5 Websites That Write Essays for You in the USA

Since you are browsing through this web page, the chances are high that you are looking for websites that write essays for you and provide you with academic assistance. Since this aspect of academic assistance is always associated with certain risks, it's vital to do your homework well (pun intended) and explore things before placing an actual order with a service that you find. The presence of websites to write essays per se means that the majority of college learners these days cannot cope with their tasks alone and often feel confused and lost without additional help from trained experts.

Starting with the overly complex grading rubrics to issues with the timely delivery, it is only natural to approach trained experts who can help you to understand what must be done and how exactly. Contrary to what some educators may claim about the conflict, websites for essays actually help to boost the levels of confidence among students and show them that it is good to ask for assistance and ensure that an assignment that is submitted has been done correctly. Do not forget about students with children or those who have to manage athletic training or family issues with the strict academic curriculum.

5 Websites That Write Essays For You in the USA

When you are a student in the United States, finding a website that will write an essay for you is not easy to find, especially if you are looking for a service with guarantees. This is precisely what we have aimed to explore. As one example, EduBirdie service provides you with direct contact with your writer, so you can discuss your concerns and ask questions. Likewise, if you need something more specific or want to deal with a British subject, a service called SameDayPapers will be a great option to consider since there are also the UK and Australian branches.

- EduBirdie

- About Essay Writing Service. It is one of the best essay writing services that we have encountered during our exploration. EduBirdie is almost a household name among those students that have tried seeking help online. They have been in operation for 8 years and provide college and school students with essays, research papers, creative writing, editing, reviews, and proofreading among other things. As a site that writes essays, they are safe to consider as they provide high quality writing and remain open about their services.

- Reliability. In terms of grammar, timely delivery, and plagiarism issues, they work hard to provide you with excellent results. Most importantly, they allow direct communication with a writer, which helps to simplify things as you ask questions or explain what kind of essay writing must be done. This fact alone makes them trustworthy and safe!

- Personal Order Experience. Choosing this website to write a paper, we have tested it with two different papers to determine the quality and evaluate things based on two different writers. The first assignment has been delivered on time and contained no issues in terms of formatting or plagiarism. The second paper has been done by the Top 50 writers and required 10 sources. This task has been accomplished well and the final paper has been delivered on time as well. There were minor formatting issues, yet these have been fixed with a free revision. The price for the Top 50 writers has been more expensive (10% plus the order’s price) but it was totally worth it!

- Affordability. This website for essay writing has various prices and might not be cheap for some learners. Still, the prices start at $13.99 and remain affordable, considering that you are dealing with a legit service and can choose a professional writer by discussing things first.

- Customer Reviews. Looking through online platforms like Sitejabber and Trustpilot, one can see that they have earned a total average of 4.7 out of 5 points. There are very few negative reviews that speak about the paper’s quality, yet this aspect is always subjective and you do not have to pay for the paper if you dislike it or can ask for a refund if your instructions have not been followed. Just make sure to share all of what you have!

- User Support. Their customer support is available immediately and they really work 24/7 as the practice and reviews from the different time zones show. What makes their support good is that they will assist you with the order’s placement process or can pick the best writer for you at only $9.99. It will be based on your subject and they will see who is most suitable based on your instructions. It is also a great time-saver!

- Is it Worth It? It is one of those websites that write papers for you that you can choose safely as direct contact with the writers is worth it. A wide range of subjects followed and zero plagiarism is also a good essay writing advantage to consider.

- StudyClerk

- About Essay Writing Service. We came upon this essay writing service purely by accident by reading online reviews. Numerous users have mentioned them because of their ability to provide good sources and literature reviews for research papers. They even provide assistance with dissertations and keep things accurate, which is what users always mention as the company’s name pops up. The company has been online since 2018 and has a good team of writers that go through complex verification processes to ensure that only top specialists make it to their staff!

- Reliability. They provide you with free revisions and belong to websites that will write essays for you by making sure that you pay only when you are happy with the results. There is a wide range of academic essay types and subjects that they provide, which is another benefit you must consider, especially if you want to get something specific like politics and debates for your journalism course. They are reliable because they are always keeping themselves informed about the latest changes and follow the rules to the letter.

- Personal Order Experience. We have tested this service with a relatively complex paper on leadership practices among American business corporations. While finding a credible MBA expert might not be overly complex, not all websites that type essays for you will go beyond working with an existing case study. Not the case here! Our writer actually provided a paper written from scratch and provided good research sources.

- Affordability. The prices here start at only $13.99, yet what we have paid in the end has been something higher because we have tested them in terms of timely delivery. It means that when you place an order that has 6-7 hours before submission, your price will increase significantly. According to the service, they can handle essay help in as little as 3-4 hours. Our paper has been delivered on time, considering the complexity.

- Customer Reviews. This website that does essays for you is quite good in terms of its online presence and customer feedback. It’s good to know that they leave both good and not-so-good reviews. Fortunately, these are rare and mostly mention the prices that somehow appeared higher than expected or the writers not following their instructions. It must be noted that the prices are always fixed and depends on your deadline only or the features that are additional.

- User Support. Their customer support is second to none! It is exactly what makes this company exceptional, in our opinion. As a website to type essays for college students, they are so much more with their attitude and helpful skills.

- Is it Worth It? They are totally worth your money and time because they are a reliable service that will write a perfect essay for you. They have numerous methods to keep you safe from free revisions to the reminders that you pay only when you are happy with their work. A great attitude alone makes them one of the top services worth checking!

- AResearchGuide

- About Essay Writing Service. When you are dealing with various websites that help with essays, it is not often that one can find a service that provides you with hundreds of guides and writing tips for research writing. This is exactly what this service offers! They have been around for over 12 years and focus on research writing and the ways how an educator or a student can improve things. Unlike a typical essay writing company, they belong to the academy community and won many awards.

- Reliability. Since this company is not what you would call an essay service online per se, you can count them as a reliable choice that can be mentioned to your academic advisor. There are many formatting guides and tips on how to write a perfect paper. Of course, if you would like to compose an essay based on some book or research MBA problems, it is also possible to approach them.

- Personal Order Experience. Placing an order at this website that types essays for you, we have been asked for details about our order. It was more human than ever before. As soon as this part has been done, they connected us to relevant experts, so that we could choose. Our assignment has been done correctly and contained no mistakes. The quality has been very high!

- Affordability. The prices start at $14.99 per page. It brings them to a relatively higher price range, yet if you think about the presence of trained experts and all the things they offer free of charge, it is worth it!

- Customer Reviews. No matter how we have tried to locate a dozen of reviews on the popular online platforms, we could not find much. The company is handling complex research papers and focuses on educators and institutions, so all their awards are not mentioned by the college customers. Still, what we could find brings this website that types essay for you to the top of the legit companies that will never let you down!

- User Support. They have an excellent chat that can be accessed via their web page. It has a team of trained experts who will know what you would like to do right away, so it is a great solution for those customers that require urgent help.

- Is it Worth It? When concerned students ask us about what website writes essays for you that remains a legal service that provides all the credentials and user agreements, we always tell them about this company or an academic foundation. The presence of skilled experts and the freebies that can be read on the website makes them a good choice.

- EssayVikings

- About Essay Writing Service. College students often complain that most websites that offer academic help are overly expensive or unreliable. This time, however, we have a legit service that keeps prices at the cheapest level possible. It is a new offering that can provide you with most essay types and even represents one of the websites that write paragraphs for you. They are a young company, yet they take a great approach to keeping things safe and clear.

- Reliability. They are one of these services that can be tried safely even if you are new to online help services. They are a legit company and have a great website that provides you with all the necessary information. They offer safe payment methods, let you choose your editor (as they call them), provide free revisions, and stand for an urgent order’s delivery.

- Personal Order Experience. We have tested this company with a personal statement essay and a Political Sciences paper with three sources required in APA format. Both tasks have been performed well. As a website that writes paragraphs for you, they can be approached for those very short tasks. Considering their fast turnaround and good editors for proofreading and writing, they are a great legit service to consider. No grammar or plagiarism mistakes, too.

- Affordability. This is the best part of this service because the prices start at only $9.99. If your budget is tight or you do not want to risk too much, this company will be your safest choice.

- Customer Reviews. The reviews for websites to help write essays claim that the Essay Vikings are one of the most represented online. It could be due to their low price or the popularity of all the essay types, yet they have the largest social profile. For example, they have 4+ at TrustPilot and 5+ marks at the Sitejabber. The majority of bad press they have are mostly because of their still being new, yet they can be trusted.

- User Support. Things are also good here because you can give them a call 24/7 or get in touch via the online form. As always, their online chat is always available and the customer agents can provide you with all types of help.

- Is it Worth It? Among the websites to write essays, they are the most affordable option with a great number of positive reviews online. The company also offers paragraph writing, so if your essay only needs 2-3 paragraphs, it is even better! They are a good choice for school students even because they are good with personal statement writing and those creative tasks that may be necessary. Timely delivery and good editing also make them good!

- SameDayPapers

- About Essay Writing Service. Just as their name implies, they will be able to deliver your essay the same day or a bit later, depending on your deadline. This company has branches in the UK and in Australia, so they are widely known worldwide. They also provide you with great editing help that you must consider if you have a draft that you cannot complete due to time constraints.

- Reliability. This website for writing essays is a safe choice because they provide you with free revisions, safe payment methods, the ability to choose your writer, and work with a great selection of British natives. They are excellent when it comes to specific tasks like those about the UK business practices or Australian tribal cultures. Still, it’s also possible to handle the American tasks as their specialists are from the USA as well.

- Personal Order Experience. Among the websites to help with essays, this should be your choice if you want to approach something more complex and lengthy. Just like EduBirdie, this company can handle dissertations and Capstone projects. We have tried one of the Capstone grading rubrics and the writer has coped well. No grammar, style, or formatting issues at all. The paper has been delivered timely and it was done even one hour before our deadline, which was a good bonus as we could check things twice. No plagiarism issues were encountered.

- Affordability. They ask for $12.99 per page of the written content. The surprising part is that they keep the prices at moderate levels regardless of whether you need personal statement writing or an argumentative essay. It is a good thing as the quality remains very high. The editing services start at $5.5, which is more affordable than anywhere else. The proofreading is available as well.

- Customer Reviews. According to online testimonials, this website to help write essays is one of the best choices for all types of work as the 200+ reviews state. Most college students that have approached them were happy with the results and the timely delivery. They have earned the mark of 4.38, which places them in the honest territory among reviewers.

- User Support. Their assistance is available 24/7. If you are in Australia or the United Kingdom, it’s better to address their relevant branches as these will help you connect with the UK or Australian experts.

- Is it Worth It? Speaking of websites that help you write essays, this company is one of the most varied choices to consider. They are a legit and safe option to consider for serious work and research. The presence of numerous reviews confirms their high profile and attitude. What makes them unique is the presence of international branches, which might be handy for those college learners in the USA who would like to start with a British-style paper or something related to Australia.

At the end of the day, all that matters is your satisfaction and the absence of plagiarism as you receive your essay. According to our experience, every site that writes essays for you on our list is 100% safe to use. These are reliable services that are not only popular among college students but also among creators of online courses and educators who often seek additional help, too. Follow your gut feeling, read online reviews, remember to ask for a free revision to polish things, and read the user agreement first! Always take your time researching and you will definitely find the right one!


- Are There Legit Essay Writing Companies?

Unfortunately, far not all essay writing services belong to legit outlets and will often turn to shady practices. The entries on our list are all legit essay writing companies. Some of them like EduBirdie or SameDayPapers have been around for a while and gained quite a reputation.

- Should I Risk Approaching Essay Writing Services?

When you contact a website that writes papers for you, you are always risking it as there may be certain issues with communication or understanding of what must be done. Still, when you are stuck with some paragraph or need help with the sources, contacting online help is essential.

- What is the Best Essay Website to Consider?

While the “best” is always subjective, it will depend on what you would like to achieve. If you want to get the “best of both worlds” in terms of affordability and reliability, it may be EduBirdie. If you want to focus on research papers alone, A Research Guide should be your choice.

- Are Essay Writing Websites Truly Legit?

Not all of them are legit, yet the sites that write essays for you must provide you with a list of limitations and the user-company agreement to determine they're being legit. We have picked five of such entries for you.

- How Can I Find a Reliable Essay Writer for Hire in the USA?

When you locate a website for essays that fit you, look for an opportunity to choose your writer on your own and talk to him or her directly. It will help you to discuss things before you make a payment and control things during the writing process.

An Ethical Side of Things

When you are looking for a website that writes essays for you, you are not violating most academic integrity rules as long as you are looking for assistance to help yourself cope with the challenges. Of course, you should not come thinking that someone will compose everything for you and it will help you get by. The purpose here is to contact experienced specialists and explain your trouble as they will check your writing or fix the mistakes you have made to make your assignment reliable. It always comes down to what you might be asking for and your personal contribution because it is the only way to learn and achieve success. Approaching a website that writes papers, you must check for how the company understands the help that they provide and always ensure that you are dealing with a legit service. This way, you won’t violate the rules and will ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company. The entries that you can see on our list all belong to safe choices that you can consider for most types of academic writing. If you are still uncertain, talk to the customer support representatives by asking questions and your concerns will be resolved.

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