5 Best Assignment Writing Services in the US

If you have ever sought assistance from assignment writing services, you might know that it’s not easy to find a reliable one. Reading through numerous online reviews and checking testimonials from your friends might work for them, yet it doesn't mean that the same standards will work for you. The only solution is to analyze what's currently available and look for legit solutions that allow you to communicate with your writer directly and offer free revisions to keep things accurate. These are exactly the best assignment services that we have chosen for the professional evaluation to help you achieve academic success!

Why Do Students Seek Assignment Help Websites?

The answer is quite simple: they are dealing with an unbearable workload that often makes it impossible to focus on each assignment in a required way. If you add the tight deadlines and academic pressure to the equation, you will see that most students end up studying late at night when college professors are unavailable. Turning to professional assignment writing services, college students receive help with proofreading and checking the accuracy, discuss their plagiarism concerns, and always receive the most efficient solutions to get through writer's block. Still, one has to locate a service that will deliver things timely and provide you with the highest quality without costing a fortune.

Top Assignment Writing Services to Try In 2022

- History. If there is at least one service that is worth your time and attention, it is EduBirdie. They have been around since 2014 and have secured their place among legit assignment writing companies. What makes them unique is direct contact with the writer, which helps to eliminate numerous problems that often occur when information is being delivered. Not the case here as you can discuss your concerns and make sure that your objectives are fully met.

- Reliability. The presence of their blog with helpful writing tips and ideas, customer support, free revisions, revisions, and excellent customer feedback online make them one of the safest choices these days. The company works hard at its social media presence and focuses on all the latest in academic writing. They also offer all types of assignment writing help, which also places them on the list of the primary choices to consider.

- Placing an Order. Based on our experience with this assignment help service, the process of placing an order was logical and simple. We have checked the quality with a typical MBA term paper. The final results have exceeded our expectations with a list of reliable sources, perfect grammar, originality of ideas, and formatting that was there. The paper has been delivered on time and our team has been impressed with a positive attitude and genuine support from the expert.

- Affordability Factor. When one would think that such a service would break the bank, they belong to affordable academic assistance companies. The prices start at only $13.99 per page, which is mostly possible for college students who represent the majority of the customers. Remember that you can also choose the writer’s level, which will add either 10% or 20% to your final price, yet it is totally worth it, according to the customers who have tried the company’s top 20 or top 50 writers.

- Online Reviews. Their online presence and attitude have helped them to gain good feedback. They have 4.7 stars out of 5 on the websites like Trustpilot. They also leave those negative reviews with the answers and suggestions on how they could help. Since they have refunds, most customers have had no trouble in this regard.

- Customer Support. Their customer support is truly knowledgeable and they will always provide you with assistance. When you cannot choose your writer or need to explain what kind of assignment writing service you require, they will provide you with help with due patience and respect.

- Final Thoughts. As a legit service that has positive reviews, delivers assignments on time, and allows you to talk to your writer, there is not much to ask for. Their prices are affordable and they do their best to address each assignment individually. If you have not used similar services before, EduBirdie should be considered a safe choice.

- History. This company belongs to the newer offerings and may be relatively unknown, yet they quickly became popular among college students and those Americans who are professionals in the field of academic and business purposes writing. Based in New York, this company is a team of people who know a lot about academic challenges and will provide you with assistance in a clear and accessible way. With a large range of services and various writing tools, they are a legit company that one must consider.

- Reliability. They are a reliable company that offers both free revisions and refunds, so you have no risks to deal with. Comparing this company with similar assignment help services, one will notice that they provide reputable free essay samples, so one can see the quality and get inspiration for ideas. The company is very open-minded and tends to help just like an old friend, which instantly sets you at ease.

- Placing an Order. Placing an order with this company has been a pleasure as it does not take long until you are all set and can proceed with choosing your writer. They can offer professional assistance in as little as three hours and can cover a wide range of academic subjects. We have chosen Nursing for testing purposes to see how well our writer would cope. The results were quite good and our writer has left several helpful suggestions for an even better grade. Once these have been accepted, the changes have been done right away at no extra cost. This attitude alone makes them worth it!

- Affordability Factor. The prices will always depend on your deadline and your luck with the bidding as this company allows writers that can handle the task to set the price on their own. Still, they remain affordable in most cases without getting over the board with their expectations. The writer’s level and your subject may also affect the final price. If you have a task that is rare or too complex, you may have only one writer, yet if your task belongs to popular literature reviews, there may be more proposals. You can also pay $9.99 to let the company provide you with the best writer on their team.

- Online Reviews. Based on 27 reviews on Sitejabber, AssignmentBro has 4.57 stars out of 5. Turning to Sitejabber, 16 customers have given them an average of 4.2 stars out of 5. Turning to other platforms like Reddit and Quora where students discuss their experiences, the feedback is mostly positive as well with a high level of satisfaction. If one ignores the minor complaints about them being too expensive or no luck with the bidding, it only takes some waiting as this assignments writing service does get affordable for those who wait a bit for the writers to offer the best price.

- Customer Support. Their customer support is one of the best and they respond immediately and can be contacted 24/7, which we have tested both late at night and early in the morning. It makes requesting a paper late at night to receive it the next morning possible.

- Final Thoughts. They may be a new company with a bidding system that may not fit some learners, yet they keep things honest and provide you with good quality assignments and professional help that meets the highest standards. Recommended!

- History. They have been around for at least two years, based on reviews and our experience. The company has quickly gained a positive reputation among not only college learners but educators as well who often approach the specialists of the company for editing and proofreading purposes. This service offers over 720 different writers, free essay samples, and academic help with most subjects. If you consider creative writing, they must be your primary choice as many customers in need of such help praise them!

- Reliability. They can handle urgent orders, have strict plagiarism rules, and provide you with a great selection of free samples to let you see the quality you can expect. There are also free revisions and refunds to guarantee your financial safety. In terms of timely delivery, most users online claim that they have no issues in this regard.

- Placing an Order. Choosing the best website to do assignments these days is not an easy task and many people just stop when they have to place an order. This company keeps ordering clear and accessible as it is right in front of you as you visit their page. We have tested Writix with a complex thesis paper on Theology and our writer has coped with the task magnificently. We are happy to say that grammar has been at the top of quality’s benchmark and the originality has been 94%.

- Affordability Factor. The prices here start from $17 per page, yet they may go higher if your deadline is tight. They are totally worth it because we received our paper 30 minutes earlier than our specified deadline and it had all the necessary formatting and the bibliography. No changes have been necessary!

- Online Reviews. The online reviews are mostly positive both on Sitejabber and Trustpilot that have been used as a reference. With 4.6 stars out of 5 on Sitejabber, we can say that they are trustworthy and can be used for most academic tasks, including complex ones.

- Customer Support. Their customer support is very good and they will provide you with all types of guidance as you place an order or make a payment.

- Final Thoughts. We liked the free samples and the essay quality of this young company. The presence of over 700 assignment writers also helps to cover rare school subjects and find specialists who are always available and ready to assist you. A legit company that is definitely worth your attention!

- History. Starting with an interesting website, this company is not a new player in the assignment writing services market and may be already known to some college learners. Once again, we have a great selection of free essay samples and essay services, yet what makes this company stand out is the rating of the writers, so you can choose those who are most reliable and won’t let you down. It has helped us when evaluating the quality and showed that this company is honest when it comes to quality and user satisfaction.

- Reliability. They are one of the legit companies you can trust based on our personal experience and the numerous online reviews that praise them. They are very good at handling urgent orders in as little as three hours. The free revisions and refunds are offered as well, yet you must prove that your instructions have not been followed to explain why their website for assignment help could not cope with the task. The safe payment methods also make them reliable financially.

- Placing an Order. We have chosen an average Nursing case study paper to test the quality. The final assignment has been done professionally and we have received custom assistance from a specialist who has left numerous suggestions. Such an attitude makes them a service that can be trusted for those sensitive tasks where every detail is paramount to earning the best grades.

- Affordability Factor. The prices start at $13.99, yet in our experience, the writers have been free to choose the prices, which have ended up to $22 per page, which is a bit more expensive, compared to EduBirdie or StudyClerk on our list. Still, you can negotiate the price if you wait and discuss the matter with friendly customer support. Just like with many homework help websites that use bidding, it’s a matter of luck!

- Online Reviews. The testimonials online are mostly positive with 4.5 stars out of 5 at Sitejabber and 4.1 / 5 at Trustpilot. The majority of other reviews are quite good as well. Some people complain about the high prices, yet if your deadline is not too tight and you wait a bit for the writers to offer good prices, things become more affordable. In our experience, they are a good company that has a great attitude and experienced writers.

- Customer Support. Their customer support is truly helpful and they will assist you with your concerns. They are friendly and available 24/7. The attitude with the refunds is also positive as they will review your complaints and provide you with an acceptable solution.

- Final Thoughts. They are a reputable company that has earned their place on our list by offering great quality and an excellent selection of free samples that shows how their work is done and what to expect. As a legit service, they are an option to consider for all types of tasks, including dissertations, research papers, and general college tasks.

- History. This company first appeared in 2018 and has quickly gained a positive reputation, especially among those students that seek assistance with research papers. What makes them special is transparency and the way how they approach assignments. You only pay when you are happy with the results, which fully eliminates any financial risks. The company also provides you with a large list of academic subjects and essay types, which is another important aspect to consider.

- Reliability. Checking assignment writing websites, it is not easy to find a company that will provide you with a great user agreement and all the possible ways to ensure that you are happy with the final results. There are free revisions, great customer support, and assistance with the refunds in case things go wrong. According to online testimonials, this company has a perfect attitude in terms of plagiarism and quality as a legit writing service.

- Placing an Order. The process of ordering is quite straightforward and you will not get lost even if you are using the service for the first time. As always, make sure that you share all the grading rubric materials and comments from your college professor. We have checked the service’s quality with a Psychology research paper by requesting over 10 sources. The writer coped with the task well and there were no grammar, style, or formatting mistakes. The paper has been delivered on time and no revisions were needed. It instantly brings StudyClerk to the list of high quality assignment help websites to consider.

- Affordability Factor. The prices here start at $13.99 per page, which still makes them affordable. Considering that you also get formatting, editing, and proofreading help by placing an order, the price still remains within the logical range. If you have an urgent deadline, they can help you get things done in 3-4 hours, yet the price will increase.

- Online Reviews. The online feedback on this service is mostly positive and detailed. The customers always mention timely delivery and the ability of the writers to provide good sources. Many learners have also tried this service for dissertations and complex academic work, which also says a lot about their reliability.

- Customer Support. This is where things are perfect because the customer agents at StudyClerk are truly friendly and will go an extra bit to assist you and provide you with positive vibes and professional assistance. They also remain helpful when you run into problems.

- Final Thoughts. It is another great choice to consider for your academic writing needs. The company leaves a positive impression and its quality is up to the highest standards. They are also credible for serious research work and can handle urgent orders well. The key is to share your objectives in full to achieve the best results.


- Is it legit to use assignment writing services online?

As long as the service you are planning to use is a legit company (like the ones we have explored), you are not violating anything. Make sure that you do not advertise your practices and keep things honest as you seek help.

- How reliable are assignment writing services?

Every case is different and it will always depend on the writer’s skills and a way how well you explain your objectives. Since you are dealing with a human being, always share as much information as you can and look for those services that allow direct contact with the assignment helper.

- Can you help me find legit assignment writing services?

Yes! It is exactly what we have tried to achieve with the selection of five reliable and legit assignment writing services on our list. Check them and you will find a solution that will work for you.

- What benefits do I get from using assignment writing services?

You are getting a paper that is custom-tailored to your needs, professional proofreading, and help with reliable sources. Most importantly, styling, formatting, and all these little details will help you to earn a higher grade and avoid plagiarism risks!

An Alternative Method of Learning

When you are asking for help online, you are not only getting your assignment writing done on time but you also learn how to cope with the problems and make your work stand out from the rest. It is especially important when you have to submit a paper that deals with creative writing or seek websites that write essays for you and assist you with the debates where more thought and analysis must be present. Keeping these challenges in mind, we believe that each assignment writing service we have picked will provide you with an alternative method of learning where you are free to choose what and how to learn. It provides modern learners with a sense of freedom and adds flexibility and strategic thinking as the correct choices are being evaluated.

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