25 Best Landscape Photographers on Instagram Today

Whether they’re working with a top-tier camera or simply a cellphone lens, the best landscape photographers can broaden your horizons – literally.

Not all famous landscape photographers may grab your attention, but we’ve got a list of the top 25 landscape photographers on Instagram that continue to manipulate light and color to capture new and inspiring landscape images below.

1. Steven Wenaas

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Although every landscape photographer on this list deserves a follow, there’s nobody worth watching more than Steven Wenaas. Based out of Minnesota, this photographer has compiled his large body of work by diving deep into some of the most pristine and remote wilderness areas that the United States has to offer.

While most of his work centers around landscape photography, some of Wenaas’ portfolio also incorporates wildlife and nature abstract photography as well.

2. John Steitz

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Along with being a civil rights activist and a sound design expert, John Steitz is also a landscape photographer whose passion goes beyond the art. He uses his eye for beauty to capture inspiring scenes that encourage his audience to preserve the world around them.

3. Kilian Schonberger

Kilian Schonberger is a landscape photographer based in Germany. Besides being an exceptional photographer, he is also a geographer, author, and a motivational speaker. Since he’s color blind, Schonberger’s work centers around finding patterns in nature rather than just hue or color.

4. Dustin LeFevre

Another creative from the USA, Dustin LeFevre may be one of the best landscape photographers on this list, but he also doubles as a forklift operator. In his free time, he’s got a passion for capturing stunning photos of Utah’s various badlands, plateaus, buttes, and canyons.

5.  Trey Ratcliff

Taking shots from London to New Zealand, Trey Ratcliff takes an interesting approach to landscape photography – not only was he born blind in one eye, but he also uses mathematical properties to capture interesting landscapes and patterns.

6.  Erin Babnik

Color is an important part of landscape photography, but Erin Babnik takes it a step further by using her background in art history to photograph landscapes with interesting color schemes and eye-catching compositions. Currently, Babnik is also part of a collective, Photo Cascadia, that centers around photography education.

7. Tiffany Nguyen


While she may double as a dentist, Tiffany Nguyen is a photographer based in Los Angeles who loves exploring new and exciting sights. She has a soft spot for photographing wide landscapes and interesting man-made structures with straight lines.

8. Mark Gray


If you’re looking for landscape photography that can easily be transformed into large, crystal-clear prints, you don’t need to look any further than Mark Gray. Along with being self-taught, Gray uses a special kind of panoramic camera to capture large, panoramic landscapes.

9. Cath Simard


Not all landscape photographers can capture the vibrant night sky as well as Cath Simard can. This Canadian photographer prefers to shoot at night and use remote glaciers, mountains, and even the Northern Lights as her subject matter.

10.  Rebecca Simrose


Another photographer whose work and passion lies with the night sky, Rebecca Simrose captures grand landscapes that frequently feature natural beauties like the Milky Way and mountaintops. She’s also based out of Canada and takes full advantage of the nearby Canadian Rockies and glaciers.

11.  David Thompson


Currently living in Las Vegas, a lot of David Thompson’s Instagram page looks like it could’ve come straight out of a fairytale. He’s one landscape photographer who doesn’t mind playing around with bright color schemes, patterns, or shapes in his work. This creative photographer captures a different kind of beauty in his art that goes beyond what the land has to offer.

12. Benjamin Hardman


Originally from Australia, Benjamin Hardman is now based in Iceland and uses the country for most of his landscape photography. Many people use Benjamin Hardman’s work as inspiration for fine art landscape photography.

Much of Hardman’s photography uses cooler, darker colors with a lot of contrast – but beyond his unique style, he’s also looking to spread awareness about saving the Arctic and the world’s glaciers through his photographs.

13. Zay Yar Lin


You may not believe it from seeing his photos, but Zay Yar Lin’s primary occupation is as a sea boat captain instead of a landscape photographer, although some of his photographs have actually been award-winning shots. Zay Yar Lin’s extensive travels are evident in his Instagram portfolio, and although he’s captured stunning landscape shots of the sea or desert, you’ll also find pictures of people living their daily lives too.

14.  Max Rive


It might’ve once been a hobby, but Max Rive’s stunning portfolio has not only allowed him to make photography a full-time gig, but it’s also earned him recognition across the world as a landscape photographer. While he travels across the world to capture exotic landscape shots, Max Rive enjoys working with elements like mountains, fog, clouds, and natural lighting.

15.  Matthew Saville


Professionally, Matthew Saville may spend a lot of time photographing weddings, but his true passion is for capturing unique phenomena. Specifically, Saville likes astro landscape photography – and his portfolio is full of stunning shots of starry night skies, the Milky Way, full moons, and even meteor showers that he’s captured first-hand.

16.  Lina Kayser


From Norway, Lina Kayser’s specialty is animal portraits, especially endangered wildlife, and she takes many of these shots in exotic locations – like Svalbard and Arctic regions.

Not only do Kayser’s images show just how fragile these animals are, but with dark, moody imagery and color schemes, she’s also capturing stunning Arctic and forested landscapes too.

17.  Stian Klo


You may not recognize his name, but there’s a chance you’ve seen Norwegian-based Stian Klo’s work in National Geographic, TIME, BBC, or even in Disney. If you’ve ever been interested in traveling or shooting northern Norway, Klo is the photographer to follow – he’s able to capture Norway’s snowy mountains and landscapes in a crystal-clear, unique way.

18.  Katie Goldie


Since she grew up around the Canadian Rockies, Katie Goldie doesn’t shy away from using them in her work. She tends to photograph amazing natural phenomena, like waterfalls, canyons, or even the Northern lights.

Unlike some landscape photographers, Goldie’s a big fan of making people part of her subject matter and many of her stunning landscape shots include at least one person admiring the view.

19.  Elisabeth Brentano


There are a lot of landscape photographers that can take a great shot, but not all of them have the natural talent for visual storytelling like Elisabeth Brentano does. Based in the US, Brentano’s images often include her own experience – whether that’s the story behind how she got the shot, what kind of message she wants to send, or even just how the picture makes her feel.

20.  Daniel Kordan


While he spends a lot of time leading photography workshops and educating others on how to take stunning landscape photos, Daniel Kordan also travels to unique, remote locations to find the perfect shot.

He’s a big fan of using post-processing techniques to enhance the original images, and as a result, his portfolio is full of bold colors and even timelapse photos.

21. Quin Shrock


Most landscape photographers are natural travelers and explorers, but not all of them have the same wild side that Quin Shrock does. Because he’s on the lookout for new, exotic locations all the time, Quin Shrock is able to capture some pretty epic shots. He’s also constantly experimenting, so you’ll find everything from unique underwater shots to grand landscape photos in his portfolio.

22. Michael Shainblum


If you’re a big fan of time lapse photos and videos, you may want to give Michael Shainblum a follow. From San Francisco, his portfolio is full of epic images that took a second to capture – but hours or days of planning. He’s got everything from vibrant shots of the Milky Way to nature photography that captures a strike of lightning.

23.  Marc Adamus


Marc Adamus’ work is all about capturing the tone, mood, and emotions behind certain landscapes – and that’s exactly what he does. From sunny, flowery forest shots to dark, moody lightning storms, Adamus’ landscape photos truly do show mother nature from every single side.

24.  Antony Spencer


Antony Spencer’s unique style is all about the right lighting. Whether it’s a bright, hot volcano that’s been captured in the right moment or a cool glacier shot that utilizes shapes and lines, Spencer definitely has an artistic flair that’s evident in his landscape photography. While he’s from the UK, Antony’s portfolio includes images from all over the world – including Colorado, Iceland, Greenland, and even Yellowstone.

25.  Hillary Younger


Like many famous landscape photographers, Hillary Younger has bigger goals than just taking pretty pictures – her unique nature and wildlife shots are meant to spread awareness about protecting and conserving that nature. She’s also been featured on the cover of Australian Photography, and continues to push the boundaries of landscape photography with darker, moodier images and edits.

26.  Alex Noriega


Not all landscape photographers use post-processing techniques as well as Alex Noriega does, but his excellent editing skills are impossible to miss if you scroll through his portfolio. He’s a full-time nature photographer and spends a lot of time traveling across the world for those nature shots – including to places like Lake Superior or the Apostle Islands.

What sets Noriega apart from some other photographers is the way that he utilizes geometric shapes and lines in his work.

27.  Lars Van De Goor


Lars Van De Goor is all about creating a great composition, and when it comes to professional landscape photography, he’s especially partial to trees. With post-processing techniques and forested locations, Lars Van De Goor is able to create stunning images that look like they’re right out of a fantasy novel. For anyone interested in purchasing his images, he also regularly sells prints on his site.

28.  Vincent Favre


Vincent Favre is a French photographer with an artistic flair for capturing the “magic” of nature. Favre is also a versatile photographer, and his impressive portfolio includes everything from vast, vibrant mountaintops to moody, dark forests that have been edited with post-processing techniques.

Besides landscape photography, you’ll catch the occasional animal portrait or plant photography in Favre’s body of work.

29.  Lizzy Gadd


While she’s interested in capturing impressive landscapes, Lizzy Gadd also specializes in self-portraits too. Most of Gadd’s pictures include herself as part of the subject matter, and she’s not afraid to use stylistic elements like contrast or saturation.

If you’re looking for a landscape photographer that snaps photos of ethereal landscapes but also includes a human element to the photographs, Lizzy Gadd is a great follow.

30.  Erez Marom


Originally from Israel, a lot of Erez Marom’s eye-catching images are of Namibia, a popular spot for landscape photography. However, despite how well photographed the location is, he’s able to add his own style and composition to photograph creative images. Marom also continues to branch out and travel to new places, including Norway, Iceland, and other arctic regions to find the amazing scenes for even better photos.

Have Fun Exploring Landscape Photography on Instagram!

There are plenty of landscape photographers that can pick up a camera and snap a photo of the sunrise or a mountaintop – but pro landscape photographers take it to the next level and capture the beauty of the moment. Not only does every landscape and travel photographer on this list have their own unique style that’s easy to identify (even if they’re using the same subject matter), but they’ve also all got their own messages to spread.

Some photographers, like Steven Wenaas, are masterful with elements of design and composition in their work while others, like Katie Goldie, excel at visual storytelling and evoking emotion through a single photo.

Whether you’re looking to become a landscape photographer yourself or you just want to see some of the world’s most exotic locations, these are the best landscape photographers to follow on Instagram!

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