2022’s 5 Best CBD Cream – Buyer’s Guide

Now that we are living in a new year, most men and women want to look and feel as young as possible. That means taking caring of our bodies with a proper diet, exercise and caring for our skin. Thankfully, it couldn’t be any easier to look after dry and itchy skin. At the same time, everything from sore muscles and aching joints to arthritis can be put at ease. You just need the right technique, a high quality CBD lotion. Let’s take a good look at 5 of the best CBD lotions, including Just CBD cream, for people to preserve their youthful skin.

1 Just CBD Cream

Working out of South Florida, JustCBD has been a leader of the legal cannabis industry for years. The global store has an excellent reputation for 2022 best CBD Gummies, as well as their powerful new delta 8 and delta 10 gummies. Most folks simply adore Just CBD topicals for sale. A person with sensitive skin can easily keep it hydrated with a hemp-derived Ultra Relief Gel. Just CBD relief cream quickly manages inflammation, while their roll-ons boost blood flow and create an icy sensation wherever they’re applied. There is even JustCBD massage oil for couples looking to get intimate. Be assured the entire CBD company is known to be highly efficient, from the helpful sales representatives and friendly customer service team to the billing and shipping departments. Safety is never an issue, as every domestically-produced CBD item follows intense safety standards and undergoes third party laboratory testing. When the time comes to treat your skin to the right hemp product on the market, you are in good hands with JustCBD.

  • JustCBD Relief Cream
  • 1000mg
  • $39.99

2 Naturecan CBD Balms

Also located at the southern tip of the Sunshine State, Naturecan strives to improve consumers’ lives with plant-based CBD goods, along with vitamins, minerals and other supplements. They carry a wide range of options, such as CBD for sleep, anxiety, pain, soreness and pets. Naturecan Muscle Balm – Chilli Heat is created to ease all types of aches after an intense workout. The Cooling Menthol option takes advantage of crystals to relieve muscle and joint pain, while a jar of Naturecan Arnica Cream with Witch Hazel relies on the centuries-old homeopathic remedy for the same recovery results. CBD reviews online mention the CBD item’s pleasing aromas.

  • Naturecan CBD Muscle Balm – Cooling Menthol
  • 1000mg
  • $49.99

3 Medterra CBD Topicals

Medterra in Irvine, California strives to improve consumers’ lives with domestically grown cannabis products. The CBD business is proud to work with the Baylor College of Medicine to confirm their goods are of the highest standards. An online shopper can pick and choose from a pain lotion, a roll on, recovery cream and a multifunctional Manuka Honey Healing Cream to support one’s daily skincare regimen. They carry a couple of broad spectrum CBD creams, Nature’s Relief and Soothing. Consumers can also find plenty of gummies, tinctures, capsules and CBD for pets. To top it off, Medterra has headquarters in the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Spain and Japan.

  • Medterra Manuka Honey Healing Cream
  • 250mg
  • $59.99

4 CBDfx Topical Cream

Veterans to the game, CBDfx in Chatsworth, California is on a mission to sell the purist CBD items available. People can purchase pharmacist formulated cream and balm sticks for muscles and joints in order to prolong the life of vitamins and amino acids in their skin. They also offer five different variations of a CBD face mask, along with foot masks. CBDfx Cream for Muscle & Joint: Cooling Formula is a high quality water based topical that uses menthol to relieve pain. They supply customers all over the world with edibles, capsules, oil tinctures and pet treats. CBDfx even sells CBD oil infused with mushrooms for energy.

  • CBDfx Cream for Muscle & Joint: Cooling Formula
  • 1000mg
  • $49.99

5 PureKana Topicals

PureKana in Scottsdale, Arizona has been assisting folks with physical and emotional stress for years. Using hemp farmed in Kentucky, the company offers CBD topicals to quickly hydrate a person’s skin and improve its elasticity. Utilizing the CO2 extraction process, their creams possess a range of ingredients usually seen in cosmetics, like shea butter and beeswax. PureKana CBD Body Balm is made with no THC whatsoever, making it ideal for professionals who have to pass drug tests. An internet shopper can also buy CBD Muscle Menthol Roll-On Gels, transdermal patches, a lip balm and a topical. Too bad bloggers often complain about PureKana’s high prices.

  • PureKana CBD Body Balm
  • 600mg
  • $47.99

Discover more facts about the best CBD topicals with the most frequently asked questions…

How was this list of the top CBD creams created?

To make this informative list of the best CBD companies to purchase CBD lotion, a number of crucial details were considered. To begin, every store most be completely safe and share their third party laboratory results on the internet. All of the CBD cream should also be domestically produced. How effective is the CBD cream on a consumer’s skin? Are the sales, billing and shipping departments on top of their games? Numerous feedback from both healthcare professionals and everyday consumers are taken into account. Rest assured, every vendor and their CBD products online found on this list are completely dependable.

What are the benefits of CBD lotion?

There are a number of superb reasons to buy a CBD topical. For starters, natural CBD works as an antioxidant. The hemp cream protects a user’s skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals. In other words, CBD products help to preserve people’s youth. Mixed with vitamins, nutrients and protein, real CBD also works with users’ cannabinoid receptors to speed up the skin’s healing process. Everything from dry skin to sore muscles and acne can become manageable. By restricting the amount of oil that’s produced by the skin, it grows nice and tight, as well as soft and smooth.

Is every CBD topical the same?

No, there is an enormous variety of CBD products available. All a person has to do is search for high quality CBD lotions online to find numerous results. For instance, folks can buy CBD roll ons, relief gel, pain cream and more. It never hurts to do a little homework on the internet and read reviews. Is the CBD shop located in the United States and does it share its third party test results with the general public? The last thing you want to do is spend money on a hemp-based CBD item that does nothing but stain your clothes. No worries, every CBD store listed above is trustworthy.

Where do I apply a CBD cream?

For centuries, hemp has been helping men and women manage several different skin conditions all over their bodies. People can simply rub it into the skin above a sore muscle, ankle or neck to help relieve the pain. Cannabidiol also helps with itchy rashes, as well as inflammation, dermatitis and psoriasis. Just be sure to keep any CBD product out of your eyes and mouth. If you feel like enjoying a CBD treat, there are plenty of edibles on the market. With a variety of CBD gels, topicals and roll-ons now available, managing one’s skin with CBD couldn’t be easier.

What side effects does CBD cream have?

For the most part, all CBD lotion for sale will not harm a user’s skin. Of course, every once in a while individuals have allergic reactions. It is most likely not caused by any form of hemp-derived CBD. Rather, it is from some type of additive. No thanks. Will I get high from CBD lotions? No, you will not. Even if some CBD products contain a small amount of THC, there is not enough of it in hemp-based CBD oil to cause any type of euphoric effects. In fact, CBD products are often used to bring people down from bad trips.

By David Baker, Cannabis Extraordinaire
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