2022’s Best Phone Tracking App: Top 5 Cell Phone Tracking Apps with GPS Location Tracking

Smartphones now control almost every aspect of our life. With mobile apps for shopping, banking, social networking, emails, and practically every other aspect of daily life, the value of a smartphone is significantly greater than it has ever been.

The loss of your phone may imply a loss of capacity to do daily duties, as well as a significant risk of outsiders gaining access to your sensitive information. Furthermore, the thought of losing your beloved companion may cause undue tension.

Thankfully, there are various phone tracking apps that can assist you in locating stolen or misplaced handsets. Exploring app stores will reveal a plethora of phone tracker applications that provide similar services but produce radically different outcomes. Some of the finest phone-finding applications can track a device's location as well as monitor its activity.

So, our specialists thoroughly examined a slew of the best phone tracking apps and identified the ones that provide the most value in the most effective manner. In this article, we will discuss the top mobile tracker applications for tracking lost/stolen smart gadgets.

The applications featured below might assist you in tracking the whereabouts of a phone or its owner. When you whistle, you produce a sound (so you can find it among your other belongings). Others include more advanced capabilities that allow you to see where each member of your family is at any one moment.

We have broken down the benefits and drawbacks of our top five options below.

List of the Best Phone Tracker Apps Available in the Market:

  1. uMobix – Overall Best Phone Tracking App Without Permission, Top Choice
  2. Hoverwatch – Most Powerful Smartphone Tracking App
  3. FlexiSPY – Best for Spying on Text Messages and Social Media Apps
  4. XNSPY – Best Undetectable Cell Phone Tracker App
  5. mSpy – Top Phone Tracker for Parents

#1. uMobix – Overall Best Phone Tracking App Without Permission, Top Choice

Brand Overview

To assist you in these instances, uMobix provides call and SMS monitoring options.

Furthermore, the phone track app allows you to effortlessly track their social media activity. Although social media may be enjoyable and engaging, it can also be a source of bullying and improper content for an impressionable audience.

All of the most popular social networking and instant messaging applications (such as Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp) may be monitored by uMobix.

uMobix is a mobile spying program that allows you to remotely monitor the actions of a target cell phone (iOS or Android) via an internet control panel. The uMobix app displays your current GPS position, social networking activity and messages, incoming and outgoing text messages, phone calls, and other information in real time.


  • Call History

Tracking incoming, outgoing, missed and even deleted phone calls with all details is an essential tool for parents who want to keep tabs on their children’s social interactions. With uMobix Call History feature, you can track every call and not worry where your children could be.

  • Text Messages

Cell phone monitoring will not provide you with a complete picture unless you have the ability to read text messages. How else will you discover what your children secretly purchase?

  • Social Apps

What type of content do your children see on Facebook? Navigate the home pages of Facebook and other social apps.

  • GPS Tracking Location

uMobix’s advanced GPS-tracker, combined with the comprehensive interactive map, is the best way for parents to track their children’s location.

  • Gain Access to Restrict Functions

With uMobix, you can gain access to control your child’s device, successfully restricting access to some phone functions to keep your child safe. The additional app for parents includes all of the management functions. You can also gain access to the camera and microphone on your child’s smartphone.

  • Deleted Info

With uMobix, you can see all the deleted contents such as text messages, phone calls, contacts, as well as renamed contacts.


  • Continuous monitoring
  • Logs updated on a regular basis
  • Detailed summary record on phone calls, location, and text messages
  • Secretly spy on your child


  • Features are limited on the Basic version

=> Click here to visit the official website of uMobix

#2. Hoverwatch – Most Powerful Smartphone Tracking App

Brand Overview

Hoverwatch was created in 2002 and has been providing parental control solutions and staff-monitoring services to global customers since then. According to the corporation, its goods are utilized by over 12 million individuals in 196 countries. Individual users to large corporations in the industrial and financial sectors are among their clientele.

Any monitoring and spying program is only as good as the functions it provides. Hoverwatch has a wide set of functions, which is remarkable for a mid-tier spying and monitoring program. Please bear in mind that not all functions may be accessible on all devices. As a result, if you are interested in tracking something specific, always double-check the official website.

The various Hoverwatch packages vary largely in terms of the monitoring capabilities you are permitted to employ. As a result, before you pay for any package, conduct a thorough investigation.

Hoverwatch allows you to keep track of basic information on an Android smartphone, such as the SIM card, network, SMS messages, and calls, and it may also provide you with the physical position of the target phone through its built-in GPS tracker.


  • Hidden Phone Tracker

Hoverwatch’s hidden phone tracker allows you to track calls, SMS, GPS, and messages in stealth mode, where you are completely invisible to users of the specific phone.

  • Record Calls

Hoverwatch’s call recorder app is one of the best phone apps that can record all the incoming and outgoing calls on the tracked device. This feature is available from the user panel to any device with an internet connection.

  • Phone History

With the phone history tracker for internet apps, you can also record phone calls on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, SMS, and GPS location tracking. It will save all of the information of the device about the user.

  • Facebook Messenger App Tracker

The text messages sent and received by users are saved in a form of chat. This Facebook spy app keeps track of both incoming or outgoing messages. Additionally, it saves audio and video files from Facebook.

  • Cell Phone Location Online

With Hoverwatch, you can track a cell phone even if the user has the GPS turned off. The software is able to locate the mobile phone.

  • Camera Tracker

The camera tracker allows you to take screenshots of the specific Android devices when the user unlocks the mobile device, Android-powered phone, or tablet. You can make camera shots in a hidden mode and can access all of the photos in your online account.


  • Stealth mode tracking
  • Free webcam photos of the surrounding device
  • Take desktop screenshots
  • Great social media tracker


  • You have to physically access the device to install the software

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hoverwatch

#3. FlexiSpy – Best for Spying on Text Messages and Social Media Apps

Brand Overview

FlexiSPY is a parental control tool that allows parents to monitor their children's internet usage. The program includes a variety of monitoring functions, allowing parents to monitor their children's online conduct in all aspects. FlexiSPY, once installed on the target device, may record a target person's behavior and send it to your Control Panel.

FlexiSPY is a tracking and monitoring program that allows you to quietly and remotely spy on the internet and offline activities of a target device. This program allows you to see and record phone calls, read text and social media messages, track your position, and even shoot photos and videos — all without the user of the device noticing.

  • First Steps

To begin using FlexiSPY, you must first sign up for an account and purchase a subscription. You will be provided all of the necessary information as soon as your payment is validated. You will be sent a link to download FlexiSPY as well as your account credentials.

To begin monitoring your child's device, you must first download and install the software on a target device. Even if you simply require basic functionality, you must root or jailbreak it.

FlexiSPY's work is invisible to the target user since it runs in the background. During the installation, you may select whether to keep or delete the app icon. To conceal the FlexiSPY icon, go to settings and enable foreground mode.

FlexiSPY has been established as one of the most effective, if slightly more costly, surveillance programs available. Given its effectiveness, it is only logical that this product is slightly more expensive than its competitors on the market.

There is a well-known dispute in the industry today that all such monitoring and spying applications function in the same way and accomplish the same task. While some are reasonably priced, others may be out of reach for the majority of people.

So, why use FlexiSPY when there are many other similar programs available at a lower cost? Let us do a thorough examination of FlexiSPY to obtain a good response to these and other questions.


  • Call Tracking

FlexiSPY enables you to listen to a phone conversation on your specific device completely invisible. You can also listen in on an ongoing call. This feature is viable for both Android and iOS users.

  • Call Recording

The Call Recording feature can be used to record conversations from the desired target phone. This function allows you to record all of the phone calls or specific ones that you wish to record. It should be noted that this is one of the few monitoring apps that currently offers this feature. In addition, this feature is very easy to use, and you can do it any time.

  • Ambient Recording

This feature is also available in the FlexiSPY app, and it allows you to activate the target device’s microphone and record its surroundings. The feature is especially useful for those who want to listen to live conversations.

In addition, you can schedule a plan with a specific start and stop time and date to record ambient sound.

  • Keylogger

This feature is relatively new. It is included with the FlexiSPY Extreme Package, but it can be purchased separately. It keeps track of any passwords, usernames, or codes entered into the target device. This means you can have access to your target’s social media login information.

  • Keywords and Alerts

This feature allows you to receive an alert when a specific action occurs — for instance, if someone searches for a specific keyword, phone number, or moves and deletes a file, and so on.

It is very useful if you do not want to constantly monitor a phone but still want to be aware of inappropriate content or behavior.

  • Blocking Apps

FlexiSPY provides advanced control over your target device applications. You have access to all of the apps on the specific device, so you can choose to close or block certain apps if you find them offensive or inappropriate.

In addition, this can be done secretly and remotely, so you do not have to be concerned about being discovered.


  • Stealth mode
  • Very advanced features
  • Great compatibility with iOS and Android


  • Must jailbreak the device to access the advanced features

=> Click here to visit the official website of FlexiSpy

#4. XNSPY – Best Undetectable Cell Phone Tracker App

Brand Overview

With XNSPY, the first step is to buy a subscription and create an account online. Because you will need an account for each gadget, the cost might quickly pile up if you have a large family.

Each account is connected with either Android or iOS in the online interface, but you may alter this if required. Each of your subscriptions has a link to full installation instructions.

XNSPY is the simplest and most secure mobile software for monitoring cell phones and tablets.

XNSPY allows you to remotely inspect all call records and contact lists in a sophisticated and user-friendly interface. You can remotely monitor your loved ones’ activities by reading their SMS text messages, iMessages, and IM chats on WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and Skype. You can also keep track of the multimedia posted by five other social media applications.

Different parental control applications provide a variety of capabilities. Some are primarily concerned with control, restricting the child's screen time and banning access to harmful websites, while others hope to keep an eye on the child's activities without interfering or being discovered.

XNSPY (for Android) falls squarely into the latter category, to the point that its existence is practically imperceptible.


  • Phone Logs

This feature allows you to view all details contained within the monitored phone call logs. You can view things such as the date, time, and Caller ID of each call made, received, or missed. You can also see the top five most frequently contacted phone numbers.

  • Social Media Surveillance App

This feature allows you to keep track of everything that happens on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other similar apps. However, you need to jailbreak it in order to monitor instant messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

  • Calendar and Contacts

You can view all calendar entries made on the specific target phone and view all contacts saved on the device as well.

  • Media Files

Allows the viewer to access all media files stored in the memory of the monitored device, such as videos, photos, and audio files.

  • Internet Usage Tracker

This feature includes the history of the user from web browsing to bookmarked pages. In addition, you will receive a list of the top ten most visited websites on the locked device.

Phone Lock

There is also a phone lock that is enforced by an app and can be performed remotely. The monitored device, on the other hand, can only be unlocked if you have the app passcode. This is useful for when parents do not want their children to be on their phones for the majority of the day.


  • Basic and advanced features
  • Compatible with all mobile devices
  • Relatively low prices


  • Full refunds not available

=> Click here to visit the official website of XNSPY

#5. mSpy – Top Phone Tracker for Parents

Brand Overview

mSpy debuted in 2010 with a basic set of functionality that included phone, text, and GPS surveillance. They have made significant progress in the decade since then, introducing additional capabilities and increasing the scope of monitoring.

It is intended to work in three different environments — Android, jailbroken iOS, and standard iOS.

mSpy is one of the greatest spy applications since it provides a plethora of functions without the need to jailbreak or root the target device. The major reason mSpy is appreciated and trusted by millions of users worldwide is that it is simple to set up and extremely trustworthy.

Furthermore, because it works with both Android and iPhone smartphones, it provides optimum flexibility and convenience to all users. This program is intended to give you a comprehensive analysis of the movements and activities taking place on the target device. It has a lot of functions and does everything properly; therefore, it is a top phone spy software.

mSpy has a long list of functions, but the Control Panel or Dashboard is our favorite. It allows you to remotely manage your child's phone and monitor all of the data it collects. We have tried other parental control applications that provide a lot of data to the Dashboard, and we had to scroll for a long time to get the image or information we wanted.

To fully utilize all of the mSpy premium capabilities, you must first root your child's Android device before installing the software. While it may appear complicated, we were quite satisfied with mSpy's installation tutorial. It contained step-by-step directions as well as animated GIFs that demonstrated precisely what we needed to accomplish. The entire procedure took barely a few minutes.


  • Direct Tracking

The most basic type of location tracking is direct tracking. It simply tracks every location of your child, and you can see the location displayed on a map. You can look at their route history, as well as get directions to their location.

  • Geo-Fencing

A geo-fence is a type of virtual boundary that can be used to designate certain areas as safe, such as home or school. When the target leaves the boundaries of a safe place, an alert will be sent directly to your phone. In addition, you can specify and notify your children with a message saying “forbidden location,” which they will instantly receive.

  • Phone Calls

Phone calls are the simplest way to communicate with someone. All phone calls (both incoming and outgoing) can be monitored and recorded by mSpy. In addition, it can also record the length of the phone call.

  • Emails

Email is the most commonly used type of online communication. Regrettably, they can be used for different purposes than work. Some people, for example, may send mature and unwanted images to your child's inbox. They could also send scams or other things. Therefore, mSpy can protect you from that unwanted content.

  • iMessage

iMessage is an app only available for iOS users. Even with the high price tag, those devices are extremely popular among children and teenagers, so they must also be monitored. However, this is more difficult, because Apple tries to secure apps more than other companies.

  • Website Blocking and Monitoring

This feature allows you to monitor websites and pages that a specific person has bookmarked. Furthermore, the app can notify you when certain keywords are searched. So, mSpy can assist parents in keeping track of the content their children are viewing.


  • Compatible with all iPhones
  • 24/7 customer support
  • User-friendly website
  • Affordable prices


  • Data cannot be recovered after factory reset data on the target device
  • Licenses are for one individual

=> Click here to visit the official website of mSpy

How We Made the List of Cell Phone Tracker Apps for Android and iOS Devices

Whenever possible, we are always looking into different aspects when it comes to phone tracking apps. The primary aspect is how reliable the company that provides the software tracking app is, and how protected each customer's data is.

Secondly, the other aspect is the pricing. Thankfully, the price of each software is relatively low. The pricing is affordable, and customers can have full satisfaction after buying one of their software for tracking.

There are many unverified companies that do not have a policy for a refund. This is also a key feature to have if any customer is not fully satisfied with the product or has any regrets after buying the subscription plan.

Last but not least, whenever we dive into each software to see what the company provides, we look at the features of the application. Different companies specialize in different areas. Whenever we look into it, we always try to find the best and have a diverse list and underline the main feature of each phone tracking app software.

Buying Guide – How to Find the Best Phone Tracking Apps

There are always doubts and concerns before buying a tracking app; therefore, we will remain unbiased and give you a list of the pros and cons of buying a phone tracking app.

There are various reasons why you would want, or not want, to buy a particular tracking app. You will be able to monitor your children’s responsibilities while performing other tasks.

Business Management

One of the benefits of quick navigation is that some devices have alarm monitoring and a dashboard. So, business people use it to send notifications when there are new orders.

A tracking app sends you the location of the specific tracking devices. Therefore, you can help when your family is in need and can navigate to their location safely.

Child Safety

Tracking apps also provide great child safety. There is some software that can be set up to send information about your child every hour or so. This may help parents know where their children are all the time, knowing they are safe.

Tracking apps will also provide you with information about where your child has been before and give you every location. Therefore, you may know whether your child is in potential danger or not.

Lost Devices

It is always upsetting when we lose our mobile devices. Third-party apps have GPS satellites connected and can help you recover a lost device, whether it is simply misplaced or stolen. Tracking apps will help you find its precise location.

Privacy Concerns

Whenever we look into the bigger picture, privacy is the only drawback we may have when it comes to tracking apps. Phone tracking apps collect and store a lot of data. Therefore, phone tracking companies know the location as well.

However, until now, there have been no such cases where personal info and location have bounced back and used against certain customers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Phone Tracking Apps

Q1. What is location tracking?

Phone location can be tracked in a variety of ways. Radio waves are used by modern mobile devices to transmit time-stamped location data to various GPS satellites. Devices also communicate their location with nearby wifi hotspots.

Regardless of your devices, all of this can happen without your consent, i.e., without you knowing it happened.

Q2. What exactly are spy apps?

A spy app, also known as a phone tracker, is a surveillance application that monitors the activity, location, and other features of a device.

Before you use it, you need to be aware of laws in your country/area regarding the use of it. Depending on where you live, the government may not allow you to use such apps. Examine the app’s overall reception, too, as it should be met with a resoundingly positive response from its user base.

Q3. Can I track someone without them knowing?

GPS technology is regarded as one of those technologies that is frequently overlooked by the vast majority. Generally, users regard GPS as a tool that allows us to find accurate driving directions. Aside from that, modern users typically use GPS to complete other tasks as well.

GPS can be used to track location, find a good place to dine, or to track an individual. Instead, there are some extremely powerful GPS-based apps that you can track someone without them knowing.

Q4. How can I find someone's location using their cell phone number?

There are numerous free number lookup services available in app stores. However, the top five are uMobix, Hoverwatch, FlexiSPY, XNSPY, and mSpy.

The simplest method is to use the tracking software that all of these companies offer. It is very discreet, and you can use it whenever you want.

Q5. How can I find someone’s exact location?

Monitoring someone’s phone device usually necessitates installing and authorizing applications on both devices — the one being tracked and the receiving device. However, some apps allow you to secretly spy without having to install software on the device.

It should be noted that these apps are not free and require payment, including a monthly subscription. However, you may find someone’s exact location, which always makes it a good investment. The apps will also allow you to track a personal device around the clock.

Q6. How do cell phone spy apps work?

Different apps function in different ways, but they all save data from a personal device on a host where it can be viewed. For Android phones, the app must be installed on the device, which implies that you must have physical access to the other device.

When the app is installed, it will send all data to your phone. Spy apps for iPhone operate by logging in to the user’s iCloud account because the majority of the device data is stored and encrypted there. In addition, there is some software that necessitates jailbreaking.

Q7. Is it possible to tell if you are being surveilled?

You can never be too sure of whether or not you are being surveilled by someone, but you can always guess whether someone is tracking you or not. There are a few ways that you can tell if someone is tracking your device. One way to know if you are being surveilled is fast battery drainage. This is because spy apps are actively working in the background.

The second way that you can usually tell is if you have new apps installed on your phone without you knowing. They usually disguise themselves into an app that should protect your data.

One of the most obvious is noise whenever you are making calls. Therefore, if you constantly hear noises on every call you make, this could be a hint.

Lastly, most phone devices will overheat because spy apps use a lot of memory.

Q8. Why do people want to track other people's devices?

People spy on devices for various reasons, such as to protect and monitor loved ones. Parents monitor their children’s cell phones to ensure their safety, and a staggering 95% of teenagers have access to a phone.

With increased use, children are more likely to be exploited via phones and the online world. Phone apps such as mSpy assist you in detecting potential dangers by monitoring your child’s mobile usage and taking precautions to keep them safe.

Conclusion – What Is the Best Phone Tracker App?

In conclusion, phone tracking apps can be used for the greater good. However, each individual should check the law surrounding them. Different governments have different laws, and in some states/countries, it is strictly forbidden to use these apps.

If you go with any of the above-mentioned tracking apps, you will be sure to get exactly what you need.

All of the features provided by each company will help you keep your children safe. It may come at a certain cost, but it is incomparable when it comes to protecting your loved ones.

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