5 Best Payday Loans Online With Guaranteed Loan Approval No Credit Check in 2022

Online payday loans are a great option if you are in a financial jam and need some small amount of money to cover you until your next paycheck arrives. Wondering which relative to ask for a small amount of cash?

The same-day loans are an excellent option for people who don’t qualify for a credit card or are struggling with poor credit scores. Whether you need car repair, house renovation, or to cover some unexpected and substantial medical expenses, the companies that offer online payday loans are here to help.

Top 5 Loan Companies Offering Online Payday Loans 2022

If you are in a financial jam and need to cover some medical bills, emergency expenses, or repair your car, applying for a payday loan without leaving your house can be the solution. This type of loan is excellent and can keep you on top of your finances until your next paycheck arrives.

However, selecting an online lending platform that can meet your financial needs and will not try to use your situation against you with high-interest rates can be challenging. But, you shouldn’t worry. We did the work for you and selected five reputable platforms that can easily connect you with multiple lenders that help you deal with your financial emergency. The best companies on the market that offer payday loans are:

  1. Money Mutual - Best online payday loans for bad credit overall, editor’s pick
  2. Bad Credit Loans - Top financial advisor offering payday loans online bad credit
  3. RadCred - Reliable platform to get guaranteed payday loans for financial needs
  4. CashUSA - Reputed financial institution for payday loan instant funding
  5. Personal Loans - Direct lender for personal loans with guaranteed approval

#1. Money Mutual - Best online payday loans for bad credit overall, editor’s pick

Money Mutual is our number one pick, a company that works like a bridge between fund providers and borrowers. You can think of this platform as eBay or Amazon but only for loan-related purposes. The platform offers a quick and easy way to obtain funds.

This platform was established in 2010 in Las Vegas, and since then, it has had more than 2 million satisfied customers. Money Mutual has assisted many individuals who faced financial trouble and managed to help them regain control over their finances.

Money Mutual is a highly reputable platform and, in the loan world, is often referred to as the number one company overall. The firm collaborates with more than 60 lenders willing to look past people’s bad credit scores and focus more on the stability of their income.


While doing our research, every other article on the internet had great things to say about this platform. Money Mutual is usually in the first spot on every loan-related topic. If you need fast cash or emergency funding, Money Mutual can be a lifesaver.

To be eligible for a loan, the company only asks that you are a US permanent resident or a citizen, be 18 or older, and have an active checking account. You must get your paycheck weekly or every other week to qualify for a payday loan.

Money Mutual is an excellent option for people who struggle with poor credit scores and beginners who have no knowledge of how to obtain and how a loan works. The official website contains a lot of detailed and educational content that can offer newcomers a lot of knowledge regarding payday, personal, installment, or business loans.

After your request to a lender is approved, you can agree to the terms and conditions and have the funds transferred into your account in less than one business day.

Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual


  • Number one platform overall
  • Eligible for people with bad credit score
  • More than 60 lenders are available
  • Fast and easy loan approval
  • Safe and secure website
  • Funds of up to 5,000 dollars


  • The services are only limited to US citizens

#2. Bad Credit Loans - Top financial advisor offering payday loans online bad credit

Another highly reputable online marketplace that offers people funds during financial emergencies is Bad Credit Loans. As the name suggests, this platform is suitable for people who struggle with bad credit history.

This company is also not a direct lender but can connect potential borrowers with reliable lenders to meet their financial needs. The company’s headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bad Credit Loans is a company that is operated and owned by ChiefLLC. This platform has been on the market for more than two decades and, in that period, has gained a lot of experience. As we mentioned earlier, Bad Credit Loans is a platform that provides loans to people with poor credit scores and limited options for obtaining a loan.


This platform uses advanced encryption tools that keep the personal information of each borrower locked and safe. Bad Credit Loans makes the personal information of each borrower available only to potential lenders and authorized personnel.

Despite offering multiple loan types to people, the platform also provides additional, comprehensive comparison shopping services. To give you a better explanation, you can shop for car funds, student funds, mortgages, credit cards, and much more by using the services of Bad Credit Loans.

Besides, the company allows borrowers to compare interest rates from multiple lenders and make the best decision to benefit them and not put them in much bigger debt. The contract includes all the crucial details about the funding process like APR, interest rates, terms, fees, and monthly payments.

Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoan


  • Respectable platform
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Different types of financial solutions
  • Data encryption technology for safety
  • Available customer support 24/7
  • No obligations or hidden fees


  • Individuals with poor credit scores receive loan offers with higher interest rates

#3. RadCred - Reliable platform to get guaranteed payday loans for financial needs

Continuing our list, RadCred is another platform that can help people obtain a payday loan and feel financially secure until their next paycheck is transferred. RadCred is a well-known platform that can connect you with direct lenders that can offer you financial help during your desperate times.

Our third installment on our list is a reputable and reliable source for finding a payday loan online. Working like our previous companies, this intermediary between borrowers and lenders offers a safe and secure space where the whole interaction can happen. RadCred is a trusted marketplace for making any loan agreement and provides a safe and quick application process.


Like in any other respectable and trustworthy platform, the application process at RadCred is simple. Once you fill out the form, you can get approval on the same day. The company collaborates with a vast network of lenders that can evaluate and verify the borrower's information and decide whether or not they should make an offer.

If a lender offers you a payday loan and you like what you see regarding the terms and conditions, by signing it, you can receive the funds directly into your bank account in one business day.

In addition to everything else, one of the most extraordinary features of RadCred is its excellent customer support which is available 24/7. You can ask for assistance anytime you are stuck on the website or need a consultation session regarding your credit.

Visit the Official Website of RadCred


  • Well-known and respectable platform
  • User-friendly website
  • Same day approval
  • Multiple loan types
  • Extra educational content
  • Funds of up to 5,000 dollars
  • Transparent
  • McAfee and TRUSTe verified
  • Over a decade of experience


  • Some customers claimed that the eligibility criteria are strict

#4. CashUSA - Reputed financial institution for payday loan instant funding

Next on our list is CashUSA, one of the most popular online marketplaces for loans across all of America. A list of the best platforms that offer payday loans cannot be finalized without mentioning this company. With over 30 years of experience, CashUSA has stood the test of time and provided people financial assistance during difficult economic times.

By using this trustworthy platform, you can obtain payday loans, installment loans, personal loans, and much more. CashUSA has partnered up with multiple third-party lenders that can help you meet your financial needs quickly and without any hassle.

The user-friendly interface of CashUSA offers a secure and safe environment to interact with reputable lending institutions and overcome any financial trouble. This company's vast network of third-party lenders consists of state and tribal loan providers. On top of that, every lender is state-licensed and offers affordable fees and interest rates compared to other competitors.

After CashUSA connects you to a potential lender, you will receive different loan offers. In addition to this, you can use the platform for other finance-related services such as monitoring reports, credit reports, or debt relief.


Many CashUSA's clients have used the company to pay off a debt, repair their car, cover medical bills, etc. The platform makes the whole operation of acquiring quick cash very easy.

When you visit CashUSA.com and apply for a loan, you don’t have to worry about paying any hidden fees. The company offers free services and connects you to a potential lender that meets your loan requirements. Plus, the loan providers that work with this platform may perform an inquiry. This means that you can be eligible for a payday loan or any other type of loan, for that matter, even if you have a poor credit score.

CashUSA’s third-party lenders offer convenient loan disbursement together with flexible repayment schedules. After a lender contacts you with an offer, you have a choice to review the contract and decide whether to accept, decline, or negotiate. On average, the loan payment money can be in your checking account in less than 24 hours.

Another outstanding feature of this company is that it allows auto payments. The auto-payment method will automatically transfer the money to the lender once you receive your income. This process will help you stay on track and never miss a repayment date.

Visit the Official Website of CashUSA


  • Instant cash advanced loans
  • Respectable and popular platform
  • Industry veteran
  • Quick funds transfer
  • Flexible repayments
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Cash advances and short-term loans are available


  • Customer support can be slow in terms of response

#5. Personal Loans - Direct lender for personal loans with guaranteed approval

The final entry on our list is Personal Loans, a platform that can help you acquire a loan amount of up to 35,000 dollars. This online lending platform provides a safe and secure place where borrowers and direct lenders can interact.

Personal Loans is a company based in Utah and has been in the lending industry for over two decades. This company has partnered up with multiple loan providers and financial agencies that can help people obtain payday loans, personal loans, and installment loans.

By choosing Personal Loans, you can get your funds quickly, and the operation is done online. You can apply for a loan from your smartphone or computer without going from one office to another. PL is another customer-oriented company that offers fast and secure methods of getting a suitable loan.

This website makes the whole operation of obtaining a loan quickly because it is well-designed and uses simple manners that everyone can understand. Plus, by visiting the website, you can explore educational resources that can help you better understand cash loans, title loans, payday loans, single payday advances, annual percentage rates, and poor credit scores. With more knowledge, you can make a more educated decision and choose the best loan offer available.


For the company to consider you eligible for a loan, you must provide personal information, including your name, age, ID, residency status, proof of a stable income, bank account details, and the type of funding you need.

The application process at Personal Loans is simple and only requires primary data. What is closely related to this is that the website is encrypted using the industry standard and keeps each client's information safe and secure. So, you can rest assured that your data will not be leaked. Only authorized personnel and potential lenders have access to your information.

Personal Loans offers its users competitive interest and annual percentage rates because it collaborates with many third-party lenders. The company will ensure that you are paired with the most eligible lenders offering flexible and reasonable interest rates. Another great feature of this platform is that if you are struggling with a poor credit score, you will still not receive a loan offer with outrageously high-interest rates.

Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans


  • Loans of up to 35,000 dollars
  • The interest rates vary from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Trusted online marketplace
  • Extended network of lenders
  • The lenders make bits within a couple of minutes
  • Flexible repayment periods of 3 to 72 months
  • Soft check on credit scores
  • Multiple loans to choose from
  • Excellent customer service
  • User-friendly website
  • Quick and easy application process
  • Eligible for people with bad credit scores


  • Not available for people outside of the United States

FAQs On Payday Loans

Q1. Can I get a payday loan If I am unemployed?

In most cases, lenders always require a regular income for security so that you can repay your debt on time. Plus, before making an offer, they evaluate whether or not you can make the monthly payments.

They do so by checking your source of income and its stability. You can be able to repay your loan with a side job or some sort of government scheme. To conclude and answer your question, although the process may be a bit difficult if you are unemployed, yes, you can obtain a payday loan. You only need proof of your income for the lenders to consider you eligible.

Q2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a payday loan?

The first advantage of a payday loan is that it can be obtained quickly, and if you select a reputable platform, the funds can be transferred into your checking account in less than one business day. Second, the lenders that offer payday loans usually only do a soft credit check, so anyone struggling with a poor credit score is eligible to get them.

Payday loans are your best option if you are looking for short-term financial assistance. In addition to everything, the application process for these loans is quite simple and only takes a couple of minutes of your time. The repayment terms are flexible and can allow you to make on-time payments.

The dark side of it all is the annual percentage rates. Compared to other loan types, the interest and annual percentage rates are high on payday loans, mainly because the borrowers suffer from bad credit history. Plus, many states have law restrictions on lenders from offering more elevated amounts of money.

Conclusion On small payday loans online no credit check

Hopefully, our article answered all your questions regarding online payday loans. We did a lot of research and selected five good platforms where you can apply for a same-day loan. The companies work like a middle man and can connect you with multiple reliable lenders.

Furthermore, the platforms allow you to compare interest rates before agreeing to a deal that is eligible for your personal needs. A payday loan can be a great way to cover expenses until your next paycheck arrives. On top of that, you can apply even if you have a poor credit score. Apply today, and regain control over your finances.

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