few of the best men’s masturbating toys on the market here today.

But which is the best?

Now obviously, taste is subjective, but these would be by main shout-outs depending on what you’re into:

Regardless, all of these toys have their upsides and downsides, so make sure to explore different men’s sexual toys and see what’s right for you.

Stay safe, keep an open mind, and most importantly… have fun!

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