5 Best Online Psychic Reading Websites For Accurate Psychic Predictions

When we say we are living in uncertain times, we forget life was always uncertain. It is the very nature of life. That is why humans have, for ages, sought to know their future.

With that being said, it is also true that life has become infinitely more complicated these days. Troublesome love affairs, failing careers, and declining health are becoming common problems of the U.S. populace. We would all feel calmer and safer if we could just know what the future held for us.

Is this new date “The One”? Will I get that job I applied for? Will I be able to repay my student loans without a hassle?

If only someone could answer these questions for us. We could then make peace with our souls and lead blissful lives.

If you believe in psychic readings, an online service could just be the thing for you in times when you just do not have the time or the luxury to step outside of your home.

We understand you may be skeptical about online payments or the genuineness of online psychic readings. That is why we have reviewed and tried out hundreds of such psychic reading online platforms and found the best, safest, most effective, and reliable services for you, so you can have a seamless experience, as well as save on these online services.

Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites [2021]

  1. Kasamba - Best Relationship Psychic Provider
  2. Keen - Cost-effective Tarot Card Reader
  3. AskNow - Reliable Psychic Advisor
  4. Oranum - Known for the Best Psychic Network
  5. Mysticsense - Top Choice for Certified Tarot Readers

The first experience of anything new naturally feels odd and confusing. You can feel depressed, trapped, or lost sometimes. If things do not return to normal, you feel miserable and confused.

Psychic readings may untangle your life, make it less chaotic, and aid you in walking confidently down life’s lane as its mysteries unfold before your eyes.

If you have an open mind, you can enjoy a new perspective on life through psychic readings.

Based on our analysis and experience, these five psychic reading online platforms are reliable and safe.

#1. Kasamba - Best Psychic Readers Online

Kasamba specializes in love, career, tarot reading, and astrology by serving over four million users worldwide.

It implements a roster system of five or more experienced online psychics, making them available 24/7. Accredited and independent psychic practitioners are associated with Kasamba to offer their premium tarot and the best online psychic readings. These online psychics offer their services via email, voice call, video call, and chat.

In addition, new users get three minutes of free chat to try astrology, tarot reading, numerology, and other psychic services. Messages from pets and queries about jobs, relationships, lifestyle, love, etc., are some of Kasamba’s fundamental service areas.


Free Trial: Kasamba is popular for never disappointing users with its Astro-services. To maintain its reputation and faith among its four million customer base, it offers a free trial. Free three minutes are credited to registered users to connect with the psychic experts for their new reading.

Money-Back Guarantee: New Kasamba users can get a refund on their first psychic reading if they are not satisfied. Besides offering free chat minutes, it processes refunds as soon as a registered client raises a dissatisfaction query.

Less Personal Info Needed and Better Insights: Kasamba’s online psychics generally ask the date of birth and user name to proceed with the consultation. They may ask multiple questions about the issues or queries for an accurate psychic reading and case understanding. At last, the psychic experts will share their inputs on problems and queries in their psychic readings.


  • Free psychic reading online for three minutes with new customers
  • Psychic readers are available 24/7 on a video call, chat, email, and voice call
  • Services include numerology, psychic mediums, astrology, tarot, and psychic readings
  • Authentic and gifted psychics tend to customers’ queries
  • Reliable, safe, and genuine services
  • Clarity and transparency about psychics offering their services on the platform
  • Hundreds of genuine customers reviews and ratings, proving the platform’s efficacy and reliability
  • Mobile app and online portal at your service


  • Money-back assurance only on the first psychic consultation

Why Do We Recommend It

Kasamba ensures five-star-rated psychic readers are available 24/7 for clients. The platform is pretty open about its services and its authentic psychics.

The platform also offers free chat minutes for initial consultations with every new psychic, giving users exposure to get many free psychic solutions and finding their best match for a psychic.

Most importantly, it has brought on board only the best people who can offer the most accurate psychic solutions through various options, including tarot, numerology, astrology, and mediums readings.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba for the Best Discount

#2. Keen - Cost-Effective Tarot Psychic Reader

Keen has a vast network of worldwide psychic readers who can guide you on your relationships, carry out tarot readings, answer your life questions, and undertake spiritual readings.

Based on your search and reading requirements, it connects you with either your nearest reader or a specialized one. Keen has been featured in numerous leading astrology and psychic magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Yahoo, Bustle, etc.

Accurate and the best psychic readings on life, relationships, and love are the forte of Keen. It also educates you about the process involved in psychic reading through blogs and FAQs. In addition, Keen offers two options for starters. You can either get a free psychic reading online for three minutes in the first session or ten minutes for $1.99.


Psychic Areas: Although Keen is famous for its love, life, and relationship psychic readings, it offers more than these. You can choose from a spectrum of options, such as psychic mediums, financial outlook, life questions, tarot readings, astrology readings, and spiritual readings. Besides, you have thousands of certified psychic experts on Keen to hire for your psychic readings.

Expansion: The site offers online psychic reading services and provides daily, monthly, yearly, and life horoscopes for free. In this way, you can read what changes can happen in your life from your horoscope and get answers to particularly troubling queries.

Psychic Contact Options: You can either call or chat with a psychic online. Although these are the only options with Keen, these are usually enough for most online customers, especially when you want to remain as discreet as possible.


  • Two trial options for new customers
  • Cost-effective consultation cost per minute, starting from $1.99
  • Certified and five-star-rated psychic readers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all readings
  • Was featured in major publications, such as Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Bustle, etc.
  • Reliable and transparent services by the best psychics
  • A wide range of services offered
  • Hundreds of happy customers
  • Mobile app available


  • Psychic experts are available only on chat and voice calls

Why Do We Suggest It

We find Keen to be a reliable online psychic reading platform, as it has 1500+ certified readers worldwide. The readings provided by its psychics are accurate and genuine.

Keen works on an agreement to keep your personal information confidential and safe from third parties. Moreover, Keen leverages its 20+ years of experience in spiritual and psychic guidance to add to your confidence in its services.

Free trials and 100% satisfaction are two things that ensure your money is spent well and lands in the right hands.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen for the Best Discount

#3. AskNow - Reliable Psychic Advisors

AskNow specializes in medium readings through voice calls or chat. It has famous psychic readers who can convey messages from your deceased pets or family members. In addition, it ranks 30+ years of experienced psychic readers on the site. AskNow also offers psychic reading services through its toll-free number.

Like most other psychic reading platforms, it does not offer free minutes unless you buy the introductory offer. Although it asks for a membership, AskNow provides discounted offers for Master and Elite psychic readers. It also asks for reviews or feedback about their psychic readers to assist you better in the future.


Introductory Packs: AskNow does not believe in providing free minutes. However, its introductory pack lets you spend $20–$30 to get equivalent minutes for a reading session. It also gives free minutes for a psychic reading from Master or Elite readers alongside the introductory pack features.

Pricing: AskNow is among the most cost-effective psychic reading platforms on our list. It charges $1–$20 for a reading session. In short, AskNow aims to provide you with affordable psychic reading services while fulfilling your needs.

Discreet Online Chat: You can discreetly consult with a psychic and find the answers to all of your queries without ever having to disclose your true identity.


  • Highly experienced psychic readers
  • Cost-effective charges, starting from a dollar/minute
  • 24/7 availability on chat or call
  • Daily horoscopes and personalized services from individual psychics
  • Mobile app available
  • Services in English and Spanish
  • Ask a free question; utilize it within 30 minutes of posting the query


  • No email or video call reading options

Why We Recommend It

AskNow has a network of highly experienced and well-versed psychic readers who can answer any of your questions. The privacy level of its tarot reading services is commendable. Besides, they are kind, supportive, and maintain their stand even when the final readings are bad news.

The platform also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you do not find the perfect match for a psychic, the customer support team will help you get your money back within minutes so you can find a better psychic advisor.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow for the Best Discount

#4. Oranum - Known For The Best Psychic Network

Oranum specializes in online video psychic reading services. It makes the psychic readers’ network available 24/7 on video calls, enabling you to see your tarot cards being read.

Oranum has a credit payment system, in which you get $9.99 free credits for a free trial. Later, you will need to add the credits and use them for future psychic readings.

With ten years of experience, Oranum’s forte lies in spiritual, astrological, and psychic readings. It is a user-centric psychic reading platform with hundreds of reliable psychics available 24/7.

So, you can get free sessions, private sessions, psychic stories, free videos, premium videos, subscriptions, surprise sessions, and special request fulfillment all under one roof — Oranum.


Video-Calling: Like other psychic reading sites that connect with you via chat, email, video, or call, Oranum offers video psychic readings only. But, this is great for those who wish to experience the offline version of psychic reading. This feature intends to allow transparency between the psychic and you during reading sessions.

Broadcasting: Oranum gives you $9.99 credit tokens to try its registered psychic readers. However, you have two consultation options here — broadcasting and private session. In broadcasting, the available psychic readers flash on the webpage. You only have to join their video chat room and consult them using Oranum credit coins.


  • Specialized video psychic reading sessions
  • Cost-effective sessions paid by credit coins
  • Multiple options in psychic readings — clairvoyant, tarot, astrology, dream counseling, family counseling, career, and many more
  • Offers pet psychic services
  • Numerous benefits in premium Oranum packages
  • Excellent privacy and refund policies


  • No phone, chat, or voice call consultation
  • Expensive credit coins

Why Do We Suggest It

Although credit coins are expensive, they last for a long time, as broadcast psychic reading sessions are relatively affordable than private ones.

We suggest Oranum because the psychic readers analyze your readings in front of you while addressing your queries. You always stay assured the psychic reader is genuinely putting effort into getting you accurate readings.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum for the Best Discount

#5. Mysticsense - Top Choice for Certified Tarot Readers

Mysticsense is a 24/7 online psychic reading platform where experienced readers guide and answer your questions. It specializes in love, spiritual, tarot, and astrological readings at affordable prices. Mysticsense ensures you get detailed clarifications on your questions and readings. Therefore, it offers you a free five-minute trial.

It maintains a complete profile of the psychic readers on the site. You can tap on the shortlisted readers and check their previous customer feedback, credentials, qualifications, certifications, etc. Mysticsense also promises 100% money-back if you are not satisfied with its psychic reading services.


Affordable Choice: If you have multiple queries about your job, life, relationships, etc., Mysticsense is your go-to psychic partner. It offers reading services at reasonable prices (starting from one dollar/minute).

Five-Minutes Free Trial: You can try out the services of the psychics on this platform for five minutes for free. That will help you understand what is required and how the website can help you get accurate and reliable readings.

Customer-Centric: Mysticsense focuses on satisfying you with all of its psychic services. You have multiple features to filter through psychic readers according to your needs.

Service Availability: The psychic readers are always available on chat, call, and video to guide you with their readings. No matter if you are using a phone or desktop, the reading experience never changes. Besides, a satisfaction guarantee is given in lieu of a 100% refund if the services are unsatisfactory.


  • Lowest psychic consultation costs
  • Free five minutes to try a psychic
  • Up to 100% money-back guarantee on Mysticsense satisfaction claim
  • Diversified psychic reading services


  • Most psychic readers are only available on chat

Why Do We Recommend It

Mysticsense is popular for its low-priced online psychic reading services. It covers all genres that come under psychic reading to assist you with any question or need. Besides, it is among the top service providers that offer free five-minute trials. Mysticsense also has a fast-responding customer service team that addresses your payment or dissatisfaction concerns on time.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense for the Best Discount

What to Expect from the First Psychic Reading?

Sometimes, we get confused or scared for no apparent reason about things beyond our understanding. If such things can be addressed and resolved, life can become much easier for us.

You would be consulting a psychic reader only if you have questions about your life, love, finance, career, relationships, etc. However, the first session can be a disaster if you do not know what you are getting into and how it can affect you. For this purpose, the below points will help you enjoy the first session with clarity.

  • Kindness in Psychic Readers
You can feel nervousness and hesitation during your first reading session. However, an experienced psychic reader will always make the first session comfortable and interactive for you. Regardless of the final readings, the experts will ensure you are not scared in the first psychic session.
  • Getting Answers to Personal Questions

A psychic reader’s intuition always dominates over their other reading traits. Nonetheless, you can be asked some personal questions. When you use an online psychic reading service from a reliable source, your secrets and personal details are always safe with the reader.

  • Striking a Conversation
Tarot readers may engage you in a conversation to assess your life events and get a better hold of their psychic reading applicability. Since a reader uses psychic powers, the final readings often relate to a specific aspect of your life. Therefore, the tarot reader generally establishes a friendly conversation where you can comfortably discuss your expectations, conflicts, life, job, etc.
  • Finding Clarifications

The first reading can raise questions and confusion in your mind. You may also experience mixed feelings after the reading. At this point, the reader will give you some time to process the feelings and experience. It also gives you a leeway to ask questions until you have clarity on certain things. Remember to express your disappointment if you are not satisfied with the reading. The expert will resolve your queries and leave you content.

  • New Dimension of Psychic Powers

A tarot card reading can tell what to expect in your future and how you can get there. The reader will analyze your selected cards, ask you some questions, discuss the reading, and share some visions and solutions. In the end, you will have a new perspective of your life and issues.

FAQs on Online Psychic Reading

Q. Are Online Psychic Readers Real?

Online psychic readers are real human beings who sit and wait for you to read your cards and guide you. No unauthorized psychic reader receives as much positive feedback as an authorized one. Nonetheless, a lookout for the previous clients’ reviews of a particular reader is essential.

Q. Video, Chat, or Call — Which One Is Better for Consulting a Psychic Reader?

It all depends on your comfort zone. Some people express their emotions and queries more clearly on call and chat than video calls and vice versa. Moreover, a suitable consultation psychic medium enables a smoother expression of emotions and thoughts.

Q. What Are the Different Kinds of Psychic Readings?

Astrology, numerology, crystal balls, palmistry, and tarot cards are popular methods of psychic readings. You may also find other forms depending on your issues and needs.

Q. What Is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card reading offers solutions to current life, decisions, and issues. It also reveals information about people that the latter themselves may not know. Intuition plays a crucial role here because it reflects what people expect from their lives and how they can get there. Although tarot card readings cannot offer accurate life-changing solutions, they can showcase the directions to lead a better life based on the actions of the present.

Q. Is Free Online Tarot Reading Safe?

The world is filled with both good and bad things, and this is what balances it. Similarly, online tarot reading is safe, but it depends on which service provider you select. Psychic platforms such as Kasama Psychics, Keen Psychics, and AskNow offer free tarot card reading from certified psychic readers.

Q. How Do I Prepare for a Psychic Reading?

You must address the issues you are experiencing in life before consulting an online psychic reader. When the topic of discussion is clear, a reader can identify the issue sooner and offer truthful insights. In addition, you should avoid discrepancies in thoughts to get satisfactory results from an online tarot reading. Interference of any third party between the reader and the user will hamper the latter’s ability to process the given insights.

Q. Can a Tarot Reading Tell Your Future?

In multi-psychic dimensions, the answer is yes. Once you understand the tarot readings and use them, they will undoubtedly change your life with time. Likewise, the readings will start predicting your future based on your present actions and lifestyle.

In Conclusion: Do These Online Psychic Reading Sites Give Satisfactory Results?

Under any circumstances, selecting the right psychic reader is the beginning of a satisfactory reading session.

Our best five online psychic reading platforms have experienced readers to help you adopt practical changes to improve your life. In addition, they work for your needs and even offer free trials.

It may seem like a lot of bunkum to many, but it has been one of the oldest skill forms of the human race. You can give it a try and then move on if it does not give you satisfactory results.

But, do choose wisely and opt for authorized readers only. However, we would recommend you to go for Kasamba.

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